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How To Fix A Broken Flat Screen LCD LED TV With Lines or Cracks

If you have a broken LCD LED TV Screen that has any type of damage such as lines running vertically, spots or patches, cracks or breaks, this page will give you tips to get it fixed. Many TV’s nowadays (Plasma, LCD, LED) are large and delicate.

If a large flat screen TV is not attached to a wall, it has a higher chance of falling over and cracking the screen. If your flat screen LCD TV has fallen over, most likely the screen has taken a hit. See below for some ways to possibly fix this without having to buy a NEW TV.

How To Fix A Broken Flat Screen LCD LED Plasma TV

If your TV does not have a cracked screen and the problem has just appeared on its own, you may be able to fall back on the TV manufacturers warranty. If your TV screen has developed spots, vertical lines, small dots, unusually bright pixels, fading, distorted shading, or color issues, you may be able to use the warranty.

To make contacting your TV manufacturer easier, we have included links to most TV manufacturers below. Be sure to have your purchase receipt, and take note of the model number and serial number on the back of your TV.

TV brand links for warranty claims listed by popularity: Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Insignia, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Magnavox, Sanyo, and Emerson. These links will help you to contact the manufacturer to file a warranty claim. If the TV has a been cracked or a hit to the screen has caused colorful vertical lines, then this is something that has happened from physical damage and is not covered under warranty.

If your flat screen TV has the dreaded vertical lines, half of the screen has turned darker, the screen is cracked, or the screen is broken, this can be repaired but may cost more than you paid for the complete TV. If your screen is cracked or broken, you can try replacing the Screen, LCD, Plasma, or LED part. On some flat screen TVs there is a glass panel on top of the actual screen. You need to determine which is broken before you attempt to order parts.

Repairing a Broken Flat Screen TV
If you are going to be repairing a flat screen TV there are certain problems you may encounter. The most likely issues on broken TV’s will be a cracked screen, picture lines or black spots, or image distortion problems. If the damage to the screen has NOT gone past the screen, and has NOT gone into the LCD, LED, or Plasma behind the screen, then fixing the flat screen TV is going to be possible if you get the parts you need cheap.

If your TV screen is severely cracked and the damage has penetrated beyond that, then it is deep enough to have damaged the LCD, LED or Plasma. If this is your case, then it may cost more to repair your TV than to replace it.

There may be some LCD LED PLASMA TV repair shops near you that can answer some questions for you. Some flat screen repair shops do not repair broken screens as the cost is not worth it. They will however replace different internal parts in the TV that may have failed. These failed parts in the TV may have caused the TV to not display the screen correctly, ghosting, or a screen that is not turning on.

lcd tv parts identification

If the screen is not broken but the screen does not come on but your warranty is no longer valid, here are some things you can do. One single part has probably failed in your flat screen TV. There are many circuit boards and wiring harnesses inside your flat panel TV. Some of the parts in an LCD or LED TV are power supplies, t-con boards, capacitors, inverters, controller boards, IR sensors, signal inputs, and more.

One of the best places to purchase TV replacement screens is on eBay. If you need parts like control circuit boards and wire harnesses, useful parts online has LED, LCD, and Plasma TV replacement parts at good prices.

led lcd tv partsCheap TV replacement parts are available to fix your TV.
If you need a main board, T-CON, LED driver, or signal input board.

One of the parts may have failed in your TV therefore causing the screen to not turn on. Determining which part that may be bad inside your TV may be difficult. It can be done but is not recommended if you have no knowledge of using a multimeter or have no electronic repair experience. However if this is your situation, you can take the TV to a repair shop and they can troubleshoot the issue for you.

Have them tell you the part that has gone bad, pay them the $40 or so bucks it cost to troubleshoot, and go home and buy the part online yourself. This will save you money and your TV should work like new.

If your TV is NOT fixable, most people take out the circuit boards and part them out. Selling the audio and video components in your broken TV may be the only way to try and recoup the cost of the value of your TV. This is not recommended as some used TV parts are not worth very much. If you do decide to remove the parts, you could try selling them on eBay.

To see how to take apart and repair a flat screen TV or monitor, there are a few videos below which can guide you in the right direction. Be careful when taking apart a television as power may still be stored in some of the parts which can cause electrocution.

LED TV Repair Tutorial – Common Symptoms & Solutions

LED LCD TV FIX, How To For Double Image, Black Vertical Lines, Screen Problem

LCD TV fix: bad picture screen rainbow colors

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If you have some advice to repair a broken flat screen TV or monitor, please help out our other readers with the same TV problems and leave a comment or a helpful tip below.

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  1. I have a 55 inch samsung smart tv , going thru setup the picture is fine . When changing to all inputs the right side of the screen has a great pic but no color. I’ve changed the Tcon board , same picture . The picture is great just black and white picture on the right side of screen . Any advice would be appreciated .

  2. Saikrishna Manchikanti

    i am having Samsung UN40JU640DFXZA,
    motherboard damaged, any idea where we can get the motherboard of Samsung UN40JU640DFXZA TV in india ?

  3. Patricia Ingram

    I just bought a 70 inc skyworth smart tv two weeks ago and already cracked the screen. The top half of the screen is lined but the bottom is perfect. The crack is in the upper right hand side in the corner. Any idea of what I may need to replace just by what I have told you so far? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  4. Hi my son threw something at my 65 inch tv and now it has lines from top to bottom I can still see a picture on both sides of the tv it just black in one stop with the lines. Can you help me please.

  5. Hello, My son threw a plastic toy at my tv it hit the bottom now I have a small white circle with a few short lines coming from it at the bottom of my tv, my screen is now black with no picture at all but I can still hear ok, What would I need to have repaired to bring back my picture.

  6. Suedania Evans

    Hi I have a LC-80LE844U
    80″ SHARP AQUOS QUATTRON 3D L serial#206819501 hit screen by mistake and I’m told it’s a broken screen, having trouble finding someone to fix it! Help!!! trying not to throw it away!

  7. Donna Bonenfant

    I have a Samsung 60 inch flat screen model##LN46B65068F S/N# AUHR3CP5400327N it was working then all of a sudden it got a line straight across the middle of the screen and then there was no picture can u tell me why and what might be wrong with it please and thank you

  8. I have a Samsung broken screen TV size 40 inches with model number UN 40 J5200 AF.
    Can I get a place to in Nigeria for a replacement?

  9. Prabhakar reddy

    I got Panasonic smart viera e60 series tv model 42 inches.
    My problem is getting black lines horizontal running halfway to the screen.

  10. Alfred shepherd

    Gm I have a proscan plcd3717A tv. It comes on for a while and shut off. 37 LCD tv at school tuner. S/n a1212089790001040. I changed the power supply board. But still doing the same thing. Should I change the main board then.

  11. I have a Samsung UN40JU640DFXZA.
    It was in storage.
    Once I installed the TV on the wall I noticed the left side of the screen looked as if someone or something pushed too hard!
    The tv has vertical lines and a strong blemish in the lower left hand corner.
    Is the tv ruined now or is there a part I can purchase?

  12. Hi my 40inch LCD TV comes on on standby then I press the button and the light turns blue. There is no pic or lights on the screen and also no sound. Model no,m40/57g-GB-ftcu-UK. Product code ,um40d57bftcug107, serial no, 105571 03650. Thanks

  13. I was watching a show and i accidentally threw my phone at my tv and now there’s lines on the screen but the screen isn’t cracked. Can anyone help me out?

  14. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-50W800B with a cracked screen. I understand LG makes these screens but I cannot locate a replacement. Does anyone know where I can get a new screen.

