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How To Fix A Washing Machine That Will Not Fill With Water

If you are having trouble with your top or front loading washing machine not filling with water, here are some quick fix tips. This guide will show you what to do if your washing machine will not fill with HOT or COLD water. Both of these issues can be fixed by doing a few simple checks.

washer no fill water

The main causes your washing machine is not filling with water MAY BE:
1. One of the water valves (hot or cold) supplying the washer with water has been turned off or closed.
2. Your washer has a shutoff valve on the back that may be in the closed position
3. There may be a water filter on your washer that is clogged and tells the washer computer (control board) to not allow water to enter.
4. A hose or water connector on the back or inside the washer is defective or clogged.
5. The water to your home has been turned off temporarily (the city may be doing work outside and did not notify you).

If the washer is brand new…
Check the back of it to be sure there is not a shutoff valve in the closed position near the water hose connection.
Many of the newer front load HE machines have a shutoff valve and sometimes during shipping it is put into the closed position.
So your problem with your washing machine not filling with water may be as simple as just turning the valve to open.

washing machine no water flow troubleshooting_1Your washing machine may have a shutoff valve in the
water connection assembly, make sure it is not closed.

If the washer is not new and is suddenly NOT filling with water…
Your NEWER washer may have a water filter installed.
If so it may be clogged and telling the computer to not allow water to enter.
If your washer has a special filter, clean or replace it and test the washer for water flow.
If there is no filter on your washer then you will need to take further steps to find the problem.

washing machine no water flow troubleshooting_3Check to be sure the water supply valves that supply
water to your washer are not closed or off.

To determine if a valve may be shut…
Unplug the washer and slide it out from the wall to leave space to access the water valves.
Locate the 2 water valves (one is for hot water and one is for cold water).
If both water valves are open (hot and cold) then there is a problem in the washer or the water supply hoses.
Check to be sure that somehow the washer water valve has not been shut (may or may not be something on your washer but if so it is located on back of washer).
If you assume water is going to the washer and ALL valves are open, go to the next step below.

washing machine no water flow troubleshooting_2The HOT and COLD water lines will connect to the back
of your washer similar to the picture above.

To determine if water is being supplied to your washer…
Turn off the 2 water valves and remove the hoses from the back of the washer (not the wall).
Hold the ends of both hoses pointing into an empty bucket and open the valves.
If water flows then you know the hoses and valves are not clogged or defective. (This procedure will verify water flow to the washer and you can rule out a problem with the hoses or valves located on the wall)
While you have the water hoses disconnected, look into the hose connections on the back of the washer.
Make sure that there is nothing clogging the screen or in the hose connection.
If there is anything clogging the screen or blocking the connection, remove it and reinstall the hoses and test washer.

Some other tips and suggestions…
On most washers, if water flow is going to the machine but the machine will not fill with water, you probably have a bad water valve on the machine itself.
You can remove the water valve or hose connectors and see if there is anything visibly wrong with it.
Sometimes they crack and block water flow to the washer and may leak.
Washers that have a water shutoff valve on the back can sometimes fail in the closed position.
There are also hoses that are in the machine that may be clogged or possibly pinched.
This issue can be fixed yourself but taking the machine apart may be necessary to access all the hoses and water lines.

Feel free to ask us washing machine questions by using the comment form below and we will troubleshoot your issue for free and in a timely manner.

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  1. Darrell Henderson

    We have an LG WF-T8501TP top load washer that won’t fill with water for the rinse cycle. Also, on the wash cycle it tries to fill but the water runs out the drain instead of filling the washer.

  2. A no-name washer at camp will not initially fill with water, so we use a hose to fill the tank. Once the water is up to a normal level, the washer starts and runs to successful completion. Very odd. Washer is about 3 years old. Appears to sense water AFTER initial filling.

  3. Layvette Funderburk

    I have a LG front loader and the water only runs on delicate cycle, any other the cycle the water won’t run my clothes still be dry. Why is that happening?

  4. Was washing some rugs. Now a subsequent load, water runs into top loading tub, but will not fill (only get about 1 inch of collected water & then stops filling). Water continues to run into tub. Stopping the washing cycle, tub drains to empty. Old machine.

  5. Lg intellowasher wf-t8501tp gets stuck at rinse cycle with no error code, timer just stops at 11 minutes on economy setting and 13 minutes on normal setting, a small amount of water continues to pour into the drum but it does not fill or stop until the machine is turned off. It fills and drains normally for the wash cycle. I have checked the inlet screens and that the water supply is proper. I have removed the drain hose, which appears to be clear

  6. daniel brickey

    i have a 2017 Maytag top load. the water valve went out so i replaced it. now it is filling half way then throwing the LF Code saying water supply is low. The water is turned on & hoses are not kinked. Any suggestions on this issue?

  7. Maytag Bravos washer will start to fill with water, lid locks, water stops, tub starts spinning and goes into wash cycle, but will not continue to fill up with water. Any advice? Think it might be the water inlet valve, but not certain. Thank you!

  8. Hi!
    I have a 6 year old Hoover DYN 10124 DG/L-S. It has 2 valves on 1 cold water inlet. When programmed on Pre Wash it does not fill up, but when programmed on Rinse, Machine Washable, Sports, Rapid and Spin it fills through the Pre Wash compartment in the Detergent Drawer for the whole cycle.

  9. My refrigerator water valve has a plastic quick connect installed on the outlet end, it is leaking at the top white ring closest to the blue plastic barrel. Can i JUST remove the white plastic quick connect completely from valve & EITHER instal a new plastic quick connector OR can i pop it out & REPLACE it with a plastic threaded Male part? (The valve is NEW & i damaged the plastic quick connect during installation & the OLD Valve had a plastic screw on male end. The hose has a plastic white screw on female bolt like connection.

  10. Hi,
    We have a front-loading Samsung washer about 9 years old, bought used. The wash cycles don’t completely fill, we get the nF error and the timer doesn’t advance. The rinse and spin cycle does fine. I just tried adding a few gallons of water through the soap dispenser and the wash cycle completed. I’m a newbie mechanically. Should I check for a clog somewhere? Or do you think it might be something else, like a pump problem? Thank you.

  11. We have a maytag washer about 10 years old. The water does not come out to fill the tub but does for the rinse cycle? Is it worth fixing or should we buy a new one. We are not able to fix ourselves so would have to pay a service company to come out? Thank you

  12. I have a Maytag commercial washer MAT12PDDAW with no power to cold water inlet valve, o hum no voltage. Wire has good continuity and is clean both ends. Cold supply hose and screen are fine. New inlet valves. Swapped with good circuit board, still no cold power. What is next?

  13. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Please give us the model number of your Maytag Bravos Washer.
    If all solenoids test ok, is it possible an unseen blockage has occured in one of the water lines?
    A crimped or pinched water line once everything is put back in place?
    Hard water or FOD in a solenoid that still shows to work electrically but not mechanically?
    Faulty voltage going to a solenoid?
    Let us know what you find.

  14. I have a Maytag bravos mct washer.
    Initial diagnosis since this washer is 10 yrs old was the water inlet Valve had a stuck or faulty solenoid in it.
    The mashine does the very 1st washer sprinkle i believe for the temp sensor then it does the water fill in the soap dispenser.
    Then when it does the slow spin were it adds just a little water it does nothing but spin slow then speeds up then stops.
    I did not have a the large fold out diagnostics manual paper for some reason with this when i purchased it.
    So after reading several comments and questions on the net it seemed to be simply a bad solenoid or 2 so i purchased a complete new valve.
    Now after installing have the same results.
    So went to 2 different appliance stores only to get the “we can come out for $60-100 to run diagnostic and evaluate the issue.”
    I was not going to do that.
    I ran the auto diagnostic test mode and everything worked for all the solenoids but still refuses the initial water disbursement whether its in any of the wash temp/rinse temp modes for every type of wash cycle.
    I pulled all the connectors under the panel and used dielectric grease, checked every water line for possible plugging but nothing found.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Can you help me I have a kenmore washer I hooked up my washer to the water lines and I turned it on and it filled up with water until and did a cycle and then I got in NF on my dash of my washer and it’s draining fine spinning fine but it will not give enough water to do the full Cycles can you tell me what I have to do I have taken out the screens out of the back of the machine to clean them and it’s still doing the same thing

  16. Tom, I had this same problem in my garage. I replaced the cracked valve and I have the same symptoms. It will run water in for a few seconds then shuts off. Did you figure out what the problem was?

  17. Hi – we have an Electrolux FFFW5000QWO that only fills with water on delicate and the LED lights only light up on delicate. We have checked all the hoses, screens and water intake and pressure and all is fine. We ran diagnostics and it shows E11. Tried resetting to factory defaults by holding down options and spin at the same time. This appeared to work but washer did not fill with water. Any ideas on what the problem is? Thank you in advance.

  18. Samsung 2 yr old mildly used front load washer stoped mid cycle. Indicator lights say water should be flowing in to rinse— I hear a hum but no water enters. I turned off and tried other settings-/ it won’t advance to spin or rinse. A small load of sudsy soaked clothes are in the machine

  19. When I try to start my Inglis front load washer it tries to fill with water then stops and this code comes up LE or it could betE.I noticed the start button will rotate all the way around.

  20. I have the same problem with another make and model! Did you ever find out what the repair solution is? If you did please share! Thank you very much-Dawn

  21. I have a whirlpool washer won’t let water in put new water inlet valves checked pressure switch it checked good also have great water pressure out the hoses,Could the timer be bad?

  22. Hello I Have A Whirlpool Top Loader, It Will Not Start Or Fill With Water. 1st… I Hear The Motor/Pump Humming,When The Knob Is Engaged On Position. And Also, 2nd… I Can Turn Knob To Rinse Cycle Then It Starts Filling Up Normally. The Model Number Is WTW5500SQO

  23. We have a Kenmore front load washer that was working completely fine and the water Inlet Valve cracked and filled our garage with water. we took out the cracked valve and replaced it with a brand new one. now when you start the machine it will let some water in and then stop. Any idea what the problem could be. THANK YOU

  24. I have a Fisher and Paykel top loading washer.
    I started to run a load of laundry and everything was fine.
    Then I paused it to add more laundry.
    When I tried to turn the machine back on, the lights show up but now it won’t fill or drain.

  25. Hi,
    I have a Maytag commercial washer and when I put clothes, I get the F20 code error but when there is no clothes it runs fine. can you please help me to figure out what is wrong?

  26. I found that it will not fill and thus run because the nob that controls the tempature mixed does not recognize some choices. Hot water is off but I put it to hot/warm and it works fine for filling….

  27. We have a Whirlpool top loader washer.
    Model # wtw4800bq1.
    We recently replaced the electric hot water heater.
    THE SAME DAY the washer won’t fill with hot or cold water, and it also makes a noise as if it’s trying to start.
    Also the light on the washer that usually works does not.

  28. I have a new whirlpool washer dryer combination in my apartment complex. Regardless if I put a full load of towels in or whatever it only fills halfway point My maintenance guy said it is made like that because of the sensor it wants me to wash smarter but I feel something is wrong and that my water level should be higher. It is really frustrating because the water only comes up to the middle of the barrel Help!!!

  29. Kenmore top loader 110.29522801 Washer will not allow water in. I have replaced both water inlet valves, pressure sensor switch, timer, and lid switch. No water!! Using multi meter I test for continuity valves, pressure/sensor switch, lid switch, all good however, using a voltage tester I have no power to the inlet valves terminals, there are also terminals below the two main there is power to those. Please can you advise me where to go next.

  30. I have a Whirlpool washer that will not fill with hot or cold water, nothing happens when I pull up the dial to start water. I’ve checked that the hoses are clean and water is flowing through them and that’s good. I took off the water inlet valve and replaced and still nothing….What else should I check for?

  31. We have a Frigidaire FTF530FS1, the door will lock but nothing happens. When we put it on the rinse cycle it fills with water. How can we fix this problem?

  32. I have a Kenmore 400 top loading washing machine. The machine works fine on the wash cycle but when it comes to the rinse cycle the water runs continuously and the washer never fills. It does this on both wash cycles. I just received a $400 water bill and I really need some help. Thanks.

