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How To Fix A Scratched Wood Table

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to fix a scratch on a wooden table with items ALREADY in your home. Scratches happen quite often as many items that are placed on a table don’t have protective feet. A fairly shallow scratch on your table can be repaired to blend in with your table and make it disappear. A deeper scratch or gouge can require a little more work to fully cover it up. We have seen many strange methods for fixing a simple scratch like using a Walnut or mayonnaise. We haven’t tested food products for fixing scratches but as most foods do contain oils, these oils can put a protective layer over the scratch and make it blend in with the rest of the table. However we will show you some ways that really work with items that are already in your home.

fix scratched table1. Sharpie Marker

Use a shade that matches the color of your table and draw into the scratch groove. Use a cloth to wipe it if it gets elsewhere on the table. If the shade of the marker you are using is too dark, just wipe the area you just filled in to remove some of the color.

2. Lemon Juice

Get a bowl and mix half lemon juice and half vegetable, olive, or mineral oil together. Apply a large amount of the mixture on a clean cloth. Slowly work the mixture in following the direction of the scratch. Repeat as necessary until the scratch is faded or gone.

3. Shoe Polish

Find a shade that best matches your table. Take a small amount on a rag or cloth and carefully work it into the scratch mark. Let the polish have some time to dry and then work more into the scratch if needed. Wipe off any excess polish that may still be on the table.

4. Crayon

Grab your box of wax crayons and find the one that best matches the stain color on your scratched table. Fill in the scratch and wipe with a cloth to remove any excess wax.

5. Coffee Grounds

Put some coffee grounds on the end of a q-tip or a small brush. Work the grounds into the scratch trying to match the color of your table. Apply lightly and let sit for a few hours to see if you need to apply more. Afterwards clean the area with a damp cloth to remove any leftover coffee grounds.

5a. Eyebrow Pencil

Use a dark eyebrow pencil and fill in the scratch. (Make sure it has a sharp tip to get into the scratch easily.) Repeat if needed to make the scratch blend into the table.

5b. Tea Bag

Soak the darkest tea bag you have in hot water for about 3 minutes. Take the tea bag out of the cup, squeeze off excess liquid and rub it into the scratch. Wipe off any excess liquid and repeat as many times as needed.

All the above methods for removing a scratch from a wood table are great for a quick fix. However, if you want a more permanent solution to fix the scratch, use professional products. Products made to repair wooden furniture or a floor scratch are Old English Wood Scratch Cover, Furniture Scratch Repair Markers, Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair Kit, and Wood Repair Blend Sticks. These products will fix your wood scratch fast and easy.

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