  15. I have a SamsungLN46C 650. Over the last year the HDMI ports have loosened & caused vert lines. I corrected this by slightly adjusting them each one eventually quit working. Now none work so i have no signal. I want to solder these back and have experience soldering. The tv is 6 years old. Good idea to try to repair this myself?

  16. My LED TV question is a bit different than all of these but it’s as interesting and when i gogvled my problem this is all that came up…so you are it!
    I have a Vizio m260va.
    Man.date 5/10.
    The tv works perfectly fine and i watch it almost constantly.
    Today i am cleaning it gently and the whole tv is making all these creaking cracking noises and it’s just loosey goosey on one side of the frame.
    It looks like it’s bowing out and pulling away from the screen.
    I am worried that in and of itself will eventually crack the screen. Any thoughts on how to fix this.
    I love the tv.
    And why arent thing built to last these days?

  17. Tomika Jackson

    I just bought a 60′ Sony tv and I accidentally hit the screen while trying to attempt to move it, the screen shattered and it’s not covered under the warranty. Can anyone fix it?

  18. I accidentally hit my LED Hisense 40″ TV screen with a plug and there’s a black spot and lines but there’s pictures but I want to fix it.
    Where can I get new screen?

  19. Johannes lirunga

    My Samsung 32 inch model LA32d403E2 is showing yellow screen and cracks line.
    Not showing pictures but sound is there.

  20. How to fix Plasma TV with rainbow color red, bleak blue, green dots…. On my 50 inches plasma TV?

  21. I accidentally hit my 32 inch LG 32LF550D TV today and it looks like the internal screen is broken.
    No damage to the outside at all.
    I have vertical lines on half the screen and the broken glass effect in the corner.
    I called to a repair workshop and they told me to change the complete screen.
    The screen cost is same as the TV cost.

  22. Oh no. My husband just forked out $600 on a new TV and we were all so excited. We’ve had it for 2 weeks but my son with autism just threw something at the TV while having a tantrum and now we only see half the screen and it looks all cracked. Devastated. We will try to be creative and fix it.

  23. I have a 50″ Samsung TV UN50J6200AF.
    I purchased two t-com replaced them two times (both new), but nothing changes.
    Changed the control board with all the inputs, but not the power board and still nothing.
    I figure if I have sound and backlight and it turns on and off, the power supply would be good.
    I have sound connected to my laptop with HDMI cable, no sound by itself without the HDMI input.
    I have back light, I have remote on and off.
    No picture or tv stations nor will it let even noise come through when I change the source by stepping through it, I tried to look at the screen for letters, but do not see any.
    One other thing when I plug in the power cord, the backlight comes on, the t-com have little blue lights on so basically it come on in the “on mode”.
    Cables seem to be fine, as well as connections.
    The only thing to replace is the electronics that go all around the monitor.

  24. I bought a lg 50LN5100-ub a few years ago. My son threw a soft toy at it and it looks like the outside screen is busted but it’s not it’s all on the inside. I was wondering if i could send you a picture of it and tell me what it might be so I can fix it. I was doing some research and it says that it’s probably the t-con board but I want to get another opinion before I buy one.

  25. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes a 24 inch Vizio that has a busted screen should simply be replaced…. sell it on an online classified website and maybe you can get some money for the other parts that are still working.
    Here is a 24″ inch Vizio TV for around $178.00 US Dollars and a few other 24 inch TV’s that are inexpensive.

  26. I have a 24″ in Vizio TV, it fell off my stand and now has the black vertical lines.
    I can see the picture behind them.
    There’s only one black spot in the middle… should I just buy a new TV?

  27. I had purchased model TCL led 43 d2930 43 inches led tv before 6 month under warranty it’s screen broke.
    The outside display… total loss where I can purchase screen for reasonable price?

  28. I have the exact same problem with my Samsung 60 inch UN60J6200AFXZA set which is barely 6 months old. It took a slight bump to the front screen, didn’t leave any visible damage to the outside, but supposedly cracked the internal portion causing vertical colored lines and missing images.

  29. I have an Emerson LF501EM5F 50″ Class 1080p LED HDTV and am looking for a screen replacement for it. It is the front screen that needs to be replaced and I can not find one any where. Does anyone know where I can get on and about how much they are.

  30. I have Samsung UA40F5000 TV. It got an issue of lines on the left side of panel.
    I was told that the panel is shot and that’s why the lines are occurring.
    An it has been less than three years of purchasing that TV.
    Now can you suggest me if I can get it repair (at which cost) or I have only the way to buy a panel.

  31. Can a screen be fixed if it’s broke on the inside but no breaks or cracks on the outside … dunno how to upload a picture to show what’s happened … x

  32. I had purchased 48 inches led tv before 6 month under warranty it’s screen broke.
    The outside display… total loss where I can purchase screen for reasonable price?

  33. I transported my 43 inch vizio flat screen TV and now I have no picture and I faint line running a curvy diagonal across the screen. It also has some blue and red colors by the line. TV was wrapped in blankets while transported. Model # E43-X2 Serial # LWZ2SEAR0510795

  34. DIY Project Help Tips

    Brian Spielman,
    Your Samsung Plasma TV may have a bad board.
    Try the easiest thing and unplug the TV for 10 minutes.
    Did that reset anything?
    If not let us know and we can assist in finding you the correct circuit board to fix your Samsung TV.

  35. 50 inch Samsung plasma display TV, model # pn43D450A2D, model code:PN43D450A2DXZA, S/N Z2Z43CQBB24326D.
    The power light comes on but nothing on the screen or sound!

  36. I have Samsung LED 5003 series (39inch) LED TV.
    Bought from Singapore 4 years back.
    The colour of the screen has now become very dull (cloudy).
    Where can I solve the problem and if how much will be the cost of repair?

  37. DIY Project Help Tips

    A repair kit will not fix the internal cracked screen.
    You will need a complete new screen to fix your 60″ TV.

  38. I accidentally hit my 60 inch TV today and it looks like the internal screen is broken, no damage to the outside at all, I have vertical lines on half the screen and the broken glass effect in the corner, if I was to buy a repair kit from amazon or ebay, will this work? I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  39. I have a Sanyo TV 50″ LCD.
    It has a green vertical line about 10″ wide on the right side.
    How can I fix it?

  40. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the screen on your Sony TV cracked?
    What did the service company replace, the power board?
    What is the TV doing now?
    Is the red light still blinking 6 times and NO PICTURE?

  41. I have a TV SONY KDL 47W850A it got defected and and TV is not going ON.
    As soon I start it a red light blinks 6 times and then picture is blanks.
    I have complained service center they told me its power supply has problem and they replace it, after taking it to my house next day it has same problem.
    Now they are saying it is panel problem and it needs replacement.
    I am unable to understand whether their service engineers are capable enough to understand the problem.
    If there was panel problem then why they change the power supply, and what a company Sony is.
    Sony has costliest product in market and that much of poor quality.
    I am still confused what should i do.

  42. I have a Upstar TV p40ea8 the picture has shifted down halfway the screen, not sure how to fix this.
    I have checked all the settings.

  43. I have a Sony KDL-32BX310, has no picture or sound. Power light turns from red to green when powered up (no flash codes). Screen shows dim backlight, goes off for about 2 seconds then back on to the dim backlight. I have tried several audio and video inputs. No on screen menus showing. I checked several power inputs from supply to main board, several showing, tough with no schematic. Changed the main board with a used part (supposed to be good??), thinking this is the only component that could prevent audio and video. Possible power supply? I checked your site for boards for this TV and not available at this time. I read the eprom has to be flashed with board change (I installed the exact same part number) so I don’t see why a flash is needed.