  33. Kenmore Washer 23022101 not filling with water when on the “full load” setting, but will fill with water when on 3/4 load or 1/2 load setting for the water level. Also does not appear to be filling all the way to the 3/4 level when 2nd rinse cycle is chosen.

  34. I have a kenmore series 100 he the water will go to the washer and then after about 2 mins it automatically starts draining the censors on the washer wont even light up anymore any advice or do i just get a new washer

  35. Amana washer on pulling out knob to start hums like a stuck motor but water does not flow.

  36. I have a whirlpool duet front loading washing machine and it will not fill with hot water it seems to fill with cold water but it will fill with cold water on the rinse setting what could it br thank you for ur help

  37. I am using bosch front door washing machine since one year. It’s not filling the water in wash mode. It’s taking small amount of water in wash mode. And its working fine in rinse mode. What could be the reason. Please help me

  38. I am using bosch washing machine since one year. It’s not filling the water in wash mode. It’s taking small amount of water in wash mode. And its working fine in rinse mode. What could be the reason. Please help me

  39. Concerned citizen

    I have a diamond drum Samsung top load washer ..and while doing renovations I had put it outside..it so happens that rain ended up falling that day a d soaked the machine.. The next day I had some dirty clothes to get washed so I put em in and set a wash cycle ..I have proper water flow cause everything goes fine except the machine won’t fill it just empties right out the same speed it goes in …please help ..the renovations have already rendered me pennyless and the machine is a valuable commodity ..I need it fixed asap

  40. Harold B Bash

    GE top load model#PTWN6050MOWT will not fill with water.
    I have checked water supply, tested fill valves, checked fill pressure tube, and fill tube switch, and load door switch. What future checks can I do?

  41. I have a Frigidaire front load . Machine will come on but will not fill with water or spin the trouble started when I was doing a load and it stopped and did not rinse can put on delicate will rinse momentarily and then stop

  42. I have a Whirlpool Duet stacked washer and dryer. The cold water valve is broken. I am wondering what the cost of replacing this would be. I just need a rough estimate of parts and labor. Does the dryer unit need to come off the top?

  43. Joanne Fernandes

    I have a Whirlpool Cabrio top loading He washing machine that will not fill. We’ve checked the faucets, hoses & inlet valves (they were dirty, but they’ve been cleaned & replaced, and water is flowing freely from both faucets) but the machine still won’t fill, yet the machine continues to agitate & go through cycles?

  44. I have a Kenmore front load washer HE2 that will not fill with water.
    We have checked the filter on the bottom and cleared it.
    We have replace the mechanism at intake, checked the water pressure and hoses and none of this seems to be helping it fill with water.
    After doing some Internet research we determined that it was possible that the machine was not getting any air as the machine filled with water.
    This made sense to me that the water needed to replace air and that air would need to be removed.
    So we disconnected the pressure sensor hose from the tub and he is able to blow through the hose and the sensor is making a sound which indicates of us that it is in working order.

  45. Hello, I recently had a water line break under my home that I hot repaired. When I turned my washer macHine on, dirty water began coming out of it. Now, I am getting just a faint bit of water. I pulled the hoses and took out the 2 filters that were in the hot and cold intake valves, it’s still not working. Is there anyway to unclog it?

  46. My Whirlpool washing machine doesn’t fill up continuously, the water is on/off by itself, takes hours to fill up. When the water is in, it pours in with good pressure, but only for few seconds then stops, then comes back on again .. etc. If I filled it up manually to the level I picked (load size), it worked just fine, even the rinse cycle didn’t have problem. Is the problem with “water pressure” switch? Or something else?

  47. Gavin McKeever

    My indesit IWD71250 washing machine wont fill with water, I was wondering would I need a new water valve or the water pump?
    How hard it would be to replace either?

  48. I have a Simpson encore 703 washing machine, 7kg top load.
    I have a problem with the water inlet I think
    When I first put it on it fills up the machine with water normally and starts its cycle, after it rinses and begins to again fill up with water, the water just trickles out slowly then it says error, I haven’t noted the error code.
    I start the cycle again and it works fine up to that point, after that it rinses and then trickles out again so I pause the machine and press the button to send it to the spin, that’s what I’ve been doing to get my by.

  49. GE model GTW460ASJ3WW
    I have the model above and just outside the one year warranty (Feb). In Dec the machine was continuously running water after cleaning out cold water filter plugged with same. Now three months later and past warranty the GE machine is disbursing water at a slower pace but not filling up drum. I have watched it and it’s like the water is just draining out bottom then at some point it decides it is full based on setting of large load with cold water. However the machine only has half hand Or 4-5 inches of water on super fill. Is this a valve problem in the machine?

  50. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the o-ring damaged or ripped on the coin trap?
    Make sure you install a new and clean gasket or o-ring seal on the coin trap or debris filter.
    If the seal is damaged it will leak.
    Check on Amazon or your local home improvement store as you may be able to match it up and use a universal seal.

  51. Kenmore he model 110 what to do when There may be a water filter on your washer that is clogged and tells the washer computer (control board) to not allow water to enter. My husband unclonged it but it still won’t fill

  52. I have a Frigidaire FWS1233FS0, and we purchased it new back in 2008. We only used it for about 6 months, before we moved into a house where the homeowners had a washer. It unfortunately has a latch issue, so we decided to hook up our old one. we wanted to run a cycle empty first to just clear out anything that might be remaining from before. For some reason though the water is running into the drum, but it isn’t filling. So there it sits pouring more and more water in, but it doesn’t advance the cycle since the water is just flowing out. Any idea what we might need to look at?

  53. DIY Project Help Tips

    Richard coleman,
    Have you checked the lid switch and belt or inside to see why the washer hums?

  54. Richard coleman

    I have a kenmore 500 washer made in 2008. When I turn it on, it fills for only 20 seconds then water flow stops, same on all cycles. The machine hums, I turn it off. Turn it back on for another 20 seconds of water.

  55. Whirlpool WFW87HED0 washer. After turning dial to any wash setting (normal, cold etc) and pressing START, nothing happens. Maybe the soap is drawn, I can see a slow trickle on the window.

    Nothing happens when set to “drain and spin” setting either. I assume water does not need to be drawn for this setting

  56. Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer displays power but when start button activated, voltage to solenoid water valve is cut off after 3 seconds (no water is dispensed at all).
    I tried “just the spin” cycle and not working too.
    Power is present and you can hear hum and a few clicks upon start button but washer not operating – solenoid valve, door latch, and main control board replaced with new.

  57. New GE HE washer will not fill.
    It just makes noise and the tub moves a bit while it is doing this.
    I tried the siphon hose exercise to make sure that my machine was not trying to fill and empty at the same time.
    I also disconnected the water hoses and drained them, then reconnected and followed all the steps for resetting both the motor and the electrical system from your videos.
    There is no ability to push the on start/stop button or pause. Nothing happens.
    The only light that comes on is the Fill light.
    As soon as I plug it back in, the sound starts up even while I am trying to lift and close the lid the 6 times.
    This washer is barely a month and a half old.
    I am very disappointed and have wasted way too much time trying to troubleshoot so I can get on with my washing.

  58. I have a Samsung front load washer which is about 4 years old.
    We have not had any problems with it until just recently.
    When it is in on the “normal” cycle there is no water and it shuts off shortly after starting.
    If we run washer on any other cycle than normal it fills with water and works just fine.
    Since we do get water on other cycles I have ruled out any type of hose or water blockage.

  59. I have a Samsung front loader and all cycles work except for normal. It only spins. No water fills or detergent is dispensed.

  60. I have an Admiral Brand top loading washing machine. During the wash cycle, it will start to fill. The water will run for a few seconds then stop. The rinse cycle run without a problem. What could be the cause of this. If I stand there and restart it over and over. Or if I fill it in other ways the load will wash without another incident.

  61. We woke up this morning to no water due to a main water break. It is now fixed. Upon cutting on my washer cold water sputtered out and then stopped and machine now sounds like it is humming. Hot and warm water comes out normal but no cold. Just a humming noise.

  62. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Kenmore top load will go into agitation mode first, then there is an issue with the timer mechanism or the control panel wiring.
    Is there a pause for time for “water to enter” the washer before it goes straight into agitation?
    Or does the washer go straight into agitation mode?
    If it pauses, we would suspect the water is not getting to the washer and possibly the water inlet valve is faulty or the water is not getting to the washer.
    It is either the timer mechanism is failing or the water is simply not entering the washer.
    Let us know what you find and give us more info if you need more assistance.

  63. When I start my barely year old Amana top load washer and it starts to fill with water immediately it continues to run water but never fills. But if it senses fill and hesitates like 15-20 sec. it holds water. As if I have an intermitant valve sticking open problem. Also it used to sometimes complete a cycle. Now it doesn’t ever. It will make it all the way to the rinse cycle than stop. The wash light will come back on. And I have to turn it to the spin/drain cycle to remove the remaining water. And it always leaves soap residue on my the clothes. At 1st I thought it was just me and didn’t understand how this new HE machine works and was doing something wrong. But I have reviewed the service manual and troubleshooting. And found no solution

  64. I have a Samsung WF330ANB/XXA. i can only use the delicates and wool setting, all other settings results in no water filling and no error codes indicating no water flow. I checked the hoses, cleaned the screens, reversed the hoses as the hot water line has low pressure and the results are the same. I ran diagnostics and water inlet test seemed to pass, only thing that came up was the silver nano kit was abnormal, looking on samsung site i found no reference to the silver nano kit.

  65. I have a Kenmore series 100 HE and it only fills up 1/4 of the way… tried washing a comforter and didn’t wash it well.. soap residue was still on it. What can I do for the tub to fill up with water? (I’ve tried ALL settings and it continues to only fill up 1/4) thanks!

  66. I have a Hotpoint front load washing machine model #WMFUG 842P.
    When running a wash cycle I can’t see a water level on the front of the door.
    It looks as though the water doesn’t stay in the drum during a wash cycle.
    When it gets to the rinse I can see the water level on the door.
    So clearly it does run the water in and it holds water.
    My question is…is it supposed to show a water level on the door during the wash cycle or is it new technology so it’s trying to save water?
    I’m thinking it would get the clothes cleaner if the water stayed in the machine to swish the clothes around in the soapy water.

  67. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check to be sure there are no SHUT OFF VALVES to the washing machine.
    If you get water from the sink but NO WATER TO WASHING MACHINE, then some valve or similar may be OFF or CLOSED.

    Check the water lines by removing them from the back of the washer.
    Put the water lines in the sink and run water….
    Does water come out?
    If so, you have an issue with where the water hoses connect to the back of the washer.
    There could be an issue with the WATER INLET VALVE or the MESH FILTER SCREENS.
    What is the model number of your Washing Machine?
    Please let us know what you find.

  68. I have water to sink but no water to washing machine hoses. I have checked for any valves but there are none. Hoses look connected to each other at top of sink where you turn water on and off for sink and washing machine but water only comes out of sink tap nothing to machine hoses?

  69. Did you get it working? Are you receiving any error messages? I have likewise problem, with “too many suds indicator” / 3E error code.

  70. Just replaced the HALL/rotor position sensor to no avail. This is throwing parts at the old 3E error message. Going for the control panel next. Four year old washer that does no better than an 80’s model that would still work any time it’s tried. Bells and whistles are for kids, and those that get sold. MAKE WASHERS GREAT AGAIN.

  71. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the water supply to be sure the LG washer is getting water.
    Be sure the washer is getting the proper water pressure.
    Check that the water valve is getting the proper voltage.
    Be sure all wiring harnesses on the control board are secure and not damaged.

  72. I have an LG wm2301h washer that won’t fill. Already replaced the valve and control board. Anything else we need to check?

  73. Checked the above steps same issue will only fill on low level will not fill on large level were is the switch located on this machine .

  74. We have a Whirlpool Duet Sport front load washing machine. It will lock doors to start, do a half rotation, sit a couple of minutes and then unlock instead of filling with water to start the cycle. We have checked the screens on the hose lines and they are clean. Water is flowing just fine from the wall lines. It won’t do anything on any setting just unlocks after a couple of minutes.

