How To Repair a Scratched Door Damaged by a Dog Questions and Answers

Question – How do I repair a door in my house that was scratched and damaged by the result of my dog being trapped in a room?

It happens to all of us dog owners, a dog scratching like crazy to get out. Most dogs panic when put in a room they are not familiar with and scratch and claw their way to get out or get attention and the below image is the result.

door damaged by dog

A door in our home damaged by our dog scratching to get out.

Answer – We would suggest to use a small amount of wood putty to even out the very deep gouges. Once applied let it dry as per the instructions on the can or tube. Once dry, sand it down until it is smooth and level and then paint over the wood putty. If the damage to the molding around the door is heavy, it is most recommended to just replace it. All of the supplies needed can be found at your local home improvement store.

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  1. The first thing I would try is to sand off the finish. Once the bare wood is exposed, get the scratched area good and wet. The water will help to swell the grain of the wood. Some heat from a hair dryer will help too. With a little time you should be able to get the scratched areas at least close to even with the rest. From there you can sand out any remaining marks and refinish it. Best of luck.

  2. I have a dining room table top that has tile squares and grout. Would like to replace with different tiles and grout. How can I do this? I need easy step by step instructions.

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