  44. Have 32″ Philips LCD TV. Was watching it while it was sitting on the carpeted floor and it got knocked forward. It didn’t hit hard, the picture is still perfect but now it is only Black and White (no color). I hooked up another TV to the source and it’s color.

  45. I was moving My Sony 48 inch Flat screen to another room. My knee was against the screen. When i turned it on there was a rainbow coloring area where it had been touching my knee.
    I may have put pressure on it while setting it down. Is the Sony flat screen TV Fixable?

  46. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try eBay or an online classified goods website for a replacement screen or a TV the same as yours with another issue.
    Many times a person will sell their TV when it has other issues and you can use that TV for parts, such as the screen.
    It may make more financial sense to purchase a new TV as finding that exact Coby 31.5″ screen may be difficult and if found, expensive.

  47. I have an LED TV COBY 31.5″ and its screen is broken, I do not know where can I get the screen.
    I am in South Western Township (JOHANNESBURG) South Africa.
    The nearest place to find is SCREENVISION and unfortunately they don’t know COBY TV, also don’t have screens of that size.

  48. How and where can one get this model of Samsung screen and how much is the cost? LA32D403E2

  49. I have here two Samsung LCD 32 inch model LA32D403E2 that has tiny horizontal lines but the second one will show very well for about five to ten minutes and start pouring white dews on the screen.

  50. DIY Project Help Tips

    A Samsung UHD TV 40 Inch replacement screen is possibly available on eBay. There are usually broken Samsung TVs selling that have other issues besides the screen. Buy one of the same TVs that you have that has a different issue. Then make one good TV out of the 2. Here is a link to some broken Samsung TVs that are selling in eBay.

  51. Samsung UHDTV 40 INCHES with model code UE 40JU 6400 KXZT. I have a broken screen. Can I get the replacement screen on the ebay? How much is the cost?
    I MAY ALSO NEED THE GUIDING VIDEO to effect the replacement.

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    M Senthilkumar,
    Find a new TV.
    If you are going to have to spend the same amount to fix your Samsung 32 inch, you can buy a brand new one (probably a bigger TV as prices are going down) or find parts online or locally.
    Some websites sell cheap NON OEM screens that may work for you for replacement.

  53. M Senthilkumar

    My Samsung 32 inch LED Television has fallen from my desk and now the screen is cracked and has lines. It looks like the above first photo. I called to a repair workshop and they told me to change the complete screen. The screen cost is same as the TV cost. So kindly help me how to fix it?

  54. I have a Samsung LED TV Model# UE55D7000LSXXN and all of sudden appeared vertical lines on the right side of the screen. Do you think that I have issues with the T-CON board, can I just replace it?

  55. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sell it on CraigsList.
    Someone may need the base, or frame, or a circuit board, or the remote…
    Check what a broken 55 inch Samsung TV is going for on CL in your area, and bump your price up by 10%.

  56. I CRACKED MY SAMSUNG LCD 55″ SCREEN. I KNOW IS NOT worth IT to fix it…
    BUT can i some how SELL IT? and for how much?….

  57. DIY Project Help Tips

    The inner screen of your Samsung 60 inch is most likely damaged and will need to be replaced. And yes it will most likely cost more to replace the screen than get a new TV.

  58. My two year old threw a toy at our 60 inch Samsung LCD tv. We have sound but no picture. There is no visible external damage, but where it was hit there are thin vertical rainbow stripes about 4 inches tall and wide. Trash? Thanks for any help you can provide.

  59. DIY Project Help Tips

    The screen may not be cracked but by pushing it in with a butter knife, it is now indented and damaged.
    Replace the screen with a cheap replacement or have an estimate by calling a local TV screen repair service.

  60. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Sharp TV would not turn on, so you did a factory reset. Was there any issues before the factory reset?
    The screen is not damaged or indented? Check with a flashlight and look at the screen from an angle to be sure.

  61. I have a Sharp Aquos LC-32LE. The unit would not switch on today, so I did a factory reset.
    When the reset completed, the screen is largely black, but with a dozen or so coloured vertical lines.
    There is also what looks like a star-shaped puncture, with irregular sliver lines radiating out from it.
    It looks just like someone shot a hole through the glass. However, there is no physical damage at all – the screen is intact, and it hasn’t been hit by anything.
    Any thoughts as to what the fault might be, and whether a repair would be an economic proposition ?

  62. I have a jvc lcd tv my daughter stuck a butter knife between the black plastic edge and the tv screen and bow there is a black spot where the knife was and a small thin horizontal white lone and a little thicker vertical pinkish line the screen is not cracked just black spot and lines how can I fix this?

  63. newbie to electronics

    The glass flexed but it did not break. Just the black behind split apart. Near an upper corner so I guess it got support.

  64. DIY Project Help Tips

    Newbie TO Electronics,
    Try to find a replacement for the black backing.
    If the screen was punched, how can the screen not be cracked?

  65. Prashant gupta

    My micromax 50 inch model no-50B0200fhd full hd..screen is break? If i want to repair it..how much actual cost is new screen?

  66. newbie to electronics

    I got Panasonic LCD TV Model# TC-L32XM6

    You missed the biggest reason of TV damage…somebody punching the screen excited over a football game

    The front glass is not cracked but the black backing did the spider web thing.
    Can I fix that? I have other TV screens with a good black or silver backing from other TV’s models…
    I was thinking I could just remove the Panasonic screen and backing and replace it with a different screen cut to size?
    Or is that even possible?

    I have done component repair on a separate flat screen (LG) as many caps blew out, so I am not all thumbs.

    I did not know about the fuse thing as I have 2 other TV’s (some people collect rocks); I collect TV’s though I want to use this Panasonic TV as my computer monitor.

    Basically I repair cars and appliances. for 30+ years so just learning about this stuff.
    The screen lights up just fine so I figure it is just the black backing film(whatever it is called) that is the problem.

  67. The horizontal lines are alternating green and purple.
    The vertical is more like shading not actual lines.
    The screen freezes for about 2 seconds every 2 – 3 seconds. The audio is ok when the picture freezes. The audio stays in sync with the picture when it unfreezes.
    There were no obvious popped caps but I will take a closer look.

  68. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mike Canon,
    What color are the horizontal lines on your Vizio TV? You said light but what color?
    Also, you have a vertical grid showing on the screen?
    When the picture freezes, how long does it happen and how often does the pic freeze up?
    Sound is always OK when the pic freezes?

    If the screen is NOT damaged, you most likely have a bad board, could be t-con or other.
    You will need to do some further troubleshooting to be sure.
    Check the boards for popped caps as this is a common reason for lines on a TV screen.

  69. I have a Vizio M3D550KD LED TV that is less then 2 years old and I am getting light horizontal lines with a vertical grid. At the same time the picture will freeze for a second and the sound is good. When I first power up the TV the picture is almost normal for around 30 seconds. I removed the back and reseated the cables and it didn’t help. Any ideas?

  70. My smart TV got hit with a metal broom handle now has a crack and horizontal lines and bottom 3 quarters are colors and black and white.

  71. Has the screen been hit? – No, the line just appeared, the TV has not been hit, knocked over or suffered any physical damage.
    I best as I can tell the line does shrink with the picture.

  72. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jessica Armenta,
    If the Samsung TV screen was hit with a wood stick, then it is cracked and the only solutions are to buy a replacement screen or a new TV. Figure out which is cheaper and go that route.

  73. Jessica Armenta

    I have a Samsung Smart Tv it has recently been hit with a wood stick there is lines going through it and a black part how do I repair it ?