  75. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG washer getting 1E error code:
    Make sure the water supply taps are open fully.
    Make sure the hoses are not bent or pinched.
    Clean the inlet filters that attach to the water inlet valve on the ends of the water hoses.

    Check the LG washer 1E Error Code page here.

  76. I have a LG Intello washer WF-T8501TP 2.6 CU.FT top load. I can only do a small wash, cannot do medium or large, if i try a medium it fills to medium then stops and gives error 1E which means water issue but water flow is fine.

  77. Indesit washing machine model number IWB5113 – Pulls in a small amount of water and then stops. Have cleaned the filter and checked for blockages along water pipes.

  78. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the water filling up in your Samsung washer but draining out at the same time?
    You may have a siphoning issue.
    Check to be sure the DRAIN HOSE is correctly positioned in the standpipe.
    If it is too far it MAY make your washer drain as it fills.

  79. I have an Samsung washing machine and the machine is working…. but water is not storing in the tank. How can you help? Please provide solution.

  80. DIY Project Help Tips

    You most likely have a clogged or faulty water level pressure switch.
    This pressure switch is what senses the water level and controls how much water enters the tub.
    Usually this pressure switch has a clogged tube or the switch itself may be clogged and can be cleaned to fix it.
    This pressure switch is usually located behind the front panel depending on what model number Whirlpool top load washer you have.

  81. My Whirlpool top loader 2013 washer only fills to the low water level even when I set it to large load.

  82. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mrs A,
    You may have a bad WATER INLET VALVE making the noise if your LG washer makes the noise only when filling with water.

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the door does not shut on your front loader Frigidaire washer, then the switch will not get pressed to tell the washer the door is shut.
    Find out why the door will not shut.
    Is the front load washer door bent downward?
    Try loosening the screws that hold the door on and then retighten them in the correct position so the DOOR SHUTS.
    When the washer door shuts, then the switch will connect and the washer will fill with water and run as it should.

  84. I have a front loader Frigidaire washer. The light turns on but the door won’t shut and the water doesn’t come in.

  85. We have a LG 9Kg Washing Dryer machine. Need help.
    When starts to pump water makes a grinding noise.
    The thing is I do not know if is the pump or something else, because you still get the noise during the washing process sometimes, not all the time.
    The noise starts last ..20….. seconds interval but is very loud.
    Can’t see much water inside during the whole cycle.
    Looks like is spinning ok.
    Can anyone help to identify the noise.

  86. My Samsung machine isn’t filling with water, it did before our move and won’t now. I’m proceeding to check for a shut off valve control

  87. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the water inlet valve on your Beko Washer to be sure it is not faulty. Be sure it is clean, no clogs, has correct power going to it, etc…
    If the water runs for just a short time, then the washer stops and clicks, and you KNOW FOR SURE the water inlet valve is good, then the issue may be in the wiring or the main control board itself.
    Most likely the board is bad. If so remove and replace.
    Beko WM5100W PCB – Main Controller

  88. My Beko 5100 washing machine is filling up for a few seconds, the board clicks and it stops. This happens on all cycles I have tried. Disconnected all hoses and water pressure is fine from the mains, Checked the internal hoses and inlet filter, both are clear. Could it be the inlet valve? Or would it not receive any water if the inlet valve was faulty?

  89. It wound up being the drain sensor.
    But he tried to get me for a bad locking mechanism.
    Was going to cost $117 for that part.
    I read on a thread where when your drain sensor is bad it will not let your door unlock.
    Supposedly it tells your door to unlock.
    I told him to just put the drain sensor on which was $59 plus labor with a total of $167 and see how it ran.
    I have washed three loads of clothes and so far everything is fine.

  90. I turned off my water to my front load washer when I went on vacation. When I came home and put laundry in I forgot to turn on the water back on. Came back, unfortunately, approx. 7 hours later and it had an “Lc” code showing and door will not unlock. In trying to get it unlocked, there is now a humming/buzzing noise.

  91. i have GE washer doing the same thing. what can i do to fix it? model number #GLTF2940FE

  92. Gordon Nodine

    The lock hums as soon as I hit start…the control board will click and the water will flow, 3 seconds later the control board clicks and the water stops., the lock still hums…I tested the inlet valves(3) and it read just over 800 on each…in the past I had issues with the inlet being clogged with sediment and orange sludge, I would use compressed air to blow the inlet screen clean and it would work fine…is it possible that my hard water (orange sludge) bypassed the screen and messed up the inside so that the control board don’t know water is flowing and saying “screw it”? I attempted to take the valve apart but was afraid to break it…I ordered a new valve…if that don’t work, I am lost…I refuse to buy another washer

  93. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gordon Nodine,
    At what point (and after how many attempts) do you hear the hum of the door lock?
    Is it possible the door lock is STILL not functioning properly therefore the washers stops intermittently?
    Have you tested the door latch lock assembly wiring and harnesses?
    Have you tested the water inlet valve?

  94. Gordon Nodine

    I have a GE washer model wssh300g00ww, it starts to fill but shuts off after about 3-4 seconds, a few minutes later it does the same thing, it will do this 3 times, then nothing but the hum of the door lock, when I switch to spin it will drain for 3-4 seconds, stop and a few minutes later do the same thing, it will do this 3 times and then nothing…I replaced the control board and the door lock, same symptoms…the old board would go crazy beeping to the point where I couldn’t follow it to gain codes…I tested the pressure switch with a multi-meter and it seemed to be working, the air tube is not plugged, not sure what to do next…thanks for any help you can offer…

  95. Allison Dielmann

    I’m in the same exact boat! I had this issue a few months ago and randomly it started working again. I’m going to try something I just read, well a few different things. Have you had any luck? My boyfriend messed with the washer yesterday but I’m 99% sure he doesn’t have a clue what to do. He says we need a new one. But the washer is fairly new. I’m about to try to master reset it. Unplug it for one minute then plug it in, open and close the door 6 times within 12 seconds. Not sure if it applies to all washers but can’t hurt. Best of luck

  96. I have a Amana front load washer. I am getting error code E1 and F8. Have check water hoses and water is coming thru these hoses. My problem is it washes for about 12 minutes and the error code appears and cycle stops.

  97. Samsung washer model # wf457argsgr/aa
    First symptom, on any wash mode, inlet hoses pulse, clothes get de minimisly wet, then pulsing stops, too many suds indicator sometimes indicates, sometimes does not.
    Second symptom, on spin only cycle, outbound pump drains the water I added manually via bucket. Same pulsing, and by that I mean it sounds like it wants to spin, but the agitators do not rotate.

  98. I have an EPIC Z Maytag washer. The water dispenser stops and gets stuck about 10 minutes into the cycle and starts clicking. Took the top off and see that the water fill actuator arm gets stuck the third time it fills.

  99. I’ve got a Whirlpool WTW5840SW0 that will not add cold water (but the hot water comes in fine). I replaced the water intake valve but still no change. I’ve checked the hoses and they are good–plenty of water pressure in both and I even switched them so that the cold water attached to the hot water intake. Then the machine only filled with cold water (and no hot). What’s the next step? Is it something else electrical I should check? Physical?

  100. Hi I have a Admiral washing machine it is not filling up with water I changed the inlet water valve and I changed the selection or knob.but its still not working.it spins on cycle and fills up on rinse.what can the problem be?

  101. I have a Kenmore top loading machine that will not fill properly in the hot cycle. It begins to fill but shuts off after about 15 seconds and it’s not even close to the proper level.

  102. We have an Inglis top load washing machine, I would assume 6 years of age.The city has been turning off our building’s water access occasionally as of late, to make city-wide repairs (basically they repaired all the water pipes below the main road directly in front of our building, and the road has been repaved). Usually there’s just been air in the lines upon water return and once we turn on the tub for a few seconds everything’s fine and back to normal. The other day the water was turned off again. Once we regained water access I performed 3 back-to-back loads of laundry as normal. A week later, the washer would only draw cold water (even on the warm water setting) and so for that one load I accepted it and ran it through with cold. Today, the very next load after the cold usage wash, I can not get ANY water at all to come out to begin the process however, the fill light flashes. Not completely sure where to start with this situation, hopeful any info I’ve provided may trigger a starting place.

  103. I have a Kenmore washer. When I start the washer, water will begin to run, however, it never fills up. It will just instantly drain. It also won’t spin.

  104. I have a newer Samsung top load washer model number WA40J3000AW/A2. The filters in the washer, mainly the cold water line, keep getting clogged and it won’t fill with water. Do the filters come out some how to be properly cleaned? I have tried pulling them out, but they do not budge. I am unable to clean them to get the washer to run a cycle! Very frustrated with this issue, I have never had this problem with a washer before.

  105. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tonya Bock,
    If water is coming out the bottom of your Frigidaire washing machine instead of filling the drum, this simply means the water inlet valve or water hoses are loose or disconnected.
    Check the back of the washer to be sure the water hoses are secure, if so, then there is a loose or disconnected water line from the water inlet valve to the drum.
    Check inside the washer if needed and re-secure the loose water line.
    Unplug washer from power when checking.

  106. My frigidaire stackable washer and dryer, when filling with cold water, water does not go into drum. Instead it runs out the bottom of washer onto floor. Tried filling manually, when washer becomes completely filled with water it immediately drains water out, but does not spin. PLEASE HELP!!! …

  107. DIY Project Help Tips

    Possibly when power goes to the water inlet valve the fuse or breaker to the washer is tripped.
    This may be because you have a faulty water inlet valve or another electrical component in your LG washer is shorting out when power is applied.
    Find out which part on the washer is causing the fuse or breaker to flip or trip.
    It may be a wire is loose iin the washer somewhere or a part is bad and is overloading the breaker when power is turned on.

  108. I have a LG From front loader, I have no water coming out of the cold water, and it keeps tripping the fuse after about a minute of trying to fill up.
    Any solutions?

  109. Not sure, other than not automatically starting the second time filling with water, it seems to make a different noise indicating it’s going to fill, but the water does not start going in. I have to turn the cycle off and restart for the second fill.

  110. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us if there is any difference in the way the washer is performing?
    Any changes?

  111. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the complete model number of your Kenmore portable washer?
    We can then assist further and help you troubleshoot the issue.

  112. My Kenmore portable washer fills the first time, goes through the cycle and after it drains completely, it does not automatically fill with water. Not sure what is different about the second fill cycle.

  113. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes possible water pressure switch is clogged or faulty.
    Check it and clean out tube, switch may be gunked up, etc…
    If pressure switch is okay, have a look at the Timer Control Assembly, may be a bad spot on it that is not letting the washer operate properly in wash mode.
    Do you get HOT and COLD water in rinse cycle?

  114. I have a Frigidaire stack able heavy duty large capacity washer / dryer, about 6-8 years old, water will only fill in rinse cycle, nothing on wash, is this a switch problem?

  115. DIY Project Help Tips

    Frank Cipollone,
    If the machine is not getting enough water, a “no fill” (nF) error code will be displayed after 16 minutes of trying to fill.

    Is the door closed all the way?
    Are the hot and cold water supply hoses kinked, and both water supply valves are completely open?
    Is the drain hose inserted too far into the home’s drain pipe forming a vacuum or syphon?
    Are the inlet hose filters on the back of the washing machine clean and not clogged?

    If all of these things have been checked and you still have an issue, please let us know and we can continue troubleshooting from there.

  116. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes, the main control board may be causing your issue.
    Be sure to test everything first and be sure all wiring harnesses are tight and secure.
    If you have done troubleshooting on the complete washer and the main control board is the LAST item to troubleshoot, then replacing it is the best solution.

  117. Frank Cipollone

    My Samsung washer started giving a NF error code during rinse cycle! Now if I wash with cold water it won’t let water in, just hot water. If I use rinse and spin only it does let cold water in! I’m confused it also locks then unlocks then locks again before starting.

  118. The Model# is GCWN5050M0WS. The washer does sound like it’s draining but most of the time the washer does nothing but beep and the fill light flashes. I’m thinking about purchasing a control board locally because the Motor board LED is pointing to that. Any suggestions?

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jose Trinidad,
    Can you supply us with the model number of your washing machine?
    We can assist further once we can dig in the database with your washer model.

