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How To Setup KODI (XBMC) On Android – TV Box – Phone – Tablet

If you have an Android device and you are looking to install XBMC/KODI on it, the info you need is below. It is recommended to buy an Android TV Box that will hook to your TV to fully enjoy XBMC. These entertainment boxes are available on Amazon and they come pre-installed with XBMC and all the video add-ons you are seeking. If you are looking to install XBMC on any Android device, see below for step-by-step instructions and videos.

The http you need to type into XBMC to get tons of Video Add-ons are:
http://i.totalxbmc.tv or http://fusion.tvaddons.ag or http://fusion.xbmchub.com

how to setup xbmc on any android device


1: Enabling Installation On Your Android Device
XBMC is NOW available through the Google Play Store. You can now get KODI (XBMC) on the Google Play store here: KODI for Android on Google Play. If you wish to get KODI elsewhere… to be able to install apps on Android that do not originate from the Google Play Store, you will have to do some steps to allow this. If you downloaded KODI from the Google Play Store, skip to step 4 and install the VIDEO ADDONS…

Enable step 1: First locate the settings menu on your Android device and search for the “security” menu.
Enable step 2: Now enable “Unknown sources” option. This will allow you to directly install XBMC as easy as you would install it from Play Store.

2: Download XBMC On Your Android
Download XBMC for Android from online servers. You can now get KODI (XBMC) on the Google Play store here: KODI for Android on Google Play. Official stable builds can be found here: http://kodi.tv/download/ You need to either select the ARM or x86 version depending on your hardware.

Download step 1: Load up http://kodi.tv/download/ in your Android web browser. Most users will want to use the ARM link, unless you have an Intel or AMD CPU. You may get a warning trying to download the file depending on which browser you use. You should say “OK” to actually download it.
Download step 2: Wait for the “.apk” to download.

3: Install XBMC On Your Android
Installing the XBMC app package is as simple as just finding the .apk you just downloaded and opening it up. You can select it with file explorer.

Install step 1: After selecting the XBMC apk file you might be asked to select something to open it with. “Package installer” or some similar option will be what you want.
Install step 2: You will get another confirmation screen where you will need to select “install”.
Install step 3: Wait for the installation to complete.
Install step 4: You’ve now installed XBMC for Android.

First run: The first time you run XBMC it will take slightly longer than normal in order to finish some final install steps. When it is done XBMC will open. Once started you are on XBMC home menu just like on any other platform. Now you want to add video add-ons to be able to watch new and classic adult movies and Live TV.

How to install the Best XBMC Plugins Video Add-ons and Repositories

4: Install Video Add-ons XBMC:
Add-ons are certain packages that add features not normally included with XBMC. Add-ons are developed by people on Team XBMC and third-parties.

Add-on step 1: Select Get Add-ons
Add-on step 2: Select the repository you want to install from.
Add-on step 3: Select the add-on category, in this case choose VIDEO.
Add-on step 4: Select the add-on you want to install.
Add-on step 5: A summary dialog will be brought up allowing you to see various properties of the add-on. Select “Install” to begin automatic downloading and installation.
Add-on step 6: Once installed go to the video add-on and start streaming movies!

If you know an easier way to install XBMC KODI on any Android device, please leave a comment below to assist others.

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31 thoughts on “How To Setup KODI (XBMC) On Android – TV Box – Phone – Tablet”

  1. Allen - The DIY Project Help Guy

    Jack Adams,
    When you say to RESET your XBMC boxes, what exactly do you want to reset?
    Do you mean to delete KODI or?
    Are your XBMC boxes using wireless or ethernet?
    If nothing is streaming, you need to check to be sure you have an internet connection.

  2. I just found your site. I have several XBMC boxes with Kodi fully loaded from Amazon. None of the streamers seem to be working anymore. How do I reset the boxes. I have a strong 56 download and 26 upload signal with Ethernet connection but cannot open any live TV channels. I used to get all the major channels.

  3. I recently download Kodi on my Android.
    Everytime I try to download an add-on, it keeps saying “cannot connect” why is that?
    I enter the add-on exactly as I see on videos but still saying the same thing.

  4. Thanks RR for replying to my question (however long it was, lol). And sorry for taking so long to respond. I always reset the Kindle to factory settings but each time I reinstall Kodi (download a fresh version) here comes these same ads from Android Application and Amazon cluttering up my device. I just hate seeing them. I have even clear cache data and when I install Kodi again they come back. Someone tell me it just propbably things that come with my device. I just don’t bother with them anymore and just go ahead and install the add-ons that are stable. Thank you again for responding

  5. DIY Project Help Tips

    Factory Reset your Kindle Fire.
    Reinstall the basic KODI version and only install extra add-ons you know are working and stable.