  74. Has the screen been hit? – No, the line just appeared, the TV has not been hit, knocked over or suffered any physical damage.
    I best as I can tell the line does shrink with the picture.

  75. DIY Project Help Tips

    Zarbat Rostamkhel,
    If the screen is actually cracked on your Sony 32 inch TV, you will need to replace it. You can search online for a SONY replacement screen and you may find one cheap enough to justify fixing your broken Sony TV.

  76. DIY Project Help Tips

    Has the TV recently been hit or made contact with something? Any indentations on the screen or visible cracks? When you switch your Samsung 8000 55inch TV from Normal mode view to 4:3 does the colored horizontal line shrink with the picture? Please explain in detail and we can point you in the right direction if you may need a new board, etc.

  77. I have a Samsung 8000 series 55″ LED TV and it’s about 7 years old. Recently it has developed a horizontal light colored line that runs from left to right. The further to the right the fainter it gets and at the last 10″ or so the screen is normal and no line is visible. The line on the left has some minor color in and seems to change with the picture it but is mostly white and gets fainter as it moves right. If i set the picture to 4:3 it seems to track to the picture size and is not in the black areas. Samsung Model# UN55B800XFAA

  78. Zarbat Rostamkhel

    My Sony 32 inch LED Television has fallen from my desk and now the screen is cracked and has lines. It looks like the above first photo. I called to a repair workshop and they told me to change the complete screen. The screen cost is same as the TV cost. So kindly help me how to fix it?

  79. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us if the screen has any visible cracks when the TV is either ON or OFF? Did the screen get hit? Or did the metal toy apply static to the TV and this issue resulted? Usually lines indicate a circuit board issue and large black spots on your TV screen indicate a faulty screen.

  80. DIY Project Help Tips

    Shawn Mahaney,
    Yes the outer plastic screen on your Vizio 43″ LED TV can be replaced. Find them here at ShopJimmy TV Vizio Parts and type in your model number or find your model number in the list and the parts available for your TV will be shown.

  81. I have a 43″ Vizio led TV. The plastic on the screen was scratched deeply by my daughter. It did not Crack or hurt the inner screen in anyway so just cosmetic damage. Is it possible to just replace the plastic screen?

  82. I have a Samsung UN40H5003 40-Inch (39.5″ Measured Diagonally) 1080p LED TV (2014 Model) that I purchased not over a month ago. My son touched it with a metal toy and now it’s got green lines and a huge black spot on the screen. Can this be replaced or do I have to buy a new tv?

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sadia Kousar,
    We do not directly supply any TV screens. To find a replacement screen for your Samsung TV, we suggest looking here at SHOP JIMMY FOR SAMSUNG TV PARTS. They have everything you need to fix your Samsung TV. You will need to find your model number which is located on the back of your Samsung TV. Type your model number in, or find it in the list and all parts for your Samsung TV will be available.

  84. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Gerstmann,
    If your kitty has knocked your expensive Vizio 4K 55 Inch TV off the table and the screen is shattered… You have 6 options.
    1. Buy a new replacement screen and repair it yourself.
    2. Buy a new replacement screen and hire a repair shop to fix it for you.
    3. Take the TV to a screen repair shop and see what they quote you.
    4. Buy the same broken TV on Craigslist, find one that has another issue and be sure the screen is intact. Use the other TV to make one good working TV.
    5. Call VIZIO TV Customer Support at 855-833-3221 and ask about warranty.
    6. Buy a new TV.
    Here is a place to buy parts for your VIZIO TV… Check it out to see what the price of a replacement screen will be. Enter your VIZIO model number and you will find parts for your TV.

  85. Thomas Gerstmann

    My cat jumped up and knocked my brand new TV off the table and shattered the screen, it is a 55″ 4K Vizio not even a week old, is there any way to fix this?

  86. My Samsung TV 33 inch screen has broken but i want to fix it. How much do you charge for screen?

  87. I have a Vizio m55onv 55 inch flat screen. I turned the tv on one day and the right side of tv is a little dimmer then the left side i called Vizio and talked to them and they said that the screen is broke and that it would be better to buy a new one. I still have picture on both side just a a little dimmer on right. Has anyone ever had this problem?

  88. My tv is samsung smart led tv 32″..it has cracked on its screen when it is plugged..most of the screen is dark..but you xan see a visible cracked inside..but the sound is good..what will i do?

  89. My 3yr old son threw a plastic toy into the screen of my 60inch led lcd 3d tv now theres vertical and horizontal line in the middle part where the toy hit do you think its as good as gone?

  90. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your LG TV has vertical lines that are changing colors and you heard a “popping” noise while watching the TV, then this is most likely the T-con board (Timing Control Board) has a bad cap or another board has a capacitor on it that is bad. Check to see if you can find an obvious sign of a bad cap on any board. If so, replace the cap. Also, check to be sure all ribbon cables are connected and they are not damaged. If you cannot find a popped cap, then the T-con is most likely causing your issue from what you have explained. As long as the LCD panel is not cracked or broken, then a board or bad cap is causing the issue.

    FYI – The T-CON board is the part of the LCD screen, it relays messages between the device’s processor and the display. The T-CON board synchronizes different parts of the screen with the info it gets from the processor. If the T-CON board malfunctions then the timing between parts of the board is disrupted and this leads to both horizontal and vertical lines that will display on the screen. It can also cause pixelation issues on your TV screen.


  91. I have an lg 55lv5500 LED LCD. I have power, sound and picture. However, the picture has vertical lines that are discolored over the whole screen (blacks are green, etc.). I have taken off the back and when I unplug the smaller LVD cable connected to the left of the TCon board, the picture clears but every other vertical line is black (meaning the vertical lines that are displayed when I do this appear to be the correct color). Is the LCD or the TCon board bad? Suggestions on how to further diagnose the problem? While I wasn’t present, my wife who was watching at the time said she heard a “pop” when the problem originated.

  92. I really need advice and wondering to see if my TV can get repaired. My TV fell on the edge of my couch n now when its on doesn’t show picture but half black screen and colorful lines like it got hit with a dime size rock. Doesn’t show outside damage at all just only when the TV is on. I’m not around my TV now but I have all the info for it its a 50in Samsung 6500 4K Ultra HD have a picture.

  93. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mainak Bhattacharjee,
    The colored lines and horizontal and vertical lines issue with your Samsung TV could be caused by a cracked screen. If the screen is not cracked, it could be a bad inverter, bad ccfl, etc. You may also have bad capacitors on the main board. Check the main board and check the capacitors for bulging.

  94. Mainak Bhattacharjee

    We have a Samsung LED TV, now its is showing colour lines, and black lines, both in horizontal and vertical, can the screen be replace, or make it correct, need some advice!

  95. DIY Project Help Tips

    From the pictures you linked to us, we can see the screen is damaged. Need to replace. Honestly probably be cheaper and less hassle to buy a new one.

  96. Thanks for your reply, the person who was supposed to lift the TV gently had pressed with his thumb on the last third of the right corner about 30 cm from right edge, which had resulted defective black triangle in that area, then from edges of the triangle vertical and horizontal lines appeared just as shown in the links below: Am not sure if this damage is fixable, if it can you please guide me to.

  97. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the TV was pressed down on hard, something behind the screen (board, hardware) has made contact with the screen or the screen may have been cracked, or “pushed in”. You will need to determine where the damage is and replace parts from that point. You can find TV replacement parts online for a decent price if you do some research.