    Yes the water level switch can cause that, check the tube (if applicable) for gunk and build-up, but if it is draining when the washer starts a cycle, you may have a siphoning issue.
    Have you made sure the drain pipe is in the correct position in the stand pipe?
    If not the washer can drain as it fills when you start a wash cycle.

    If it is not filling with water, check the water inlet valve for faulty solenoids or check the mesh filters for clogs.

  120. DIY Project Help Tips

    The 3E error code represents a motor or hall sensor fault.
    WHAT TO DO TO REPAIR OR CLEAR ERROR?: Reset the washer by unplugging it for 30 seconds. If the reset does not work, and the error code returns, check motor and hall sensor or the washer needs service.

  121. Samsung washing machine wf1802ls front loader E3 coming up when I turned it on there’s very little water going in then it stops an does nothing then it’s bleeping an it’s E3 or 3E coming up on it any help would be great thank you.

  122. Jose trinidad

    My top load washer will intermittently just beep when I try to start the load. Sometimes I will get it to start but it sounds like it’s draining instead of filling the tub. I think I may have a bad water level switch because I can get it to start (draining sound) when I disconnect and reconnect the connections but can’t test for continuity because I don’t know what connections to test. I tested the water valve and get about 1k ohms across each one. (Side note: when I test continuity using the audible tone I get nothing…odd??). Please help…

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the water hoses going to the washer to be sure they are not bent.
    Check mesh filters between hoses and washer.
    Check the water valves to be sure they are FULLY OPEN.
    Check water inlet valve that supplies water to washer.
    Be sure it is not clogged itself or there is an issue electrically or mechanically.
    If you cannot find the issue, please give us the model number of your washer.

  124. My front load washer only dispenses a small amount of water. It is not enough to wash even a small load of clothes.

  125. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds as if the Water Inlet Valve that is in the washing machine has a bad solenoid for the COLD water inlet. The valve may be stuck shut and not letting cold water in.
    Either that or the small mesh filter that goes in between the COLD water hose and the Water Inlet valve is clogged.
    Troubleshoot safely, be sure to unplug washer.

  126. I have a maytag neptune front loader (model #: MAH5500BWW) that will NOT give me cold water!
    I just inherited the machine and I know it was working fine before I got it. I also know that my cold water works just fine in the house (my old washer had cold water). At first I thought I just mixed up the connections when I hooked up the washer, but now I know its the washer and not me.
    It doesnt matter if I put the washer on cold, warm or hot, the cold water just does not come out. I tried turning off the hot water at the wall to see what would happen, and the washer just decided to wash without enough water. After a min or so of that, I turned the hot water back on and the water flowed in.
    What do I do next? Is this an easy fix?

  127. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a control board or timer issue.
    If the normal wash cycle works, but the quick wash does not, the board, wire harness, or timer may be an issue.
    Check the components and troubleshoot which part is causing the problem.

  128. I have a Frigidaire gallery series front loader. It works fine on the normal wash cycle, but not on the quick wash. I’ve had it for a while but just recently noticed my clothes were not completely saturated when I use the quick wash cycle?

  129. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ryan Friend,
    You replaced the water inlet valve 3 times and still no cold water gets to the washer? Have you checked ALL electrical wires, wire harnesses, etc..
    Make sure the water mesh filters in the cold water hose is not clogged.
    If you have absolutely everything perfect in the washer, then yes the board may be causing the issue.

  130. I have a Kenmore elite he3 front loader. I have gone from no knowledge whatsoever to handy manny on this washer over the past two weeks. Same problem: cold water won’t fill. F20 every time it is on cold or hits the rinse cycle. I feel like I have spent more money trying to fix than it would be to replace the whole thing. I have replaced the water valve three times. None work. So, not the water valve. (Water supply is good, valves are brand new, no crud. Hose is clear, as is drainage hose.) I have also replaced the entire pressure switch assembly and the flow meter. The drainage is great. Spin cycle works perfect (if you can trick it to get there). And the on board diagnostics test shows F20 basically from the start. Confirmation that this HAS to be the computer? I’m not replacing it, but it will resolve me to just getting a new washer and make me feel good that I did everything I could.

  131. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gary Weinstein,
    Can you give us the model number of your GE washer?
    Have you checked the LID SWITCH?

  132. Gary Weinstein

    My g e top loading washer suddenly stopped filling. All the lights are on, there is water going to the machine, I replaced the part where the water comes in, and same thing.

  133. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jan Willoughby,
    It MAY depending on the model of front loader you have.
    Have you tried running a wash with the water on? Everything okay?

  134. Jan Willoughby

    Front loader machine has been set to start in 5 hours, but have left home and the water tap was not turned on. Will it hurt my machine when it starts and no water coming into it?

  135. DIY Project Help Tips

    Kenneth Phillips,
    May be a timer issue or something got bumped while moving.
    You may need to open the Bosch washer up, and look inside for damage.
    You could also have a loose wire harness on the main control board and that is causing the issue.

  136. DIY Project Help Tips

    You most likely have a SIPHONING issue, the drain pipe is not inserted correctly into the stand pipe behind the washer. Reposition it and your issue should be solved.

  137. I have a whirlpool washer that isn’t filling up with water. The water is going into the washer, but it is just running right through. I have checked my water lines and they seem to be tight and no leaks. They are also new…only about a year old. What can I do to fix my washer?

  138. kenneth phillips

    I have a bosch front load washing machine that worked fine until we moved. Now it starts to fill and then just stops but the clock keeps counting down

  139. Same washer, same issue only mine wasn’t recently moved. Last night we heard a noise that we now know was our breaker popping. The washer was running when it popped. Now our washer won’t fill and no error codes.

  140. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tracy Donley,
    Double check the washer water supply faucets, water hoses, mesh screens in the water hose ends, and the washer water inlet valve.
    Check to be sure the wire harnesses on the water inlet valve did not come loose when you moved.
    Also check to be sure the solenoids in the inlet valve are getting power.
    Was the washer upright when you moved it?

  141. Tracy Donley

    I have a Whirlpool duet sports washer. And it worked fine… I moved over the weekend and hooked it up in my new home and it will not fill with water. Checked hoses and water it’s all good. You can hear the pump turn on and it locks but the add garment light stays on. Then it unlocks after trying for about 2 minutes. Please help. Thanks P.S. There is no codes coming up.

  142. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you please give us the model number of your GE front load washing machine so we may assist further?
    Do you get any type of error code or beeping or flashing lights that may indicate a particular problem?

  143. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you are receiving the E7 error code on your GE washer, at what point do you hear the loud hum? Is the hum coming from the water inlet valve assembly? Is the issue you are having now exactly the same as before you replaced the water inlet valve assembly?
    If the same exact issue persists, you need to check the timer for any possible burnt spots or loose wiring and the water level switch to be sure it is not clogged or getting stuck.

  144. GE Profile PFWS4600L0WW. Got error code E7, changed out water fill valve assembly. Ran through one time and worked fine. Now the E7 is intermittent and washer makes a loud hum when hot water is on. It will get to a point where the pump will kick on and drain the tub causing it to start all over. So, new water fill valve and good water pressure going to washer, still get slow fill fault. What else could it be? Was thinking timer or pressure level switch?

  145. I have a GE frontloader 2012 that does not fill water. The door locks but no water filling.

  146. Do you have any videos or links to guide me? The mesh filters are clean, now to check the other two. I have looked on YouTube, but didn’t find anything for a bravos washer. Thanks!

  147. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is your Maytag Bravos Washer receiving enough water? If not, how low is the water level?
    If the washer is not getting the proper amount of water, check the pressure switch and the water inlet valves. You could also have a clogged issue with the mesh filter screens that go in between the water hoses and the water inlet valve.
    Let us know what you find.

  148. I have a Bravos Washer, model MVWV600XW0. It is almost 5 years old. The clothes are getting wet, but obviously not enough water to clean them. We have replaced the water hoses, ran a diagnostic test (said all was good, no errors). But still does not clean the clothes. For a normal cycle that should take 46 minutes can sometimes take 90. Called Maytag, for $350.00 they will come check it, I can purchase a new one for a hundred dollars more. I hope you have some suggestions for me! Thanks!

  149. Thank you for the response. My washing machine is a Haier HWMP55-918. The water valves are fully open and both hoses are not bent or blocked.
    I have ordered a new washing machine as I think it might cost me more to get this one fixed than the amount I paid for it. Hopefully the new washer I got will last a while :-)
    Thank you again for your help.

  150. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Haier washer will not let the water in, be sure the washer has water getting to it by having the water valves fully open and the water hoses are not bent or crimped.
    If the front panel buttons make weird noises, the control board may be faulty or a wire harness may be loose or damaged.
    Can you give us the model number of your Haier washing machine?

  151. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jennifer Safian,
    If the LG washer works on some wash modes but not others, the timer knob assembly may be bad or there may be loose or damaged wire harnesses behind it. Unplug the washer and remove the front plate to determine if there are loose or damaged wires.

  152. Jennifer Safian

    I have an LG washer WM1355HW
    It works fine when I put it on “cotton/normal” wash but when I put it on “permanent press,” water does not come in to the machine and the program stops.

  153. My Haier top loading fully automatic washing machine makes a weird noise instead of the normal beeping sound when I press the buttons when selecting the program. It won’t let water in or work when the start button is pressed. All lights are on as normal and no error codes showing. This washing machine is three years old and I’ve never had any problems for the past three years.

  154. DIY Project Help Tips

    We need to know which washing machine you are referring to. Can you give us the model number of your washer?
    That is an error code normally for a Whirlpool Duet Washer…
    If you have a Whirlpool washer… The Whirlpool Washer F01 error code is a communication error between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the EEPROM. Usually to fix this failure the CCU board will need to be replaced.

  155. I was putting a load on when I noticed the timer stopped. The key symbol was displayed and when I paused the cycle. The key symbol did not turn off even after being left for sometime and the door wouldn’t open. After a while it displayed the F01 fault so I unplugged the machine and left it 10 mins and turned it back on. Fault code gone, key symbol still present. Door won’t open. Again I left it for a while and the F01 error came back. Switched it off and left it. Took the back off to look at the circuit board to see if it’s anything obvious (couldn’t see anything). Left it for a bit then it started saying no water check supply (fault message now gone but key symbol still on). Check water supply and it’s fine. Took the lid off and opened the door from the inside (green lever). After washing was taken out I closed the door again and the machine sounded like it was starting up and water could be heard entering the machine. But only for about 2 seconds then check water supply message again. The clock had also gone down by a minute. Every time I released the lock and the locked it again it did the same.

  156. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please supply us with your Maytag Top Load Washer Model Number so we may assist in telling you which part may be at fault. Have you tried unplugging it for about 5 minutes to see if that can or will reset the control board?

  157. My Maytag Top Loader washing machine takes a long long time to fill with water or it will start filling right when we start it. It also will not complete all the cycles once it stops washing it will drain but not spin so we have to turn it to drain and spin and that doesn’t always work. I have to keep turning it off then on waiting for the lights to stop blinking. I can put water in it and it will drain, but the washer will not fill, it keeps clicking and it will stay on the sensing.

  158. DIY Project Help Tips

    There are many different types of GE washers, please give us the model number of your GE washer so we can further assist.
    In the meantime, try unplugging your washing machine for 5 minutes to see if that may reset any issue the main electronic control board may have.

  159. My GE washer makes a sound like it is washing but, no washing is done. It delay stops and makes a sound at the same time shows door locked.

  160. DIY Project Help Tips

    Danielle VanSickle,
    Can you tell us the exact model number of your Whirlpool H2O Cabrio? We can assist further from there.

  161. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked to be sure the cold water inlet valve is getting the correct voltage? You may have a bad cold water inlet valve. What exactly happens when you get the FL error code?

  162. Hello. I have a whirlpool front load washer. My Model number is WFW9250WW00. I recently got error code FL. I have taken both valves off,cleaned both of them, and cleaned screens. I have checked for creases and clogs in hoses. I have noticed that I get the error message whenever I wash cycle on cold. I recently washed a load on hot cycle and the cycle ran all the way through. Could my cold water valve be bad? Any help would be very appreciated.