  6. I have a Kindle Fire from Amazon that I am once again trying to add KODI.
    It’s a 5th generation.
    I install kodi jarvis 16 on it without a problem but try to install another source and it did not install.
    Since it was just there and add a lot of things listed but not the zip file i decide to uninstall kodi and tried to reinstall it but had problems doing so.
    I downloaded v17 krypton and install the ares wizard first and then went on to install fusion echo phoenix, etc.
    They all install until i tried schism.
    Same thing happen where no zip file was there but it dump a whole lot of things on my device.
    I didn’t like that so I decide to do a fresh install.
    I tried 3 different ways and none work.
    I said this because when they are going over to show that nothing is on kodi on mine in the add-ons was Categories on top with a list under it with my add-ons, available updates, recently updated, etc.
    When I press my add-ons it has a long list of things and so is with all the other listing under Categories.
    Under that was Android apps with a list included Appstore, Kindle store, Downloads Alexa, Amazon Freetime, etc.
    I do not remember seeing all this info when I first did it.
    When you first hit Settings and there is a Profile directory and Add Source, in the Profile directory is a whole list of things.
    This all happen when I did the Fresh Start and each time I uninstall and reinstall it’s there.
    My question is why does it suddenly have all this on my Kindle now.
    Is it suppose to be there?
    And how do I get rid of them.
    I have also re-downloaded Kodi both versions and both are the same.

  7. DIY Project Help Tips

    Reset the device to factory settings and do it over again but press YES for ADD-ON’s.

  8. Installing XBMC KODI, I panicked and clicked ‘no’ while during setup it asked about add ons and mentioned third parties, now none of my add ons will work, how do I correct this? I cannot find an option to anywhere. Thank you.

  9. I have a Kodi box running on Android. We have the gaming add on so we have thousands of games from every system that we can now play using a wireless controller. I started playing an old MAME game called Megazone…. but I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to enable input cheats on this OS. I know you can on a computer but don’t know how or if it has the ability to using android. Can anyone help me with this?

  10. I am trying to get the WIFI working but nothing is working. The only solution I have not tried yet is what I mentioned above but I cant proceed because my box isn’t rooted. Can anyone just send me to a link that shows me how to do this not a generic forum?

  11. Hi I have a DROIBOX MXQ Android version 4.4.2

    My WiFi was working fine but now it isn’t for some reason. I read online that I have to basically delete a file called wpa_supplicant.conf’

    I DL Root Explorer to a USB Stick then installed it on my Android box but when I clicked on the DATA file (Which is the first of three I need to go through to get to the file above) it says that My Android device is not rooted. How do I root the box. Its been pretty unclear so far from what I have searched for. Any help would be appreciated.

    Obviously If you can fix the wifi issue without the above steps that would be easier :)

  12. Thanks a lot for the information.
    Few months ago, I downloaded Kodi and reprogrammed my TV box as your instruction. It is working well. But currently, those movie links like Phoenix, ice film, one channel,.. are not stable. When I try to play the movies lay out. It always say : ” UNABLE TO LOCATE LINKS “, ”UNPLAYABLE STREAM” ,…Turn out all the movies are not playable. Is there any way to make them work again or it has to be reprogrammed ?
    My TV box is a MBX model, Android version 4.2.2
    Thanks a lot

  13. DIY Project Help Tips

    Which Android box do you have? If after installing the video add-ons you had an access issue, it may be possible that one of them caused the issue. If you cannot install anything after a factory reset, go to the website of the manufacturer of who built it and look in the support pages for help.

  14. Why does my box now say can’t connect to server I have installed a number of builds (BEAST, SPARTON, POWER AND FUSION) but now I can’t get any of them? I’m back to factory settings and can’t install anything can anyone help?

  15. DIY Project Help Tips

    Murisha Walker,
    When you are using your MXQ Kodi box, at what point does it say to connect the charger? Is your box equipped with a lithium battery? Is it plugged in? Are you in the Kodi screen when this appears or are you in the first Android screen when the MXQ box first starts?

  16. I have an MXQ Kodi box, my issue is I keep seeing “connect the charger” I’ve look on YouTube to see how can I resolve the issue they gave me a code but it don’t work. Can someone please help me?

