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How To Fix A Garage Door That Is Squeaking?

The main issue with most Noisy Garage Doors is: “When I press the garage door opener, The garage door is squeaking when opening or closing”

fix squeaking garage doorHow To Fix a Squeaking Garage Door

A garage door contains rollers, roller shafts, torsion springs, tracks and hinges that can cause the squeaking noises. Over time, the garage door will make squeaking noises when opening and closing. This indicates that parts of the garage door may be worn or need to be lubricated. The fastest way to fix the squeaking door is to lubricate it where it is squeaking. Lubricate the track and rollers as this is where most of the noisy squeaking comes from.

garage door parts diagramGarage Door Parts Diagram
Lubricate the tracks, springs, rollers & hinges

Do not use just any type of lubrication spray. You may have common types of spray cans in your garage to lubricate, but be sure NOT to use a water displacement spray such as WD-40. The garage door needs a different type of lubrication to stop the long term squeaking noises.

garage door lubrication spray

Garage Door Lubrication Spray

Use a high quality garage door lubrication such a silicone or white grease based lubricant. Spray or lubricate the garage door parts making the noise with a silicone garage door spray or use the recommended white lithium grease to lubricate the noisy moving parts. Order a can of Garage Door Lubrication Spray Online to stop your squeaky garage door.

How To Lubricate Your Squeaking Garage Door?

Lubricate Garage Door Parts

It is critical that all garage door parts and components be properly lubricated every 6 months. When opening or closing your garage door, check to see which parts or part is causing the squeaking noises.

Spray garage door lube on the parts causing the squeak and the garage door will be quiet. Spray the track and rollers to reduce noise and help with friction.

Faulty Rollers, Hinges, Springs

The rollers and hinges of your garage door being old and faulty is one of the most common reasons why your garage door is noisy. As these components wear down, they create a scraping sound.

The loose hardware can also cause vibrations when opening or closing your garage doors, which is another source of noise. As a result, it’s critical to make sure all bolts and screws are tightened on a regular basis.

If a hinge on the garage door is faulty when the door operates, you can try lubricating it. If the hinge is coming apart, then replace the hinge.

Worn Out Metal Rollers

Metal rollers grow dull and noisy over time as a result of lack of lubrication. To reduce noise, replace them with nylon instead.

Nylon rollers are quieter and may last longer than the metal rollers. Lubricate them if they begin to squeak.

Garage Door Not Balanced

A garage door that is not balanced properly may be noisy. Try to manually open and close the door by pulling the emergency cord. If it is unbalanced, it will fall. This type of issue will require a garage door expert.

If you don’t know why your garage door is noisy or how to fix it, you may need to find a garage door repair company.

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