  163. Danielle VanSickle

    I have a whirlpool H2O low Cabrio top load washer that when I put clothes in it and start a load it starts sensing, starts to fill up with water and then stops. Then it drains the water and gets stuck on wash mode. I have ran Diagnostics on it but nothing comes up. What do you think could be wrong with it? please help.

  164. DIY Project Help Tips

    That is usually the sign of a bad water pressure switch. If you have replaced it the clear tubing may be clogged and need to be cleaned. You may have installed the pressure switch wrong or installed one that is not compatible with your washer. Recheck the pressure switch, wiring, and clear tube.

  165. Zachary barnett

    My Crosley washing machine takes a long long time to fill with water or it will start filling right when we start it. It also will not complete all the cycles once it stops washing it will drain but not spin so we have to turn it to drain and spin and that doesn’t always work. I have to keep turning it off then on waiting for the lights to stop blinking I just need to know if it has sensors in it that I might need to change.

  166. I have a Maytag Centennial washer model #MVWC300VW1. Water would run continuously even when level was reached and load knob was hard to turn and would only reach medium. I changed the water valve and water level switch but not the clear tubing. Now the water stopped running constantly but it still only reaches medium level. What should I try next?

  167. DIY Project Help Tips

    Rob Fettuccine,
    It will depend on the type of washer you are using… However… Many NEW washing machine manufacturers state: The minimum water pressure required is 0.5 Bar. The Maximum is 8 Bar. The minimum pressure is required to ensure that the valve closes completely. Note that if water pressure is less than 0.5 Bar, then there is a possibility of water entering the machine even when off electrically.
    Why are you trying to “gravity feed” the water to your washer? Is it on a well or in a location that normal water from a pressurized pump is not available?

  168. rob fettuccine

    How much water pressure is required for a washing machine to fill using gravity feed?

  169. DIY Project Help Tips

    You either have the cold water valve turned off, the cold water hose is bent or crimped, or the water inlet valve on the washer for the cold water is bad or has malfunctioned. Check the wiring harness on the water inlet valve.

  170. DIY Project Help Tips

    Vicky Bloch,
    First try unplugging the washer for 5 minutes and see if that resets it. If not, check to be sure the water both HOT and COLD water valves are turned on fully. If so, make sure the water supply hoses are not bent. If water is getting to the washer but will not fill with water, then check the water inlet fill valve (where the water supply hoses screw onto the washer). There may be a bad wire connection on the water inlet valve or a bad solenoid valve that is not letting water into your washing machine.

  171. DIY Project Help Tips

    So if you unplug and then plug in, the Amana washer runs perfectly? Do you have to remove power to the washer each time to get it to run properly?
    Your main issue is the washer will not completely fill with water but still tries to run the complete cycle, correct? What is the model number of your Amana washer?

  172. I have an Amana top loader that is one a few years old. I went to start a load of laundry, pushed start, open the lid, added my detergent and the water never came out. The fill light was flashing so I closed the lid and water ran for about five seconds and then the lid locked and the agitator started. I hold the start button to cancel and try it again and it does the same thing. If I unplug it and then plug it back in it will fill all the way and run the full cycle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  173. I have a Frigidaire fex831fs2, the washer will not fill up with water,but will spin. Neither warm or cold water will not work.

  174. I have stackable washer dryer, brand GE, a week old. All was well and today when I put my clothes on it and add the soap. The water goes inside like normal but the drum never fills up. It just continues ruining. I need help, I have taken clothes out, put less clothes, ran the cold and hot (water is working) I disconnected the machine for 2 min 10 min and 1hr. And is just the same.

  175. I replaced the pulley and belt on our Kenmore top Load washer. My first Question is— do you have to attach both hot & cold water lines to the Washer or can you just use cold line. Everything worked before the belt problem now I moved the machine out side to a water supply And hooked up the cold water line but the washer will not fill with water. I just wanted to test the machine since I changed the belt but only have a cold water supply outside .Is it possible the sensor since there is no hot water line is sensing and will not allow water to enter washer and that you need both hot and cold lines hooked up for machine to start filling with water.I checked the screens they are okay. the washer worked fine before, but both water lines were hooked up.

  176. I have a similar issue with my Kenmore Top Load washer. When I press the start button, the green fill sensing light will come on, water will start to flow and quickly shut down. I just used the washer yesterday and today I can’t start it. I did have a large load in the washer and it was tangled in the drum and I may have lifted the agitator or upset the equilibrium pulling wet laundry out of the washer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  177. I have a similar issue with my Kenmore Top Load washer. When I press the start button, the green fill sensing light will come on, water will start to flow and quickly shut down. I just used the washer yesterday and today I can’t start it. I did have a large load in the washer and it was tangled in the drum and I may have lifted the agitator or upset the equilibrium pulling wet laundry out of the washer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  178. Hello,
    I have a whirlpool top load washer that won’t fill. I’ve checked for water pressure and clogs in the filter. It was making a humming sound when I tried to start it but that’s stopped as well.

  179. Kenmore front loader washing machine. Not sure of the model number. We have had it about 10 years.
    We just moved to a home and after hooking up the washer the Cold water immediately runs into the cabinet and out on the floor when you turn on the water at the wall – even if the washer is off and unplugged. No water is entering the washer it is all running out.

    The hot water is leaking at the connection but not running out. We have replaced all hoses.

  180. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you please tell us at what point the washer stops filling with water? Does the washer stop filling with water on ALL wash cycles? Try setting the washer on another wash cycle and see if the same issue occurs. If so you may have an issue with the water inlet valve or the WATER PRESSURE SWITCH. The water pressure switch could sense that the washer is full of water and prematurely stop the water flow… More troubleshooting is needed to find the issue. Let us know what you find.

  181. I have a Whirlpool model wtw8900bc0 washer that will not fill with water. The water comes on for a few seconds then shuts off. Was wondering if anyone can help?

  182. Model 4619-702-0495-2
    The LED’s around the rotary switch all flash continuously (except for Drain/Spin at times). The LED’s to the left that flash are Rinse, Spin and Clothes clean.
    WRT the pressure switch, if I apply a gentle pressure via a hose to the switch I can hear it click once. If I apply a little more pressure, there is another click. When I release that, there is a double click, so the switch is actuating (not clogged) but I haven’t measure continuity when actuated yet.
    There is continuity from the pressure switch to the CCU. If I disconnect the pressure switch wire harness, there is no change in operation. I do have a questions though – if I blow into the hose that I disconnected from the pressure switch, the hose that goes from the switch to the drain boot at the bottom of the drum, the air flows freely. Is that supposed to happen, or is there a diaphragm that goes between the boot and the hose?
    Assuming we are wanting to fill the drum with warm water, I would expect both solenoids to kick in. If there was a bad wiring harness to the solenoids, then it would be unlikely that both solenoids would stop working at the same time. Even if it was the wiring to the solenoids, why would the CCU be flashing LED’s? There are no sensors that go to the solenoid so the CCU wouldn’t know if the solenoids failed.

  183. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are the lights on the washer display flashing a certain amount of times when the washer is trying to fill with water? What happens with the lights on the display when the washer is not filling?
    Can you supply us with your Kenmore HE2 washing machine model number? We will have a look at our schematic and give you an answer.

    If the pressure switch is showing continuity, it is not blocked, clogged or jammed, correct? When a washer does not fill with water (assuming the water hoses are on and attached) the pressure switch, bad or loose wire harness, water inlet solenoid valves, are the 3 most likely items to cause the issue.

  184. You folks seem to be very wise on this site, much more so than on other sites.
    I have a Kenmore HE2 washer. It doesn’t have a alphanumeric display on the front, so I don’t know the error code. It will not fill with water. Hot nor cold. The solenoids don’t click, so I suspect something is afoot with the CCU or the pressure switch. After some minutes, or doing the manual diagnostic test listed in the manual, most of the LED’s flash, but not all. I did a continuity check of the pressure switch back at the CCU and all is well. The pressure switch shows continuity between pins 4 and 6, which is what it’s supposed to be according to the schematic if I can read the nomenclature right. I’m not sure how to read the “p>” that actuates the switch. Does that mean “pressure greater than zero, push the switch to short pins 3 and 5”? Under it it says “L_0 L_wash L_overflow _Lsud”. Not sure what that means.

  185. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the washer is brand new and you are getting errors of beeping and the screen says DRAINING and NO WATER, first you should contact whoever sold and installed the washer. It may have been installed improperly and therefore the errors occur.
    The Frigidaire washing machine FFFS5115PW manual states that if the washer fills with water but the tub will not fill = Drain hose standpipe is too low. Standpipe must be a minimum of 23.6” (60 cm) high to prevent siphoning.

  186. DIY Project Help Tips

    Marian H,
    Is the washer getting any water at all? What is the model number of your washer? Is the HOT water valve and hose connected to your washer and turned on?

  187. I had plumbers come to change out my water heater, when i asked if they disconnected the washer, they said no, they just turned the hot water valve to the house off, then they turned that main valve on, i have hot water everywhere in the house, but it won’t go into the washer. why? the washer makes noises as if it is going to proceed, and the led lights are on, on the control panel.

  188. I just bought a Fridgidaire front loading washer with steam yesterday, model FFFS5115PW.
    First try on the machine I chose “Whites”. The machine filled and began the cycle then about 15 minutes in it starts beeping and screen states, “draining” and then “no water”. The hoses are on correctly without kinks including the drain hose.

  189. DIY Project Help Tips

    The drain hose on the back of the washer needs to be placed higher up ON THE WALL if the washer is siphoning the water flowing into it. If the drain hose is positioned too low, it may drain the water out as it comes in. Either this may be happening or the washer drain pump valve is open and the water is going out as it fills. Check to be sure your drain pump is working properly.

  190. GE washer, top load, WBSE2090A0WW – Can you explain what you mean when you say that the drain hose behind washer is positioned too low? I am having the problem where my washer has good water flowing in but it just drains right out, similar to other folks on here. You mention to check the drain hose position due to a siphoning issue, but mine is fastened/secured to the washer so there is no way to move it. There is only one place for the drain pipe to connect.

  191. My washer was working fine but started to leak water from door, contractor replaced door seal for leak. We load laundry and run the washer after they replaced the part, machine starts but doesnt fill up with water. I checked valves, checked the hose and even filter for clog. I think they missed a step or did something wrong while they were replacing the door seal. But as i mentioned home warranty people dont send any other contractor and this contractor is not answering our calls or recall order. I will check the model number when i get home, thanks in advance.

  192. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your GE front load washer does not fill with water, why would the door seal be replaced? You need to check the water valves to the washer, check that the water hoses are not bent or kinked, check the water inlet valve for clogs and proper power voltage to the solenoid valves. What exactly are the symptoms of your GE front load washer? Can you supply a model number?

  193. Contractor replaced GE front load machine door boot seal since then machine doesnt fill up with water :( I checked all 5 causes, everything is fine (it was working fine before they replace the door seal) what else I could check, contractor doesnt answer our calls and home warranty company is hard to deal with.

  194. Yes, I tested the lid switch. It is fine. The only thing I didn’t test was the pressure switch after I found that the air line was basically blocked completely.

  195. DIY Project Help Tips

    Matt Misson,
    Check the lid switch as that is the most likely issue why a top load washer will fill with water but will not spin.

  196. DIY Project Help Tips

    The timer assembly on your washer may have a bad spot therefore it is not sending power to the water inlet valve at that moment of the main wash cycle. You can check the wiring on the back of the timer assembly to be sure no wires are loose or damaged. If the wires are okay, then we would suggest possibly replacing the timer assembly. What is the make and model of your washing machine?

  197. I have a GE top load washer that is giving me fits. I cleaned out the air tube because it was clogged. Washer worked for a load. Next load water would not all leave the tub. Diagnosed that the drain pump had gone bad. New pump installed and now it is not filling with water again. Seems stuck in the agitation cycle. I installed a new timer. Still stuck in the agitation cycle. What next?

  198. I have a problem with my washing machine, it wont fill with water for the main wash, it makes a noise like its trying to and will then got through all the motions as normal through the cycle, but it fills up fine when it comes to rinse?