  98. I have an LED TV – VESTEL SMART 40FA7100 40″ LED 27. During pickup from shop my friend pressed strongly on right hand side corner while TV was off. But after I switched it ON, a black area appeared on right corner with horizontal and vertical black/colored lined from right-to-bottom left and from top-to-bottom down. Now the only lines free visible area is about 2/3 of the screen while rest is covered with crossing lines. VESTEL service apologized for not covering such damage by warranty. Can this damage be fixed with minimum cost??

  99. Model number 42FL 3603d/27th have a black dot on the screen spider cracks coming from it a grey screen with then turns black with vertical lines that are rainbow colored coming from the. Dot

  100. I have philips 47inch 3d smart tv.
    My son hit the tv screen and it shows a cracked area in the middle of the tv. And now the whole tv is showing linea i cannot see anything inside but when the reciver starts i can imagine through colors that it is dtarted i cannot see anything clear.

    What should i do please help me

  101. My screen is damaged nkt from outside it doesnot look any crack at all

    This is my model noPhilips/47PFL5708|F7/47

    But when i seitch on the the tv the crack is not letting to show anything just the top area of the tv is clear with full colora but middle and bottom area are lines and also incan see the damage spot on tge left side of the tv. My child hit that spot. Plz need your assistance if u want i can share picture with u plz give me your email

  102. We have a 50 inch LG flat screen. Son knocked it off table. It comes on and has sound but no picture. Is it fixable without costing alot??

  103. I have a 65″ Seiki 4K LED tv, it’s just over a year old. It has recently developed a shadow of sorts, it is circular but seems to be attached to the bottom of the screen. Within the shadow are slight vertical lines. It is not always notable but is always there. It is most apparent when there is a dark picture, such as an underwater scene, and the contrast is quite obvious. The size is about 20″ in diameter, but does not seem to be getting bigger. Obviously out of warranty, I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix it. I have fixed computer screens, but don’t know how these bigger screens work.

  104. DIY Project Help Tips

    If screen is cracked it will need to be replaced. Check eBay for a new screen. Search craigslist for the same TV that has another issue you can get cheap and use that screen or switch components to get one working TV for less than a new TV would cost.

  105. I have Samsung model no#
    LED TV
    Son dropped power works and audio but screen looks craked internally and externally… Basically looks like example you have on this web portal… I need help?!

  106. Please, I need to replace my screen. It fail down and the screen was broken. Make is Samsung LED TV. Model: UA32EH4003R. Type no: UA32EH4003. S/n: MQQW3YDF321995N. Where can I get the screen and at what cost?

  107. DIY Project Help Tips

    Wilson Mungai,
    With any TV with a cracked screen, the only way to repair it is to replace the screen. Depending on the size of your Samsung TV screen size, the cost for a replacement screen will vary.

  108. My Samsung smart led TV screen has a crack hence no picture, only sound. Is there anything that can be done?

  109. It’s no coincidence that the warm weather we are having these past few days, 80’s instead of 60’s, that the tv is working better. So maybe I take it apart and check all connections. And then hopefully it works long enough to get me to summertime. This Sony is 6 yrs old and I believe it is not LED but fluorescent back lighting.

    Just to describe what the screen is doing:
    1. Darkness occurs on the left side and changes shape and location but is on the left half of screen.
    2. 4 horizontal sections of the screen are visible and the upper two sections do crazy flickering. After warming up, the dark goes away, and the 4 distinct horizontal sections are not visible any more and no crazy flickering. But when picture shows a uniform color like white or a light color, I can still see that there are 4 equal sections (horizontal) that go light at the top and getting slightly darker towards the bottom of each section, but is not noticeable when picture is full of context like people places and things.

  110. DIY Project Help Tips

    Phil Maru,
    If a simple tap on the side of the TV fixes the problem… you may just have a loose ribbon connection inside the TV. If the distortion on the screen changes, it is most likely not the screen but a cable or board in the TV. You can also check what connects to the glass to see if that is the issue. If keeping the TV on for a period of time fixes the issue, that could be a signal a board is bad. Safely open the tv up and check to see what may be an obvious sign of the issue. Check for loose cable, popped caps, burnt boards…etc.

  111. DIY Project Help Tips

    Josh Moore,
    If your LED has dark spots it USUALLY means that the LED itself is fading. Not a board issue but a screen issue. Replacements can be found online.

  112. I have a Westing house TV, model# LD-4680. Has a dark spot on the bottom of the screen but still displays picture behind it, this recently happened. I would like to know if it is just LEDs fading and what I would need to replace. I am in the electronics field but have never worked on a flat screen before. Would I need a new LED driver board? I know Westinghouse is not known for there quality with TVs but I got a deal on it. 1080 looks good and it’s a 46″ so I’d like to keep it alive for at least a little longer.

  113. I have a Sony Bravia 52″ TV (build year 2009) and I am getting a Model: KDL52Z5100 240Hz
    Retail for this tv was $2400 I think but I got a great deal through a fundraiser.
    So what is happening is dark “bloom” that changes shape on the left half of the screen. I think it may be more than half now, but only on the left side. Now, along with the dark bloom, I’m getting distortion lines, horizontal, along with weird coloring, all on the left side. There are no vertical lines though. My initial fix was to tap the outside frame and it would go away and be normal. Things are getting worse though. I did notice that if I tweak the left corner (squeezing it) instead of tapping it does clear up. Also when it warms up it’s ok. But even then, I can see very faint horizontal line shading (4x eq spaced) but can only notice when white screen is on. So when warmed up it is acceptable. I hate to toss it as the pic is pretty darn good. Also you cannot find 240 Hz tvs anymore. My educated guess is that it may be the circuit connects to the glass are coming loose and maybe glueing them in place would by me time. I was hoping it was the backlight, but don’t know.

  114. DIY Project Help Tips

    Anthony Zani,
    If the screen went OFF when it was hit, usually that will mean the screen is cracked. If you get no sound and no picture and the power light and OPC light flash, can you count how many times it flashes? Is it a steady flash or is it flashing a certain number of times and then pauses and starts again. The number of flashes may tell what is wrong. If somehow the screen was not damaged, it is possible a board is at fault or a ribbon cable in the TV is loose.

  115. My son hit my 60 inch Sharp TV with a Wii Remote. It is a sharp 60 inch model number LC – 60E79U serial number 110862271. The screen did not crack just shut off and now the power button and OPC lights flash. I tried holding the volume down and channel down buttons at the same time while plug it in didn’t change. I don’t get anything no sound or picture. Is there anyway to fix my tv?

  116. I have 42 ” Samsung smart TV. My daughter hit the screen and screen has been cracked by right side but picture is still appear. Is it possible to fix it?

  117. DIY Project Help Tips

    Scot Cressman,
    If your Samsung TV was cracked when you took it out of the box, then it was damaged in shipping. You need to immediately notify the company that you bought it from and make a claim. Who did you buy it from? Online like Amazon, Best Buy or a similar place? Call them and make a claim ASAP.

  118. We have a 50″ Samsung led smart TV, that has a crack in the top, middle of the screen…. And when the TV is on it looks like what you described earlier, lines going up and down…
    It looks like the glass is what is broken….
    Called Samsung to ask about a replacement and was denied. It came out of the box like this, before we even had a chance to watch it at all….. Model number is UN50H6203AFX2A.
    Any idea about being able to get a screen?
    Or options available ? Thank you.

  119. I have a HiSense flat LCD, model number 50K610. The screen got hit on the bottom right corner and now it has lines going up it. I am wondering where I can order a new screen at?

  120. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tina Pittsley,
    If your LG 65″ TV got hit, then the screen is damaged. The only way to fix it is to replace the screen. The screen replacement will be expensive so look around to find the cheapest. Possibly call a local screen repair service and get a quote to see if it is worth fixing.

