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Samsung Refrigerator Not Making Ice – 10 Reasons & Fixes

Samsung refrigerator not making ice or water? You went to dispense some ice in your cup and found out your ice maker is not making ice? You might think you need an appliance repair service to fix it. Before calling any experts for help you can apply these 10 simple troubleshooting techniques to fix your Samsung refrigerator not making ice or dispensing water.

Table of contents: Possible reasons for no ice or no water
Ice Maker Turned ON?
No Ice In Ice Bucket?
Water Is Not Dispensing?
Low Water Pressure?
Dirty Water Filter?
Reset Ice Maker?
Freezer Temperature?
Fridge Door Switch Faulty?
Air In Waterline?
Recheck Water Connection

1. Check if the ice maker option is turned on

The majority of the time when your Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not dumping ice is because someone has turned off the icemaker option accidentally. To fix this look at the screen of your Samsung refrigerator you’ll see the icemaker on and ice maker off button. If it’s off then press the ice maker on the button for 5 seconds to turn it on.

Samsung ice maker not making ice or waterSamsung ice maker not making ice or water

2. No ice is in the ice bucket

It is difficult for your Samsung ice maker to dispense ice when there is no ice or fused ice (ice formed into clumps) in the ice bucket. For fixing this remove the ice bucket, take out the problematic ice, and let fresh ice be made again.

Samsung refrigerator ice bucketSamsung refrigerator ice bucket

3. Water is not dispensing

Samsung refrigerator water dispenser will not dispense water when the child lock mode is turned on by pressing the button on the screen. Check whether the child lock is on or off. To fix this press and hold the child lock button for a few seconds to turn it OFF.

4. Low water pressure

Your Samsung refrigerator water and ice dispenser are not working maybe because of less water pressure. Water pressure is an important factor for the ice maker to produce perfect ice cubes and crushed ice. To test adequate water pressure, dispense the water in a measuring cup, if ¾ cup (6 ounces) is filling in less than 10 seconds it’s considered an adequate water pressure but if it’s not filling 6 ounces this means your ice maker does not have enough water pressure. To fix this double check your water supply line whether it’s connected correctly and there is no leakage in the pipe. Make sure your house water supply valve is fully opened. If you’re unable to increase water pressure by yourself, consult a plumber.

5. Water filter is dirty

Sometimes your water filter may be the reason for your Samsung refrigerator not dispensing water and dumping ice. Water filters block the water supply to the water tank and icemaker when filled with contaminants and impurities. This stops the Icemaker from making ice and also water will not dispense from the dispenser.

To fix this you need to replace the water filter with a new one. Prefer branded Samsung water filters. It is recommended to change the Samsung refrigerator’s water filter after every 6 months.

Samsung ice maker filterSamsung water filter

6. Reset the ice maker

If you’ve tried all the above troubleshooting techniques and your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker and water dispenser are still not functioning, you may need to reset your ice maker. Below are the steps to follow for resetting your ice maker:

  • Find the test button (in most models you need to remove the ice bucket to see it).
  • Press and hold the test button for a few seconds and you will hear a chime sound.
  • The test cycle takes around 6 minutes to complete. At the end of the test cycle, you will hear another chime sound.

Troubleshoot Samsung ice makerTroubleshoot Samsung ice maker

7. Freezer temperature

For optimal performance of your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker, the freezer temperature should be set between -2 and 0 F (-16 to -18 C). An overly cold temperature can cause the ice maker parts to freeze and malfunction, while a too-hot temperature can lead to a warm freezer, resulting in melting ice and small cube production. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a freezer temperature close to -2 to 0 F (-16 to -18 C). Be aware though, that extremely low temperatures can freeze the water tank, blocking water flow. In such cases, adjust the freezer temperature slightly warmer via the refrigerator’s screen to unfreeze the water tank.

8. Refrigerator door switch

If the water and ice dispenser aren’t working, it’s can be because of the door switch. When the refrigerator door is open it’ll turn off the dispenser. When your door switch fails the dispenser also turns off because it shows your dispenser the door is still open even if closed. To fix this use a multimeter to check the continuity of the door switch. When activated if the door switch has no continuity then you need to replace the door switch.

