How To Make A Unique Kitchen Backsplash With Pennies

Kitchen Backsplash Made with PenniesHave you been wanting to add a backsplash to your kitchen but just haven’t found one you really like? Make one yourself with pennies! We needed a unique kitchen backsplash so we created ours with a total of 1558 pennies. Tile was a little bit expensive so we decided to make it with good old plentiful pennies instead. We saved about $30 dollars by using coins (pennies) and epoxy rather than navigating the usual route with tile and grout.

We started by measuring above our kitchen sink to get the correct dimensions for our penny backsplash. After measuring we went to our local home improvement store and purchased the wood and the epoxy to hold the pennies in place. We cut the wood to size and glued it together. We gathered up our pennies, did the math, and made sure we had enough. We then spread out the coins in the wood and poured our epoxy. We let it dry as per the instructions on the label and then hung our penny backsplash. More detailed step by step below.

Kitchen Backsplash Made with Pennies

We made the backsplash borders with wood dowels for added strength

Kitchen Backsplash Made with Pennys

The plywood we used is 1/4″ thick and 30″ X 24″ and we used exactly 1558 pennies total

Kitchen Backsplash Made with COINS

We asked the bank for about $10 dollars in new pennies to be able to create a pattern

Kitchen Backsplash Made with multiple coins

We decided to make a diamond pattern with our old pennies (each penny was glued down individually)

Kitchen Backsplash Made with Pennys

We mixed our resin and hardener to make the epoxy to secure the pennies

Kitchen Backsplash diy Pennies

Here we have our pennies in place and we are pouring the epoxy

Kitchen Backsplash

After pouring we spread the epoxy with a disposable putty knife

Kitchen Backsplash Made with Pennys

We got a few epoxy bubbles but luckily we just blew on the bubbles and they went away

Kitchen Backsplash Made with Pennys

Kitchen Backsplash Made With Pennies Completed

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1 Tamara March 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Hi – do you know if a backsplash like this would be safe if placed beside a stovetop?


2 DIY Project Help Tips March 28, 2016 at 11:56 pm

It would depend on what adhesive/material you use. Make sure it is a high heat adhesive. If you do it the way we have shown, you should have no issues as ours is near our stove and we have no problems.


3 Karen January 29, 2015 at 10:13 pm

Love the back splash. Where did you find the epoxy? I’m used to the little tubes of it and my local stores don’t seem to carry it in large quantities. Thanks.


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