  199. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ted Booth,
    Yes it sounds as if the timer has a bad spot or possibly there are disconnected wires on the timer. Unplug the Maytag washer and open the control panel. Look at the timer to be sure the wires are secure. Inspect the timer as it most likely has a bad spot on it and therefore causing your issue. If the washer begins to immediately agitate and not fill with water, it is basically skipping the water fill time and going straight to agitate or wash. The washer water inlet valves or solenoids are most likely fine, the timer is somehow skipping the water fill time.

  200. I have an older Maytag washer that has suddenly stopped filling with water. As soon as I pull out the start knob it begins to agitate without waiting to fill with water. It is set on warm/cold so both hot and cold water should be flowing. So it seems unlikely to me that both the hot and cold fill valves would die at once. Is this more likely to be a timer problem?

  201. DIY Project Help Tips

    You have a siphoning issue. Make sure the washer drain hose is in the correct position.

  202. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a blocked water hose and reattaching it releases some pressure then therefore works. Check cold water hose for internal blockage. Also, check the water inlet valve to be sure there is no blockage on the inlet screen. Be sure the water inlet valve is working properly by testing it with a multimeter. It may be an intermittent issue. If you have a water pressure switch in your washer, make sure it is not blocked or gunked up as this would cause a water fill issue. Let us know what you find.

  203. My washing machine (Fisher AND Paykel) sometimes does not fill with cold water on the rinse cycle. If I remove the hose from the wall and then re-attach it, this fixes the issue in the short term. Usually happens if I do 2 loads of washing one after the other. Any ideas for a permanent remedy?? Glenn

  204. DIY Project Help Tips

    Greg Aguilar,
    Frigidaire affinity front load washer error E46 = “communication error”. This means the board is not able to communicate with “something”. Usually the e46 error will clear if you replace the door latch assembly. Are you having issues with water NOT entering the tub?

  205. I have a Frigidaire affinity front load washer with error code e46, I need to know what does the mcu have to do with the water not entering the tub or also the motor have to do with this code. I can understand the valves being bad but why the motor or the motor control board?

  206. DIY Project Help Tips

    The washing machines vibration MAY have knocked a wire harness loose. Check to be sure the wires on the water inlet valve are connected and secure. Also, a wire harness may have come loose on or near the control board. Check the wires cautiously and be sure the washer is unplugged when you do. You will more than likely find that a wire is not secure. Let us know what you find.

  207. Washer stopped filling with water after machine started shaking on spin cycle. Tried next load washer would not fill with water. Carrie

  208. Washing machine starts to fill then stops , i push button again. It starts then stops. I continue to push until it keeps filling. This has been going on for weeks. Now it just wont start and the lights are on and buzzing.

  209. I have a hand down Maytag Performa topload washing machine… my problem is it will start agitating even if it’s still empty with water and it will only start filling with water if you hold the reset knob… please help..

  210. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have a drain filter in the front of your washer, clean it out and be sure it is installed properly. OR… You may have a loose drain hose, water inlet valve, loose hose on drain pump or elsewhere. The only way to find the leak if you cannot see it when the washer is running is to unplug the washer and open the service panel. See if you can find the leak by an obvious loose tube or a disconnected water line.

  211. DIY Project Help Tips

    Zack Lloyd,
    Please give us the model number of your GE top load washer so we may assist.

  212. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you sure that is the Model number of your Whirlpool washer? We believe it is a few numbers off…. Take the lower access panel off below your door and you will see a tech data sheet on the inside of your cabinet panel, run the diagnostics test and see what error code you get. If the tech data sheet is not there search online to run the diagnostics test.

  213. My Whirlpool wfw9550w10 will not fill with water. I’ve check the water valve, water meter and pressure sensor. All seems to be in working order. My hoses are not kinked or no holes and have good water pressure. I turn the washer on start a normal wash. I hear a couple clicks. The door locks and the timer begins to countdown but nothing happens? What could be the issue?

  214. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jerri Gossett,
    This is most likely caused by a bad washer timer motor. If the water does fill on other wash modes, you know the washer water inlet valve is okay. It is what is controlling it is what is bad. Order a new washer timer motor assembly and that should fix your issue. NOTE: ALSO check the lid switch to be sure it is working.

  215. I have a top loading GE washer and it won’t fill with water. Only on the rinse cycle. I turn it back to the wash cycle and sometimes I just let it go thru the wash process. It’s at least a 2011 model. (Maybe newer.)

  216. My Washing Machine has started to stall out during the fill cycle repeatedly for some reason just today….
    I just washed a load last night with no issues, but today I start it, and it adds a small stream of water, but then stops. This will happen sporadically, and is confusing as the valves are all opened properly, and as I said it was working fine last night.
    If I mess with the knobs, it will start another small stream of water, but this is new, and never had to be done before.
    The machine is a GE top-load which does have a few years on it, and I am hoping will not need to be replaced!!

  217. I have had an LG front loader for four years. All of a sudden, it is leaking water when I turn it on. The water seems to be coming from the front/bottom. The back of the unit is dry, the clothes inside the drum are dry, the soap is still in the dispenser, but I have water all over my floor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

  218. The orange light on my washer comes on and no water, then it makes a strange noise…whats the problem?

  219. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you heard the sound of water coming into the washer but the washer did not fill with water… Did you try and run a wash cycle or was this the initial hookup of your washing machine?

  220. I have a Frigidaire affinity front load washer and when we hooked it up after a few minutes it sounded as if the water was running in. But there appears to be no water in it. It quit sounding like it was running in it.

  221. Warm water is good. It’s a new inlet valve. All I do is unhook the cold water hose from either end and hook it back up. Works fine for awhile. No kinks in hoses. When it goes to a trickle it will come back to good flow after a few seconds on its own. Screens are clean, new inlet valve, water on all the way, no kinks, and comes and goes when it pleases. Thanks.

  222. DIY Project Help Tips

    So you always get good WARM water flow on your Whirlpool washer? Only SOMETIMES the cold works? You are removing the water hoses to the water inlet valve or the water hoses from the wall? Have you checked the water inlet valve for proper operation and no clogs? Are the hoses getting kinked?

  223. Thank you for any help you can provide. It is a Whirlpool washer, model WTW5800SWO. I get a good flow with warm water, sometimes a good flow with cold water then it goes to a trickle. After a few seconds it goes full flow again, then back to trickle. Taking the hose loose and hooking it back up gives me good flow for a couple weeks. Thanks again for any help.

  224. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us the make and model of your washer? It sounds as it there is a pressure issue. If you have replaced the water inlet valve, then the issue may be in the washer itself. You may have a pressure switch depending on the type of washer you have. Give us make and model please and we can go from there.

  225. I am also having an issue getting good water flow in washer. I have a strong flow when first turning it on and then it goes to a trickle. If I disconnect the hose, and do nothing else, and then put the hose back on, it has a strong flow for about 6 to 8 washes then goes back to a trickle. I installed a new inlet water valve but it did not help. It is a whirlpool top load washer. Thanks for any help.

  226. DIY Project Help Tips

    The water not coming into the tub and the washer not spinning may be 2 separate issues. Can you give us the model number and serial number so we can further look into this and assist?

  227. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Samsung washing machine is not displaying an error code and it will not fill with water… Try checking the water lines to the machine, make sure they are not crimped or bent, be sure the water valves are fully open, be sure there is no clog in the water inlet valve where the 2 hoses screw onto. May be a solenoid malfunctioning in the inlet valve or could be a disconnected or loose wire harness. Check all the above and if you still have issues, let us know.

  228. DIY Project Help Tips

    Adele Kotlarsic,
    You may have a bad water inlet valve. The valve is where the hot and cold water screw into on the back of the washer. If the hot water valve does not open, the solenoid is most likely not connected or is bad. You can test with a meter or simply just replace the complete valve. Do some further troubleshooting before you order any parts as something as simple as a wire harness not connected could be the issue.

  229. DIY Project Help Tips

    AL LARY,
    What make and model is your washer? If no water is entering your washers tub, have you checked the water valves behind washer to be sure they are fully open? Have you checked for bent or crimped water hoses? Checked the water inlet valve to be sure it is not clogged and the solenoids are operating properly?

  230. The DIAL is set at NORMAL all OPTIONS are on EXCEPT the spin speed, the time setting comes on as 1:29 and no water enters the machine, it will appear to operate for 10 minutes then nothing. ALL OTHER OPERATIONS AND SETTINGS WORK JUST FINE, I just do not have a normal wash operation, continued use of the other washing options such as bulky, heavy, delicate. I would think would in time cause some other problem. CAN YOU HELP OR NOT PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  231. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the washer is NOT filling with water then yes it could be the hoses. The NO SPIN issue would be caused by something else.
    The Frigidaire affinity front load washer E5E error indicates a communication issue. Check the wiring between the control board and the speed control board. Correct the wiring problem if any. If the wiring is okay, replace the control board. If the problem is not corrected, replace the speed control board.

  232. Hot water will not fill, just cold. Took off hose from both ends one end at a time to clean screen. No screen in either end? Old machines use to have screen on end of hose, that if it got grain of sand in it or something else it wouldn’t call for water. Can’t find any issues inside panel. Only hot water that won’t work.

  233. I have a Samsung front load VRT washer that will now not fill with water after running the clean cycle. It does not give an error code, it just says garment add, then door lock light comes on then goes off after a few seconds but machine still trying to fill with water. This machine is like four years old.

  234. There are no error codes showing. Nothing is kinked or anything. Would water not coming in also cause it to not do anything in the spin only cycle when i put it on that.

  235. There isn’t an error code coming up. Nothing is bent or crimped. We have well water if that makes a difference. I found on another site if you press and hold the start and cancel button at the same time it would show an error code but all that comes up is E5E. Would the hose issue also cause it to not spin on the spin cycle only?

  236. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you getting an error code on your Frigidaire affinity front load washer? If the water is not coming into the tub properly, make sure the water valves that supply water to your washer are fully open. Also, be sure the water supply hoses are not bent or crimped therefore making the water unable to flow. Check where the 2 hoses go into your washer at the back of the machine to be sure there is no blockage in the screens or in the water inlet valve itself. Let us know what you find and we can assist further.

  237. Hello, I have a Frigidaire affinity front load washer. It worked fine the other day however when i went to do a load this morning it counts down but it doesn’t fill. It allows little water in and that’s all. It will count down threw the cycle but does not spin or drain the little bit of water that it did come in. I tried to turn it on the spin cycle only and it counts down but does not do anything.

  238. DIY Project Help Tips

    Be sure to check that there is no blockage in the hot water hose. Be sure the hot water valve is FULLY open and supplying hot water. If the hose is not blocked, and the hot water valve is fully open and supplying HOT water, you may have a blockage where the hoses go into the water inlet solenoids. If not and the solenoids tested good, you could have a control panel issue. Do some additional troubleshooting before you buy any new parts. Let us know what you find.

  239. In normal conditions no matter what the temp setting is, my washer machine is not taking hot water in. To test whether it will take hot water, I closed the cold water valve from the wall and it took hot water but just a little bit and it was not enough to start the cycle and machine started to give clicking noise. I opened the cold water valve and it filled with enough water but all was cold and it started the cycle. So machine is not letting the hot water solenoid to open I guess or it doesn’t keep it open enough so there will enough water to start. I checked the valves for continuity and I have no problems with any of the valves (5 of them). Would it be a bad valve problem or would it be control panel problem ? It is an LG washer and model number is WT4801CW.

  240. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes, the simplest thing such as a partially opened water valve can cause much wasted time and money. That is why we try and explain the simple things that may be overlooked to get an appliance working again. Glad you finally got it figured out.

  241. Our clothes washer was not getting much hot water, so the repairman replaced water selector switch. Still didn’t get much hot water, so he replaced the switch again. It still didn’t work. On the phone when we told him, he said he couldn’t fix it. I called him (thinking it was a different repairman) after a few years, and he agreed to come. But didn’t (he must have remembered me).

    Finally after months, even after years, I switched hoses only at the faucet not at the washer: hot on cold faucet and cold on hot faucet. Water gushed (of course, hot selected at washer was cold, and cold was hot. Did I say, HOT? BUT — still — HOT WATER WAS GUSHING! So, number 1 solution above on this website, was the problem. The repairman never fully opened the hot water faucet because the hot water faucets are old and very tight. Need pliers to turn the nozzle. He probably never tested the flow after each selector switch was replaced, and forgot to turn hot water on (or it was so tight he thought it was fully open). What other valid explanation is there?