  121. We have a LG smart TV model number 65lf6300. It got hit in the bottom left corner and I got lines across it, but know has multicolored screen was wondering if it’s possible to fix it?

  122. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ms Dee,
    What are you using to watch TV an HD Antenna or other? Have you tried switching inputs to see if it is the TV or something else? You may need to do a “Channel Scan” for ANTENNA. Go into the menu on your Vizio TV and look for the “Channel Scan” for antenna. Run it and you should have the channels appear.

  123. hello guys., might somebody know about my samsung 40″ LA40D550K7R with problem on the screen with horizontal thin lines of diferrent colors almost half of the screen. But the lower part 50% lets say is stillshowing good picture, most problems i read is a left and right vertical lines. my T.V is in Horizontal lines problem, Thanks. I appreciate your help very much.??

  124. I have a Vizio E320i-A0 and the screen looks just like the one your website. There are no actual cracks in the screen. It seems to get only one channel, but that could be the cheap antennae. Any thoughts on how to fix it? Thanks!

  125. My TV is Vizio, Model #VW37 HDTV40A, serial # LUOCDCK0305192.
    My TV dropped on the floor a few months back, and now its messed up, has a big spider crack in it, kind stretches across the TV but not too bad, a few spots are just black, the rest have vertical lines of different colors. You can’t feel the cracks on the outside, and you can still kind of see the background image but its still pretty jacked up. Please help!

  126. DIY Project Help Tips

    A 40 inch screen replacement for one of the low end Sanyo TVs would cost as much as the TV. Usually a screen replacement makes sense if your TV is over $1500 as the screen cost will not be over the cost of the TV, but a cheap HDTV replacement screen will be too expensive to make financial sense. Buying a new TV will be your best bet. Your TV may also have internal damage, meaning a circuit board could be bad since it fell over. So even if you replaced the screen, you may still have issues. Sell it on Craigslist for $50 dollars as replacement parts for someone who has the same TV and may need the stand or similar.

  127. We have a low end Sanyo 40 inch that our toddler pulled down. Crack on the left side of screen. Big white lines above crack. Fine lines through middle and upper and lower half are different shades. Would a glass replacement fix the color change? It was only a $300 TV, but it’s only a few months old and really don’t have the extra money to replace. Thanks for your input.

  128. DIY Project Help Tips

    Andy Moxon,
    If the screen was hit with a broom, well, sorry to say but the screen is cracked and will need to be replaced. You can search to find a replacement screen online or call a local TV repair and get an estimate.

  129. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you say “looks like liquid”… The plasma gas has deteriorated or is no longer working to let the picture display properly. How old is the LG Plasma TV?

  130. I have a 60 an LG flatscreen plasma TV that is not working correctly. I’ll try to explain. When it is first turned on it looks like liquid but a small picture forms and then after many minutes the picture comes on but it is so faint it is not watchable. Tried adjusting all the display controls. There is color and there is volume. The tv has not been dropped or hit and the only equipment ever on it was a dvd player. Some dimness problem but do not know what steps to take next.

  131. My lovely little boy hit out 52″ TV with a broom! Leaving it with a crack and lines vertical and horizontal of about 4″x 4″ like the ones on your picture at the top of this page. The rest of the picture is fine.
    Is it doomed or can it be repaired as I love the TV!

  132. I have 4 jvc em65ftr. The screen is half screen 50/50 exactly. It’s the right side not working. The screen as far as I know was never damaged. No visible damage. Where would a good place to strategy finding the issue? Every screen is the same by the way. I bought a bar storage unit and they were still in the boxes new.

  133. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it sounds like a strange power board defect. Swap it out and this SHOULD fix your issue. Before you order any parts, check in the TV for any signs of a popped cap, loose ribbon connection, or a burned board. If nothing is an obvious sign of an issue, then replace the power supply board. Let us know how it goes.

  134. DIY Project Help Tips

    It will cost more to fix the screen than a new LCD TV. If you really want to check around look for screens on eBay. OR… Go on Craigslist for the same busted TV but with a good screen and swap it out.

  135. I have a broken Samsung plasma TV 52″. I need screen replacement, is it possible the model type number is PS:51E470

  136. Samsung UN46D7000
    When I power on my TV the LED light blinks 1 time and then the TV turns off about 30 seconds later. Everything is showing fine but it won’t stay on.
    Could it be the power supply board?

  137. Samsung UN60EH6002FXA
    LCD Flatscreen
    When Powered On The Power On Light is Coming On and Off about every 2 seconds.
    The Screen Flashes light of raster for 1 second, then black, then light of raster, then black, repeatably.
    Can you provide suggestions?

  138. DIY Project Help Tips

    It is covered by warranty since you just purchased it, however since it was bumped and the TV fell and cracked, TCL or SM appliances will probably not cover the damage since it was not a defect in the TV. You can call the company and ask what the warranty covers. Did you buy an extended warranty?

  139. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it can be repaired but if the screen needs replaced, it may cost more than the TV. Call some local TV repair companies in your area to see what they quote to fix it. You could try replacing the screen yourself by finding a replacement screen online for a cheap price.

  140. JVC TV flat screen was damaged at lower edge of screen. Still works fine but shows crack. TV was dropped on top of an object. Can it be repaired?

  141. I have a TCL 42″ inch LED TV. I bought it last December 30 2015 at SM appliances. When i started cleaning on my wall i accidentally bumped my TV, then the screen broke. When i open it it has like a spider web cracks and some linings. My question is, is this still covered by the warranty given to me when i bought it?

  142. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds like a power board issue if you are having issues with simply turning the TV on. Do some further research before ordering or attempting to remove and replace the power board. You could also just have loose ribbon cables in the TV that connect the boards. You may want to check them to be sure. Use caution.

  143. I have a Samsung 55″ LED (I believe the 8500 series from 2011) that started to have a bunch vertical lines show up. They are very scattered. I noticed it when I started up Netflix and thought they had changed the background to give it a “textured” look. It is still watchable as it is not super noticeable (for the untrained eye) in dark scenes. Definitely seems to be more prevalent with reds. Any ideas on what part would be needed to fix this as I am outside of any warranty work?

  144. The lines r across horizontal and now it won’t even turn on when I plug it in but there is a black line goin across the screen bit it’s not psychicaly cracked

  145. DIY Project Help Tips

    Demonte King,
    Is the frame of the Toshiba TV cracked or is it for sure the screen? Did it fall? Something hit it? How bad is the crack? Can you watch TV or is there vertical or horizontal lines showing? If so, what color are the lines and how wide are they?

  146. I need help, I am trying to fix my Toshiba HDMI TV screen. Its cracked and i don’t know how to fix it, can you please help me?

  147. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are the lines on your Sceptre TV horizontal or vertical? How wide and what color are the lines? Has the TV been hit on the screen or did the lines just appear themselves?

  148. I got a Sceptre TV x490bv-fhdu8hj1l02 and i turned it on this morning and it has a lines going across the screen. Which parts should i repair?

  149. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your Samsung Plasma TV fell off the TV stand and broke, then it is most likely seriously damaged. You probably have a cracked plasma screen and a short circuited board. It would cost more to fix it than a new TV.

  150. I have Samsung 51″ plasma TV I brought on May 2013 by online. Suddenly it fell down from the TV stand and broke the front screen. No picture and still have sound. How to fix this problem? I am very worried, help me please.

  151. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the picture is fine but there is a small scratch on the screen, there is not much you can do. There are screen scratch repair kits but may not work properly if applied to an LCD or LED screen. Check YouTube for ways to remove scratches and marks from flat screen TVs.