  17. DIY Project Help Tips

    What version of Android are you running? Do you still have the Cyclone box or did you get another box? Please let us know what type of Android box you have now and what version of Android you are using.

  18. I am having the same problem as Keith with my android cyclone X2 box there is no drop down box on the settings menu containing SECURITY so I am unable to download any add-ons as all the downloads require the security setting. I returned the box to factory default as previously all the films were freezing.

  19. The android to box is an MXQ and model number is s805_rt8189es
    The version is 4.4.2
    Would I reinstall from google play?? When I was going to uninstall is, a message appeared advising that Kodi was not originally downloaded from there.

  20. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us the exact Android TV box you purchased? The name and model number will help us assist you. What version of Android is installed on your TV media box? You can try to uninstall KODI and then reinstall…

  21. I have recently purchased an Android TV box. At first Kodi wouldn’t open, so I have changed the security settings as I have seen above.
    I have tried again to open Kodi however it gives me a blank screen as if the app is loading and then goes back to the “my apps” screen. Is there something I am doing wrong or a way to uninstall and reinstall the app??

  22. DIY Project Help Tips

    1: Open the Settings app on your Android device, and scroll all the way down to Security and tap on it.
    2: Look for an option named ‘Device administrators’ or ‘All device administrators’, and tap it once.
    3: You should now be seeing all the administrators listed with their name. Notice the check marks next to the names? These are the administrators that have been enabled.

    You can use the ‘Hidden Device Admin Detector’ from Trend Micro as a last resort.

    1: Download and install ‘Hidden Device Admin Detector’ from the Play Store.
    2: Run the app, and simply hit the big ‘Click here to Scan’ button that is placed dead right in the center.
    3: Let the scan run its course. It may take a few minutes depending on the number of device administrators found. Uncheck the ones you wish to disable.
    4: Confirm the changes.

  23. The box I have is a MX box. Click on the SETTING of it. It shows the proper menu as your description. When I click on the part SECURITY. It did show up the ALLOW UNKNOWN DEVICES. So box I is successful to be set up.
    The box II is a My-Gica, The android version is 4.1.2 . On the model number it said MX ENJOY TV BOX.
    When I click on the SETTINGS of box II. It also showed up pretty much the same menus as box I. Only that It didn’t have the part SECURITY exist. I tried to click on MORE SETTINGS then it shows: VPN, PORTABLE HOTSPOT, and MOBILE NETWORKS.
    I can not find the part SECURITY and ALLOW UNKNOWN DEVICES at all.
    I go to the RESET portion and reset it to MANUFACTURE DEFAULT. Then after the system get BACK UP. I check on the APP INSTALLER. The local disc showing empty. So when I download the Kodi. And double check on the download app. It said DOWNLOAD COMPLETED BUT CAN’T BE PARSING.
    That’s all I tried on box II. But not successful.
    Please provide me more instruction (or how) if updating the android version will work out.
    Thanks again

  24. DIY Project Help Tips

    What version of Android are you using on “box 2”? Try updating the Android version to the latest or the same as box 1. Do the menus look the same or is the proper menu just not showing up on box 2?

  25. Thank you very much for your reply.
    I mentioned earlier that I can find the SECURITY on the setting of ONE of my TV box and that I can get the ALLOW UNKNOWN DEVICES, so that box can be successfully downloaded Kodi on it.
    But on the setting of THE OTHER, let’s name it box II, there is no SECURITY exist at all on box II. Therefore I am not able to get ALLOW UNKNOWN DEVICES on box II and failed to download the Kodi on this box. What can I do in this case? Or how can I get the part SECURITY?
    Thanks again for your attention.

  26. DIY Project Help Tips

    Go into the settings and set it to ALLOW UNKNOWN DEVICES. That is what needs to be set so it allows the APP to be installed. Try re-downloading KODI and try again after you have the settings correct.

  27. I have 2 android tv boxes at home. Your detail instructions are really helpful for me to successfully set up and install the Kodi on one of them. But there is an issue occurred on the other box. On the SETTING menu of this box, there are all the items show up but the “SECURITY”. Therefore I am not able to enable the “Unknown source”. After downloading the XBMC and open the download app. It said “This download can’t be parsing”. For this reason the XBMC can’t be set up successfully. Please help and advise how I can get this “SECURITY” menu show up or what I can do to make it downloading successfully in the case like this. Thanks for your attention.

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