9. Air in the water line

Air might get into the water line due to a bad water connection. This makes Air bubbles in the waterline. For fixing this issue press the water dispenser lever for 2 minutes, this will flush the water system and the air bubbles inside the water lines will be removed.

10. Double check the waterline

The water line and water supply valve is located at the back of the Samsung refrigerator (in most models). If the water tube is leaking or not adjusted properly then there isn’t enough water supply to the water tank and ice maker. Thus the Samsung refrigerator dispenser will not work. To fix this make sure the water valve is turned on. The water pipe is not blocked or leaking and the water supply is enough from your house water source.

How to Fix Samsung Ice Maker

Ice maker fast fix

If your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker isn’t functioning as expected, here are more simple steps you can follow to potentially resolve the issue.

1. Check for Ice Build-Up:

  • Look for any ice build-up that might be obstructing the ice maker’s ejector arm or other crucial components that facilitate ice dispensation.
  • If you find any, carefully use a plastic utensil to dislodge the ice chunks.

2. Inspect the Water Supply Line:

  • Next, examine the ice maker’s water supply line.
  • If you discover it’s frozen, allow it to thaw naturally.
  • Once thawed, flush the line with fresh water to remove any accumulated debris.

3. Troubleshoot the Ice Maker:

  • If the ice maker is still not working after performing the above steps, the problem could be with the ice maker itself.
  • Refer to your user manual to troubleshoot and possibly fix the issue.

4. Consider Ice Maker Assembly Replacement:

  • In the event that the ice maker remains non-functional and is beyond repair, it may need to be replaced.
  • Purchase the correct ice maker assembly by referring to the part number located on the ice maker itself.

Samsung Ice Maker Parts

Here’s a table with a list of common Samsung refrigerator ice maker parts, their part numbers, descriptions, and functions. Please note that these part numbers are for reference only. Always refer to your user manual or contact Samsung directly for the most accurate information for your specific model.

Samsung Part Number Ice Maker Part Name Part Description
DA97-15217D Ice Maker Assembly This part is responsible for producing ice in your refrigerator.
DA61-06796A Clip Drain Evaporator Ref This part helps defrost the refrigerator.
DA97-11092B Ice Maker Assembly This component is responsible for creating ice cubes.
DA97-07365G Ice Maker Assembly 7 Cube This assembly contains the complete ice maker and housing.
DA97-14474C Ice Tray This is the component where the water freezes into ice.
DA97-12540G Auger Motor Assembly This part rotates the ice bucket auger to dispense ice.
DA63-02284B Ice Bucket Tray This tray collects the ice from the ice maker.
DA97-14253A Ice Bucket Assembly This assembly stores the ice and dispenses it from the door.
DA97-08348A Ice Room Assembly This assembly houses the ice maker and is located in the freezer.
DA97-12540D Auger Motor Assembly This assembly spins the ice out of the ice bin and into the dispenser chute.

Need more help? Please leave your refrigerator model number in the comments below and what the issue is. We will have a pro look into your problem and get back to you with helpful information.

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  1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    This Samsung Refrigerator Model Number Rf29a9071sg/aa page will show you common issues and solutions with making ice and dispensing water.
    You can find user guide PDF manuals and troubleshooting guides.
    Official Samsung page here

  2. Samsung RF4267HARS/XAA; No ICE manufactured, water dispenser works fine, filter is new, the ice maker is not frozen and the reset button never chimes when depressed for 20 seconds or longer. There is no water in the ice tray above the ice bin. Unplugging the refrigerator for 5 minutes and reconnecting does not start ice production. Any help will be appreciated.

  3. Kristina Baum

    Samsung RF 261BEAESG, about 2.5 years old. Not making ice. Plenty of water pressure and water dispenser works fine. No filter because using RO water. Replaced ice-maker assembly. Still no ice.
    Freezer temperature is 0 F.
    When ice-maker reset button is pressed, about 4 full-size ice cubes eject. You can then hear water flowing for just a short time.
    At this point, all we can imagine is that the water valve is bad (although water dispenser not affected?), freezer line heater is not working (although water does flow for short time after reset so not blocked with ice), or something else? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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