  242. DIY Project Help Tips

    The washer may not be filling because of a faulty lid switch. Most of the time a bad lid switch WILL let the washer fill but then it will not agitate or spin. It MAY be possible your lid switch is having intermittent issues. Test it and if it is in working order, check all wire harnesses and connections going to the back control panel and elsewhere to be sure the connections are tight and secure. The next item to check will be the timer to be sure it is working properly as it can make the washer do as you have stated if it is malfunctioning.

  243. I have a Maytag Atlantis top load washer that will not fill or agitate, it will start to fill and stop, it will not fill with the rinse cycle, but will spin to wring and empty the drum? I have checked all hoses, just flat out changed the fill valve, and I’m still getting nothing, I’ve checked all wire connections and all seems okay, truly hit a wall with my trouble shooting and still have had no luck.

  244. DIY Project Help Tips

    Dorothy E,
    Can you please tell us the exact model number of your Whirlpool load sensor washer? Once we have the model number we can research your issue and give you troubleshooting and repair advice.

  245. My Whirlpool load sensor washing machine does not fill properly. When I turn it on it sprays and agitates like it is on the spin cycle. What can I do?
    Thank you ahead of time.

  246. Thank you so much for all your responses so far! Yes, the water valves from the wall are open, I checked water pressure and insured hoses are not blocked or kinked. I also took filters out of water valve to insure they were not clogged. I tried both cold and hot wash cycles but I still get nothing. If I press the start button the fill light goes on and it clicks, if I turn the temp settings or the load settings dial you can also hear a “click”. Is there a way to test the solenoids?

  247. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes, test solenoids before replacing the control board. We were under the assumption you replaced the valve. If not, the solenoids that open the hot and cold water valves may not be receiving power or are on the fritz. Have you tried to run a wash with only COLD water and a wash cycle with only HOT water? Any difference? You have the water valves on the wall that supply the water to the washer turned fully open, correct?

  248. Already did that, everything looks good, no broken or loose wires. All plugs are nice and tight, I think its just time to face the fact its the control board. Was also thinking maybe water valve, possible solenoids are not allowing valves to open.

  249. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the wiring harnesses on the control board and other areas to be sure the wiring is not loose or damaged before you invest in a new control board.

  250. It did fill prior to the assembly being replaced but the lid does not need to be closed for it to fill. What it originally was doing was after completing the entire wash/rinse/spin cycle if you did not open lid right away it would automatically go into another whole cycle. (I broke the switch and that’s why I replaced it). I am thinking it may need a new control board.

  251. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did the NO FILL issue happen immediately after replacing the lid lock assembly? If so the lid lock assembly may not be properly wired. If the machine senses that the door is not locked or shut, it will not fill with water. Recheck the wiring to the door lock assembly.

  252. Amana top loading washing machine will not fill. If you press start button fill light comes on and you hear a couple of “clicks” but nothing happens. Checked valve filters and hoses, water pressure is good. Recently replaced lid lock assembly.

  253. I have already changed the water valve and it will still not fill. What else could be the problem?

  254. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a solenoid or water inlet valve on the fritz or loose wiring. The control board may also have an issue therefore the water flows in on all settings but NORMAL. Have you tested the valve? Checked wire harnesses on valve/control board?

  255. I have a Samsung front loader washer i just replaced a bearing kit and drum support when i put it back together i have no water coming in on the normal setting all other settings work the normal light lights up but no water.

  256. My Amana washer will full up, wash, but when it gets to the final spin it just stops with the drum full.

  257. DIY Project Help Tips

    AL Lary,
    Just so we understand, your washer works but only on certain settings? Does the door lock and you must reset to open almost every time? What exactly is the washer NOT doing?
    Sounds as if you are having issues with the washer not rinsing? It will wash, spin, but when it comes time to get into rinse cycle, at that point you run into issues?
    You may need to check behind panel to be sure all wire harnesses are secure. Also check board for any loose or burnt components.

  258. Frigidaire Affinity front load washer purchased March 2014 New. I loaded the washer to perform a NORMAL wash which is our common 1st wash using the guidelines for the NORMAL cycle in the USE and CARE manual received upon purchase.

  259. Good morning, thanks again for your reply. Sorry, yes it seems to be off balance or vibrating when it goes to spin cycle. I did check hoses, change inlet valve, have good water flow but did not and have no way of checking pressure switch or timer. These things are like computers to me which I know little about. I’ll keep checking as much as I can until I either find the problem or take something apart I cannot put back in which case I suppose I will go washing machine shopping. Thanks so much for your help.

  260. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you changed the inlet valve, checked screens, hoses are not bent, the valves are fully open, the washer only trickles in water on both HOT and COLD water, you have checked the pressure switch, then you may have an issue with the timer. Does anything different happen when you put the timer in a different cycle? Have you tried washing in different wash modes, HOT only or COLD only? Can you explain when you say “rough spin”? Is the machine vibrating, off balance?

  261. Thank you for your reply. Yes sir, I did check the hoses and they are fine. Even put new screens in them. The washer is acting the same as before I replaced the inlet valve other than it gets a little rough when it goes to spin now. But as far as water supply I’m still getting a trickle. Thanks for your help.

  262. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a faulty door locking assembly switch. Do you have a multimeter to test it to see if it is working properly?

  263. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked the water hoses and the water HOT and COLD valves on the back to see if the valves are FULLY open and the hoses are not crimped or bent? If you replaced the water inlet valve and it worked great for about 4 washes, is the washer working exactly the same as before you replaced the water inlet valve? Any changes? Still the same, just a trickle of water? Have you checked the water pressure switch? May be clogged and not letting water enter or restricting the water flow. What happens if you wash with HOT water only, do you get a trickle still or does the water flow as designed?

  264. Our Whirlpool washer, model #WTW5800SW0 only has a little trickle of cold water. I replaced the water inlet valve about a week ago. Worked fine for about 4 washes then back to a trickle. Hoses and screens are fine and good water flow from hoses. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  265. My washer won’t turn on although all indicator lights seem to be working. I did notice when you turn it on the door doesn’t lock. It is a Kenwood front loading washer.

  266. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check water level pressure sensor. It is a component with a long clear tube attached to it and behind the main control panel. If it gets clogged it will not let your washer fill with water.

    A quick HOW TO:
    Unplug machine, take off a few screws holding complete control panel on, remove panel by pulling out, water level sensor should be behind everything, look for clear tube, remove tube and clear it out if clogged, water pressure sensor switch might also be bad, it is connected to the clear tube, check to see if it “clicks”. Also be sure your water HOT and COLD behind washer is FULLY ON. If you need other assistance, please let us know. Be safe.

    This video is not the perfect how to, but it shows location and how to take apart control panel to access the water switch (Watch the complete video to understand location and what component looks like)… Washer Water Level Switch

  267. I’ve had a Frigidaire top load washer for about 9 years, today I did three loads of laundry, went to start the fourth load and it won’t fill with water. It doesn’t even attempt to fill, when I put settings where I want them and pull the knob to start the cycle, it goes straight into agitation, I’ve tried it at all the stages of the cycle and all others seem to work fine, but even on the rinse cycle, it won’t add water. Please advise where the best place to start troubleshooting would be.

  268. DIY Project Help Tips

    Cathy W Hummel,
    Please let us know brand and model number. Top load or front load?
    If same issue of “Will Not Fill With Water” is happening with a brand new washer, then you may have an issue with your water pressure where the water hooks to the washer. Make sure your HOT and COLD water valves are FULLY open. Are the water hoses in good shape and not getting bent behind the washer when it gets pushed back to the wall?

  269. Had a washer less than 4 years old. Stopped filling up with water. Just went and bought new washer. Same problem. Won’t fill up. What’s next?

  270. To June Walker…
    It is the way the Hotpoint washing machine is built that will not let you get really hot water. The only way to get really hot water when you set the temp control to “HOT” is to turn off the cold water supply line at the wall. This will slow down the pressure of the water coming in but eventually you will have hot water but because of the reduced flow rate you will also have wasted a lot of time waiting for the machine to fill.

  271. Got a new Hotpoint HSWP1000m4ww. Found that water temperature control does not let really hot water in UNLESS you turn off cold water supply going in to the machine. BUT, then the pressure on the hot water drops and takes much longer to fill. I know the pressure from the house supply is strong from disconnecting hot line from back of machine and turning on house supply valve and running water in to stationary tub. The pressure is plenty strong in that arrangement.
    The washer is not going to run in the cycle until water level is at needed height. So, at the slow rate it is still going to run when that level is reached so why slow it down – the water is going to be hot that comes in to the washer if you turn the cold line off. I believe there is some kind of restricted component on the hot line. One or a combination of the wires it operating a part, not known where it is located, that restricts the hot water from coming in unless cold is mixed with it. As I said you can get the hot water to come in hot as the water heater will make it if you turn off the cold supply. If you leave the cold on it turns hot water to luke warm. Does anyone how to override this? Hotpoint says this rule affected all washers no matter the maker. Does anyone know what wires to remove or switch around to make machine do as I want in as far as water temp is concerned??

  272. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the water is running into the washer but it will not fill, then you have a siphoning issue. Make sure your water drain hose behind washer is not positioned too LOW or the water will siphon right out when filling.

  273. DIY Project Help Tips

    The most likely component that is causing your issue is the water inlet valve may have a loose wiring harness, the drain hose is placed wrong therefore leading the washer to drain and keep filling, or the main control board is fried and needs replaced. You can look in the washer and trace wires to be sure no other components are loose therefore may be causing the malfunctioning.
    What model number is your Samsung top loader?

  274. I have a Samsung top loader washer that is only 3 yrs old. It keeps faulting and saying NF but there is water going into the machine. It will then drain and keep filling. Even if I try to put it on Spin cycle only it doesn’t seem to know what to do. We have put new hoses on it. Check the water pressure and filters. I just find out where we moved to there really isn’t anyone who will work on Samsung. They say they are too much trouble. What else can I do or is my washer pretty much done?

  275. I have an Estate top load washer. It will work fine for one load (99% of the time) but after that it will just let water run in but not fill. It doesn’t matter what cycle I put it on, it will continue running water into it but doesn’t fill.

  276. DIY Project Help Tips

    It seems to us that you have an issue with the timer assembly. The timer may have bad spots on it therefore it works on some cycles and not others. If you are not familiar with using a multimeter, either call a repair person or buy the timer online and cheap and install yourself following instructions on YouTube or in the package contents. It is not guaranteed the issue is the Timer Assembly but is most likely for the info you have given us without a model number. This may be the Timer you need for your washer… Crosley Washing Machine Timer

  277. For some reason I cannot locate a model number. There was a sticker on the back the was missing.I assume it was there. We bought it gently used in 2009. The washer will not attempt to fill with water at all. If you place it on spin it will spin…on the heavy wash it will agitate but not the delicate or perm press. When you put the knob where it goes to start the wash it doesn’t seem to “get power” just nothing. Thank you for your help. I tried to look up info on my own but this instance is rare I guess cause I couldn’t find a reason why it would do this.

  278. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you please give us the model number of your Crosley top load washer? Can you please restate your question? Usually, if the washer will not fill with water it will not go into a cycle…
    Does the washer fill with water at all? When you choose the cycle that will come on, what EXACTLY happens?

  279. I have a Crosley top load washer that will not fill with water. It does not even act like it is getting power to it. The only cycle that will come on and try to work is spin cycle and will attempt to agitate in one of the three modes. What could this be? We have only yet replaced the power cord cause the bottom prong looked as if it was broke…but that wasn’t the issue. Thank you for any advice.

  280. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with the water inlet valves. This part is where the water hoses go from the wall to the washer. Check to be sure they are tight and not leaking.

  281. I have a Kenmore washer top load I have hooked up everything. Even checked to see if the water is flowing good to the wall and it is connected to the water valves. When i press start on my washer the green fill sensing light will click on then go off. Washer is making a roaring like sound but there is no water going into my washer but i can hear water on the outside ring of the washer not in the inside were the water suppose to go…

  282. DIY Project Help Tips

    Washers do not work as designed if water is NOT hooked up. Hook it to the proper water lines.

