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5 Ways To Troubleshoot A Chest Freezer Not Freezing

Need ways to fix a chest freezer that isn’t working? It’s critical to be able to diagnose a chest freezer failure promptly so that food waste is kept to a minimum if it stops operating. If your chest freezer stops freezing, keep the following troubleshooting help in mind. We will provide some tips on how to fix your chest freezer.

How To Troubleshoot A Chest Freezer Not FreezingHow To Troubleshoot A Chest Freezer Not Freezing

Troubleshoot a Chest Freezer Not Freezing

1. Is the chest freezer getting power?

The simple reasons are the chest freezer might have had a power outage or is not plugged into a power outlet. So be sure the freezer is plugged into power and the breaker to the chest freezer power outlet is not tripped after a power outage.

The first thing you should do if your chest freezer isn’t working is check to see if it’s plugged in. If so and still not functioning, there are a few things that might be happening with the appliance itself or its power source (such as an outlet).

  • If the chest freezer is plugged into a GFCI electrical outlet, try pressing the reset button as it may have tripped.
  • Check the fuse box or circuit breaker to make sure power is going to the electrical outlet the freezer is plugged into.
  • If the chest freezer electrical cord is damaged, you may need to repair it or remove and replace it.

2. Are the condenser coils dirty?

Another likely reason is that your freezer’s condenser coils are dirty and restricting the freezer’s overall cooling capacity. Dirty condenser coils block airflow.

  • Vacuum off the dirt on the condenser coils to let the air flow as needed to cool properly.

Freezer Isn’t Freezing — Freezer Troubleshooting

3. Does the freezer have frost built up?

The coils are be clogged and built up with frost. This prevents cold air from circulating. The freezer’s self-defrosting mechanism could be the problem. Ice crystals will continue to build up until the evaporator fan is no longer able to move cold air across the coils if it doesn’t defrost effectively. The freezer’s cooling will not work properly if this is the issue.

A defrost is needed to fix this issue, removing all the frost built up will get the freezer running. But this is a sign of a defrosting problem.

  1. Remove all food from the freezer.
  2. Leave the thermostat turned off.
  3. Leave the freezer door open for 2 days to let the freezer defrost.
  4. Turn on the thermostat to its normal position and wait for it to cool fully.

If after the defrost the chest freezer reaches the required coldness, it was because the frost was built up and was blocking the air from circulating. This usually means a defrost problem with the freezer. Inspect and test the defrost system to avoid future frost buildup.

4. Is the door gasket causing the problem?

A bad door gasket can cause the door to not seal properly. If cold air leaks from the freezer door, the freezer will not be able to freeze the food.

  • Inspect the door/lid gasket for any damage, not connected properly, ripped, deteriorating, or pieces of food stuck on the gasket itself.
  • Shut the freezer door and visually check if the door gasket is making a proper connection. If the gasket is sticking out then the gasket is probably ripped or has become disconnected.
  • Clean the gasket off by removing anything that may be causing it to not seal.
  • Remove and replace the gasket if found to be damaged or deteriorating.

5. Is the compressor start relay faulty?

The compressor’s power is provided by the start (capacitor) relay, which is a part that aids in the functioning of the compressor. If this part fails, the compressor will not start and the freezer will not freeze.

  • Examine the relay for damage and burnt spots, remove and replace it if burnt or damaged as it is most likely shorted out.
  • Find out if the relay is bad by shaking it, if you hear any type of rattling noise then this is a sign it is faulty.
  • Test the relay using a multi-meter. A multi-meter will tell you for sure if the relay is faulty.

Fix Chest Freezer Compressor Won’t Freeze – Bad Hard Start
This video shows generalized relay issue on compressor

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Chest freezer troubleshootingChest Freezer Troubleshooting

Do you have issues with your chest freezer not freezing and need help? Let us know the model number of your chest freezer and the specific issue you are having and someone will be able to assist you. Leave the info in the comments below.

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  1. The model # 255.19502010 it just stopped working it’s not get power I changed it from where it was plugged in to a new out let but it still doesn’t have power.

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