  152. DIY Project Help Tips

    Marilyn Brown,
    Your Samsung TV was most likely damaged in shipping. Where did you purchase it? Is the box damaged? If you bought it online then take pictures of the damage and email them to whoever sold the TV to you. If you bought it locally, take it back.

  153. My Samsung TV 32″ is black with horizontal lines. I just got this TV for my daughter for Christmas. I opened it up and set it up and it was like that. I didn’t do anything to it at all. I took it out the box and set it up so I don’t know what to do. My daughter is out a TV that’s all I know.

  154. I recently bought a Samsung 65″ curved 4k TV (JS9000) and the screen received a somewhat deep vertical scratch near the top of the screen. About 3/4 – an inch long. Not an actual crack and no other problems with the picture, but it’s annoying because I know it’s there and the TV is less than a month old. And expensive. If I look closely, the pixels still seem to work, but the outer surface has been removed where the scratch is. Does anyone fix curved panels yet, or am I just going to have to live with it?

  155. DIY Project Help Tips

    Irina M K,
    May be an issue with the plasma gas or screen itself. This type of issue can happen on plasma TVs. Do you smell any type of burning smell? If picture shakes, you may have a bad board or a loose ribbon cable inside the TV.

  156. irina malek khan

    50 inch Plasma LG TV, 3 years old. Suddenly screen became black, have sound but the no picture broadcast. When i press menu, picture is shaking and have a small horizontal line moving up and down. What i have to do. Is it small or major matter and what is cause.

  157. DIY Project Help Tips

    What do you have connected to the TV? What is freezing on the TV screen? Are you watching streaming video such as Netflix?

  158. Our Vizio E472VL was working fine until recently the picture was replaced by about 4 inch narrow band of vertical lines. I thought this might be the ribbon cables connecting the main board to panel but now not sure. I press on the top of the cables to improve connection and the band will widen, change color or move around; however I never get any picture not even the menu. Therefore, I am at a total lost on what the problem might be. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance – Bill

  159. DIY Project Help Tips

    When horizontal or vertical lines appear on the TV screen, identify the root cause by testing the TV picture, checking cable connections, and verifying external devices are working properly.
    Performing a Picture Test determines the quality of the TV picture and whether the TV is working correctly. The picture should be free of vertical or horizontal lines.
    If the lines are present on the TV screen, press the SMART button Smart Button on the remote control and select Settings > SUPPORT > Picture Test.

  160. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did something possibly lay down on top of the TV therefore pushing the screen inward? Have you tried using different inputs on the TV? Can you see the TV menu? Have you tried different cables?

  161. We’ve just moved homes from the UK to Zurich. We moved our belongings by road including the TV. We have a SamsungUE55D800YU model. Since we set up home the TV screen is completely pixelated. With horizontal green lines. It’s 4 years old. Has been brilliant until now. It hasn’t fallen or has even a tiny scratch. Any advice would be appreciated.

  162. I have an LG LCD. Light horizontal lines just started to appear. No damage visible, mounted to a wall closer to the ceiling. Happens more visibly when showing greens or blues, but seems to fade in and out. Can you tell me what the problem might be, and a possible solution. Thank you.

  163. DIY Project Help Tips

    May be as simple as a loose ribbon cable in the TV. If not, then it is most likely a board issue not the screen, if the screen rolls. It may be a power board that is on the fritz. Did you personally change the t-con board?

  164. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen is cracked, it will need to be replaced to fix the colored lines.

  165. Camila Echeverryarango

    I have a Samsung 48 smart TV it fell over and it shows a crack and colored lines. Way to fix my Samsung TV?

  166. I have a Sanyo TV DP46849. When you turn it on you get a white screen with thin color vertical lines. You see some of the lines start getting lighter and lighter and then go white. There is no sound before this happened the right side of screen would roll like so i had the t-con replaced but no change. I spoke to a repair shop they say it may be a the main board just went out it powers up fine and the repair shop said the LCD screen was not cracked what do you think the problem may be.

  167. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gail Patton,
    If your TV has a blue screen and you see many lines, are the lines horizontal or vertical? What make and model is your TV?

  168. My TV has a blue screen, with a crack and with a lot of lines. The screen itself is not cracked. How do I fix it and what part is it.

  169. DIY Project Help Tips

    If there is no sound and the screen won’t power on, you may have a power supply board issue. Was the screen struck or hit before this problem appeared?

  170. DIY Project Help Tips

    The inner screen is what is probably causing the lines. They range in different prices depending on where you buy it. A good place to look would be eBay for a replacement screen. May be better off just buying a new TV.

  171. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes we agree, it is a shame to throw away a giant TV that has one bad component. We always try to tell people to fix it themselves by using used spare parts to keep cost down. Try to find the same TV online for parts. Many times we have fixed a TV by simply finding the same exact TV online on a website such as Craigslist. We had a t-con board go out on a 55″ Samsung TV. We found the same TV with a cracked screen online for $50 dollars. We bought it, removed the board, and put it in our other TV and it fixed the problem. We now also have other spare parts, a new remote control, and another TV stand in case we ever need it. If you have the money, buy new, if you don’t have the money, get creative and try to fix it yourself.

  172. Its well out of warranty….so I’m on my own with this….is there a quick fix ?….is it economical to repair ?…seems a shame to trash it ?

  173. DIY Project Help Tips

    May be a thermal heat defect issue. Check the warranty and call the TV manufacturer and you may be able to claim it is a thermal heat issue that has caused the screen to malfunction.

  174. Many thanks for response….the screen was showing horizontal lines for about a month….but now when switched on, the whole screen splits into 3 with the middle section flickering in grey….no sound or picture….I’ve checked all boards and connections as per your advise….nothing looks noticeably wrong ?….Help?

  175. They said the internal screen was cracked and cost of part and their cost to fix would be 800. I have pictures of what it looks like on…he gave me a price based off those.

  176. DIY Project Help Tips

    The screen is most likely damaged in that particular section of the TV. Or possibly the outer screen is making contact with the inner screen. Check to be sure exactly if something is damaged. How long is the line and is it always visible? If the screen is damaged it will need to be replaced.

  177. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have power issues and the screen is showing horizontal lines, you most likely have some board issues. Troubleshoot the issue and be sure your screen is not cracked. Horizontal lines CAN indicate a board issue. Be sure the boards in the TV are properly secured together with the ribbon cables. Check everything visually in the TV for a bad or burned board.

  178. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you called the TV shop, did they say exactly what they would be replacing for $800? Let us know.

  179. My son threw a hot wheel hit bottom right corner of an LG flat screen. Have vertices and horizontal rainbow lines…please help!

  180. I have a Samsung 40″ Smart LED 3D TV, model number UE40D6100SKXXU. Around 6 horizontal lines appeared right across the top of the screen which came down the screen about 1″. The TV was watchable…now it won’t power up. The whole screen splits vertically into 3 with the middle third just flickering in a blue / grey colour.
    Can you please advise if its repairable ?

  181. It is a deep scratch without crack. The scratch appears especially in white screen as a rainbow thin line along the scratch and it is not punched in.

  182. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is there a crack where the colored vertical line appears? If it was scratched, then most likely the outer screen would be scratched and not affect the inner screen. Did the sharp object hit the screen or simply scratch it? A scratch will not produce a vertical line, something had to hit the screen to produce a vertical line. Can you look at the TV at an angle with a flashlight and see if the screen looks pushed in at any point?

  183. I have an LG LED TV model 43LF6300 and it is only 2 months old. It has been severely scratched by a sharp tool. The scratch appears while the TV is on you can see a colored vertical line. Does this need an expensive repair? Which part should be replaced?