  283. Each time I try to pour water into my washing machine manually with water, it just drains even before I turn on the start button. I did not connect the hot and cold water on the machine that is why I want to do it manually. How can I make the water stay in the machine please.

  284. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it is an intermittent issue, then most likely your lid switch is not working properly. Test to be sure it is secure and not loose.

  285. I have a GE top load washer and it is going crazy sometimes not taking on water sometimes not spinning.. sometimes works perfect… don’t know what to do can’t afford another right now

  286. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please list what you have done to troubleshoot the issue. Maybe you missed something.
    Did you try testing the water inlet solenoid valves with a meter?

  287. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds as if either the water is not turned on all the way to your washer. Make sure the COLD and HOT water valves are fully open. Next, check that the water inlet valve and hoses to be sure nothing is kinked, clogged, or a filter screen or seal is out of alignment. If that does not fix the issue, the water pressure switch is probably clogged and not letting your washer completely fill up. The water pressure switch has a small tube attached to it that may be gunked up with lint or hard water, check and clean if necessary. Is this washer used?

  288. My husband purchased a Hotpoint HSWP1000M4WW a couple of weeks ago. The water will run for about a minute and a half before I even see it in the drum. I can only wash four towels and a few washcloths on the super load. It’s not filling with much water at all. I’ve even had a sheet come out partially dry! The warm setting is cold and the hot is warm. Any info would be appreciated.

  289. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did you use the same hose or actually switch the hose? Possible hose blockage or the inlet where the cold water enters is blocked. Is there a shutoff handle at the washer end where the water goes in?

  290. I have an old Daytron TWA-1060P washing machine that hooks up to the kitchen sink. It has always been a great machine but all of a sudden filling with cold became so slow that we had to stop. I checked the hose by switching from the cold supply to the hot water supply and that works and I have visually inspected where the water enters and goes into the tub but I do not see any blockages. I have been using the hot supply with cold water but the machine only has a cold water rinse…so I wash 3 times and then put it in spin but it takes a long time to do a load of laundry. Any ideas on what might be wrong and possible fixes would be great.

  291. I’ve given up and ordered a new washer. The repair place would’ve taken minimum two more weeks to get the part and get a tech out. Part select said the valve would cost $100. And I’m pretty sure I can’t change it anyway. the model number is 970 c45072 10. The hoses were fine. Right when a cycle should have begun and the washer would normally fill with water, I would hear a click at the lower back right hand side. I am assuming it was the motor from opening up the back. The click sound was I assume when the cycle was supposed to initiate, but it just kept humming and doing nothing for a few minutes, then unlocked and beeped.

  292. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the washer will not fill with water it will not go into wash mode. Did the repairman replace the water inlet valve? Concerning the hoses, did you remove them and then reinstall? If so they are most likely not tight. Try tightening them and test again. If the water inlet valve is not working, then the washer will most likely not work on any mode. What is the model number of your Kenmore front load washer?

  293. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with your selector switch or timer assembly. Remove and replace as needed.

  294. My top loading GE washer that is 2-3 years old, won’t fill with cold water on the wash cycle, but it will on the rinse cycle. It will fill with warm and hot. Thank you for your help.

  295. I have had a Kenmore front load washer that came the house I with bought three years ago. It stopped working, filling with hot or cold, any cycle even spinning and draining. I had a questionable repairman who said the cold water inlet valve was broke. I thought it should still spin and drain, or even possibly wash on hot. I just went in through the back and disconnected some rubber hosing. There was a cylindrical plastic thing with holes in/through it that was really clogged up with garbage. Both my hoses are leaking suddenly, so I can’t test it. Could it be something else. I can’t get hoses for a couple of days but am trying to cover all my bases. Thanks for any input.

  296. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it works on some wash modes but not others, check the wiring behind the control panel. You may have loose or disconnected wire harnesses.

  297. My front loader will not wash on normal. It senses and will turn a few times then beeps and turns off. It will wash on heavy or bulky though. It’s a Frigidaire Affinity.

  298. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked the water pressure switch? It could be clogged. If clogged the washer may not fill or drain the water level at the correct time.

  299. My Amana washer fills up with water properly to wash and when it’s time to rinse to add fabric softener it does not reach the right amount of water level to add the fabric softener.. it drains out quickly.. what should I do??

  300. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the washer will not fill with water make sure water hoses are on to the washer. Make sure incoming water screen inlet filters are clean. If still not filling you may have a bad solenoid water inlet valve. If knob is difficult to turn it is most likely bad and will need to be removed and replaced. The knob is probably fine, it is the timer motor assembly you will need to replace.

  301. Washing machine will not fill up with water. Can’t turn the knob for the size load. It’s a Kenmore 500 washer.

  302. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like there is a drainage blockage. What happens after you have this issue? Is water stuck in the washer tub?

  303. I have a Hotpoint Aquarius WMA58 washing machine, several years old. Works ok generally, however it will not rinse. I’ve checked the cold water supply, seems fine and the machine uses the cold water during other parts of the cycle. When it gets to ‘Rinse and Spin’ it stops and the pre-wash light flashes. I’ve tried selecting this part of the cycle manually – same problem, It will spin separately though. Hope you can help.

  304. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with the drain pump or drain hose. Make sure it is clean and not bent or clogged. If the water is not filling after you emptied the washer with a bucket, you most likely need to reset the washer by unplugging it. Also, is your lid switch working properly? What is the model number of your Used Inglis (Whirlpool) washer?

  305. I purchased a used Inglis by whirlpool top load washer 2 months ago. I washed a full load and came back to unload the washer but it was still filled with water after completing a full wash cycle. I tried to restart the cycle and it just has a buzzing noise. I emptied most of the water out into a bucket and tried to restart it again and it’s still just buzzing. It is not filling with water. I’ve also tried resetting the motor as well. Can you help?

  306. The cold water line inside my washing machine is somewhat clogged, the water flows in very slowly. The line to the washing machine is clear.& I know there is some debris inside the machine that needs to be cleared. How do I do this? Any help/advice that you can give me will be very much appreciated.
    Thank You!

  307. I have a front load Frigidaire washing machine. Model FTF530SF0. The hot water does not work on it. I have checked the supply and hoses. What else can I look for/at? I don’t see a shut off valve on the back.

  308. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the washing machine new or used? Is it a top loader or a front loader? What is the model number?

  309. Nancy Mitchell

    I just had a washing machine installed and it fills with hot water and cold water separately but when I put the warm water control on it comes out cold. But on my last machine the water temperatures all worked.

  310. Ok thanks. I have a repair man coming out to look at it to tell me for sure what is wrong with it

  311. DIY Project Help Tips

    We cannot tell you how to bypass them for safety reasons. You could do a search for that particular procedure. We would recommend to purchase the lid magnet switch and replace it instead of bypassing it. It is there for safety and should not be bypassed.

  312. It is a top load washer and it has the magnetic latches that connect when the lid is closed. I think it maybe they went bad do you know how to bypass them so it will run with out the lid sensor?

  313. DIY Project Help Tips

    We are assuming you have a front load washer correct? If so and the washer beeps telling you the door is open even if it is shut, you may have a faulty door latch assembly. You may also have a loose wire harness or wire going from the door latch to the control board. You could try troubleshooting the issue by following the wiring to be sure it is not damaged or loose. Do you have a multimeter?

  314. I have a GE low water washer I washed clothes in it and a couple days later I tried to wash clothes and it’s not running water into the washer. It beeps like the door is open and just won’t do anything. I tried changing the settings and water temp and it just beeps like the lid is open. Do you have any suggestions?

  315. DIY Project Help Tips

    The machine must be powered on. The solenoid valve that allows water into the washer needs to have power to open and let the water in. Also, both HOT and COLD water supply must be hooked up to washer and turned on for the washing machine to correctly fill with water.

  316. I bought a Samsung washing machine but its not filling water in.
    Must the machine be on (power on), when filling water?
    Must I use both hot and water inlets? Or I can fill in with one.

  317. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have made sure the water inlet hose is not clogged and the hot and cold hoses are new, we would assume it may be an electrical issue. The solenoid that opens the water valve may be defective. Have you been able to test it with a meter?

  318. I have a older Frigidaire front load washer It’s not letting water through the water inlet removed the hose and made sure it wasn’t clogged and checked the electrical plugs of the inside of unit to insure they are plugged in securely The the hot and cold hoses were replaced last spring made sure water was going through it properly. So is it a wire harness or were the water goes into the unit? Appreciate your suggestions.

  319. DIY Project Help Tips

    If one water inlet valve was bad and it was replaced but still is not working, this most likely means a wiring issue. Check the wiring harnesses to be sure all are tight and securely in place.

  320. Hi,
    I have a Samsung top loader model no SW50USP that will not fill with water i have replaced the 2 valves as one was broken for a while but it still will not fill.
    All the lights are working on the control panel and when i start the machine it goes through all the normal thing turns tub inside to see how much washing is in the machine and finally get to the fill part and nothing happens, after a minute or so it just beeps and stops trying.
    I guess it maybe the control panel but do not know, please help as i don’t want to pay for a call out and find its better to buy a new one ;-(
    Thanks in advance :-)

  321. DIY Project Help Tips

    We are assuming it is a top load washer… The pressure switch may be clogged therefore not letting in enough water. There is a clear tube attached to the pressure switch. If this tube or switch is clogged or jammed it will cause your exact problem. Here is a video explaining the pressure switch.

  322. Sherry Lantrip

    I read your how to on fixing a washer not filling with water. How ever my issue is not mentioned. My washer is not filling to the full level for a full load. Please help me figure this out. I have had this washer for 13 years and it just keeps getting worse to the point where I either simply add more water or wash a smaller load which would take forever to get the laundry done. I can look at diagrams all day till I’m blue in the face. Unless I know what I am looking for. TKs in advance.

  323. Thank you so much! I had a problem with my washing machine, but I used your guidelines and fixed it.

  324. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Brian,
    If your top load GE washer will not fill with water and you have checked the pressure switch hose for clogs and there is none, the next thing would be to replace the pressure switch. Before you order a new pressure switch, we recommend to use a multimeter and check the pressure switch for continuity. Set your multimeter on Ohms and make contact with both connectors (leads) on the pressure switch. If you do not have continuity then your problem is that the pressure switch is at fault. If the pressure switch has continuity but the washer is not filling with water, just understand that the power goes from the timer, to pressure switch, and then to the water valve. Most likely the pressure switch is at fault. It may be possible that the clog is in the pressure switch itself and inspecting the inside of the pressure switch for a clog may be what you need to do. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to send us more information so we may be able to troubleshoot and assist you with your washer.

  325. hi, my ge top load washer will not fill and skip into agitator mode. i can switch to quick rinse or drain and spin, but it will not fill with water or spin and gets stuck on drain mode. i check the switch pressure tube and its clean. do i need to replace the switch pressure? i bought my washer in 2008. thanks

  326. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Amy,
    The valve you have that supplies both hot and cold water to your washer has a shutoff valve handle in the center. You should be able to simply move the small lever to turn water on or off. You may have the cold water supply closed. If the image link you sent us is the same as the one you have, get a flat tipped screwdriver and turn the screw on the right side to the left or counter clockwise. (hot water is left side, cold water is right side) That should open the cold water valve. Once you open the cold water valve, test the washer on cold and you should be good to go!

  327. Hello,

    I just moved into my home. I had a brand new washer delivered at which time they installed it using brand new hoses. The washer is a Whirlpool HE top loader. The problem I am having is only hot water flows into the washer, I can get zero cold water. Even if I turn the knobs to cold water wash, I still get hot water, even during the rinse cycle. The water shutoff on the wall is a duo-cloz pressure reducing valve (see link with photo). I am not familiar with this type of valve, as I have only used the shutoff levers or knobs that isolates the hot and cold separately. My question is, is this simply a matter of opening the tap on the cold side? And if so, how would I do that with this type of valve that has the joy stick in the middle? Are those silver screws on the front used to increase or decrease flow separately? Thank you!


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