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Light Bulb In Refrigerator Not Working – Is It Burnt Out Or Another Problem?

Light bulb not working in refrigerator. The light in my Samsung refrigerator is not working. The fridge is fairly new and the light is not turning on. Is the light bulb actually burnt out? What else can cause the light in my refrigerator to stop working?

Refrigerator light not workingRefrigerator Light Bulb Not Working

The light bulb in your refrigerator may not be burned out. A new light bulb in a refrigerator should last from 2 to 5 years. If a light bulb in your newer refrigerator is not turning on, it might be another issue.

TIP: If there are multiple bulbs in your refrigerator and only ONE bulb is not working, then assume it is burnt out and replace the bulb with the same type and rating. Refrigerator bulbs are typically a size E26/A15 bulb and either 30W, 40W, or 60W depending on the model. If ALL the bulbs are not working, then assume something else is wrong.

Check these things first to be sure the bulb is actually burnt out or something is not right with the refrigerator…

Have The Refrigerator Doors Been Left Open?
On many refrigerators the lights will turn off after 8 to 10 minutes after being left open. If the refrigerator doors were left open, close the refrigerator doors and wait up to half an hour before opening the doors. So, if the doors were left open, the lights will not work for some time, so replacing the light bulb(s) is not necessary. Give the refrigerator some time to cool down so the sensors begin to start working again. The refrigerator should resume normal operation after 30 minutes or so.

Have The Refrigerator Doors Been Removed And Reinstalled?
If you have removed the refrigerator doors for repair or cleaning, this can cause the lights to not turn on. Be sure the doors are aligned properly and that the wire harness is securely connected. If the wire harness is not connected, the refrigerator thinks the doors have not been closed and the lights will not turn on. Check to be sure the wire harness is connected and the doors are aligned. The wire harness should be located on the top left refrigerator door. Here is a generalized picture of the wire harness below…

Wire Harness For Refrigerator DoorRefrigerator Door Wire Harness

Is Sabbath Mode Activated?
Some new refrigerators have a setting called Sabbath mode. THis mode will cause the lights in your refrigerator to not come on. Using your refrigerator display panel, go to Sabbath Mode setting and turn it off. Find your refrigerator manual here to turn Sabbath mode off.

About Refrigerator Sabbath Mode
Sabbath mode stays on for 85 hours once it is activated and after 85 hours it will deactivate automatically. When the refrigerator is in Sabbath mode, the buttons, the display, and the internal lights do not function. The refrigerator and freezer, however, continue to cool. Controls must be unlocked before activating Sabbath mode.

How To Activate Sabbath Mode
Press and hold the Door Alarm button and the Water/Ice button at the same time for 5 seconds.

How To Deactivate Sabbath Mode
Press and hold the Door Alarm button and the Water/Ice button at the same time again for 5 seconds.

TIP: On some top mount refrigerators the sensor is in between the doors. If the doors are both open at the same position then the refrigerator will think the doors are closed and the lights will go off.

MORE HELP: Refrigerator is working but light bulb not turning on

If the above is not applicable to your situation, then the refrigerator bulb is most likely burnt out. Here is a list of replacement bulbs that will be compatible for your refrigerator and get the light working…

Light Bulbs For RefrigeratorsLight Bulbs For Refrigerators (Click Image For Details)

NOTE: This troubleshooting article is written for most Samsung refrigerators that have light turning ON/OFF issues. The information on this page can apply to almost all newer refrigerators. If your refrigerator is a different make or model from the information on this page, here is a link to most refrigerator service manuals to help you to troubleshoot the issue with your refrigerator.

If you have questions concerning a refrigerator light bulb or an LED refrigerator light issue please leave your question below in the comments. Please leave your model number and describe your issue in full detail for assistance.

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  1. Whirlpool Refrigerator/Freezer Side-by-Side Model GD2SHAXNS00 (Mfg. Date: 08/04)

    Fridge light not working; changed all bulbs (1 at top and 2 at lower compartment); changed door switch; pulled the light socket at the top as it went out first; did not replace as it had no signs of damage or burnout. What now?

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