  184. I have a Samsung LED 40″ Smart 3D TV…A few weeks ago around 6 horizontal lines appeared at the top of the screen. But now the screen won’t power up, the middle third (vertically) flickers in a blue grey, no sound….can this be fixed?

  185. DIY Project Help Tips

    Unfortunately, if the screen on your 46″ Samsung TV is cracked and you see rainbow and black lines that stretch across the screen, the cracked screen will need to be removed and replaced. You may be able to find a new screen on eBay or some other TV repair sites that sell TV replacement screens.

  186. I cracked my screen. It is a few years old, I see rainbow colors and black. There are lines stretching across the screen and there is a little bit of distortion in some places. Is my TV able to be fixed, it is a Samsung LN46C630K1F.

  187. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sindy Francis,
    If the screen on your Panasonic Smart TV was damaged due to someone throwing the remote control at it, it obviously will need to have the screen replaced. Can you tell us the size of your Panasonic TV? Also where are you located and we can give you some names of local TV screen replacement companies.

  188. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen is damaged from a fall, your Samsung will need the screen replaced. Is the screen cracked?

  189. I have 50 inch Samsung led smart TV and screen is damage due to fall from wall… Will it be repaired?

  190. My lovely son threw the remote at our Panasonic Vierra smart TV and right where it hit now has lines on it. I’m crying so hard because I don’t have money for a new one. Please what can I do? I’m a girl so I don’t know what I’m doing, but I already took the back cover off. It is new and was a partial gift, please I’m begging if u know how to fix this. Please find it in your heart to help me.

  191. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you aware of the screen getting hit or damaged by even though there is no physical damage? The screen could be damaged… LCD screens on TVs are made up of two thin layers of glass containing liquid crystal material between them. When the glass becomes damaged, debris infiltrates the crystal layer. If there is no damage to the screen, you may have a board or boards issue.

  192. DIY Project Help Tips

    Casey Hall,
    If the screen has a crack then that is the cause of the slight blue shade. The cracked screen will need to be replaced.

  193. DIY Project Help Tips

    Albert Wagambie,
    Yes, if the screen is cracked it will need to be replaced to fix it properly. Replacement screens are best to find on eBay or find the same TV on Craigslist with a good screen but that someone is trying to get rid of for spare parts.

  194. DIY Project Help Tips

    Dawn Lilly,
    Did this just appear on the screen or did the TV screen get hit or did it fall over? Do lines appear on the screen and if so are they horizontal or vertical? How large is the pixelated area? Does the pixels appear no mater what input you are using?

  195. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen is cracked on the inside, it is most probable that it is a heat related thermal crack. Call Emerson and claim a thermal crack has appeared and it is defective from the factory and should be fixed. If they will not honor the warranty, your only option is to replace the inner screen.

  196. I have a 50″ Emerson LF501EM5F that half the TV (the right side) has color lines and what appears to be a crack not in the outer screen but just behind it. What are my options?

  197. I would like to know what to purchase to fix my Samsung 40 inch TV that shows part of the screen but most of it is pixelated and looks as if it broken but the screen is not broke. What should i do about this?

  198. Albert.Wagambie

    The outer screen panel of my Sony Bravia took a hit and is cracked, only a small portion of the screen has images coming out and the rest of the screen has vertical lines and black patches. Can it be fixed at home or do i get a replacement outer screen panel?

  199. I found a Vizio 55 4k on the side of the road during black friday, lucky right, but anyway I figured my luck was to good to be true and it has a crack in the lower area. There isn’t any picture but a slight blue shade on it. What and how can I fix this and would it be worth my time?

  200. Thanks for all your help to all us with problems! I scanned the posts but don’t see this one. Hope you can help.
    46 inch RCA LED (model 46LB45RQ) little over 2 years old. No physical damage. Not used much. All of a sudden horizontal white/opaque lines on bottom half of screen. Can see picture. Wasn’t that expensive. Debating tossing this if I can’t figure it out. Not connected to anything but cable box. Any ideas? Thank you!!

  201. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did you purchase a warranty for all damages? It will depend on which warranty you purchased. Call Aarons and ask what your warranty covers. If it is not covered then you can either replace the screen to fix the crack or live with it if the picture still appears. A new screen may cost more than the TV but if you look on eBay you can find some for less and the repair can be cheap and fix your TV.

  202. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen was hit it is most likely cracked. Can you see a crack on the screen? Look at the screen at an angle with the TV off to see if you see areas of the screen depressed in. If the screen is cracked it will need to be replaced.

  203. DIY Project Help Tips

    Was the screen impacted by falling over or did something hit the screen by chance? If you look at the TV screen from an angle, can you see areas that are pushed in? Was this issue sudden or did it slowly begin to happen?

  204. DIY Project Help Tips

    Even if the screen on your Sony Bravia TV is not cracked, it is most likely damaged. It may have a cracked inner screen or when the screen fell over. The TVs front panel may have hit and made contact with a board inside the TV. Is the front panel of screen depressed inward on any part of the front screen surface? Look at the TV screen from a side angle with a flashlight to see. If there is no damage to the front panel, then the inner panel may have cracked. You should be able to see any damage to the inner or outer screen panel when using a flashlight.

  205. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the screen cracked or has it been hit or fallen over? Or has this issue just appeared? Please supply more info and we can assist in telling you what can be replaced to fix your Vizio TV.

  206. DIY Project Help Tips

    If there is shipping damage, they should pay for the damaged TV. If the shipping charge will be refunded to you if they do decide it was damaged in shipping, then ship it back. But it all depends on what the cost is to ship back. Is the TV brand new? Was it a scratch and dent type of sale? We would call them and see if there is a way to do a swap locally if possible. How long did you have the TV before you called them to say it was damaged? Was the shipping crate damaged? Can you take pictures of the damage and send to them? If the crate is damaged then that would be a good thing to document and send to them by email.

  207. I have a 55″ Panasonic TV. Turned it on the first time and has black lines vertically on left side.
    It came by freight company just packed in retail box, so probably shipping damage. Although probably covered by warranty, they are saying I must crate it and pay for shipping back.
    Suggestions. So more cost, not worth it?

  208. My Vizio 46 inch TV plays but at bottom of the screen. But it fades the picture. It’s a little off connecting with the top part of screen my model number is vw46L-fhdtv10a.

  209. My Sony Bravia flat screen fell but the screen is not cracked. It has lines and black patches on screen, what is the matter and how can i fix it?

  210. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the inner glass is cracked, the only way to fix the TV is to replace what is broken. The inner glass or panel for the TV can be found online but may cost more than the TV. Finding a used TV with an intact screen is the cheapest way.

  211. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the exterior glass is not cracked but the internal layer of glass is cracked, the only solution is to replace the internal glass.

  212. DIY Project Help Tips

    Chris Woods,
    You may have a bad power board if you need to take an hour of time trying to turn the TV on or off. What is the model number of your Philips 47″ LCD TV? Has anything come in contact with the screen? Did this problem suddenly appear or did this issue happen over time? If the screen was not hit then a board may be on the fritz. When you opened the TV did you check to be sure all boards are secure and the wire harness/ribbon cables are tight and in place correctly?

  213. DIY Project Help Tips

    If nothing is cracked or broken, this may sound obvious but… have you tried adjusting the HUE and color saturation in the TV settings menu? Does this problem occur often or most of the time? Does it only affect certain colors when you are watching TV? Does it change at all if the TV is left on for a long period of time? Has anything made contact with the screen or did this issue just start to occur on its own?

  214. I have an LG 60″ TV that is blurring the colors at times across the top and the bottom of the TV, it is 5 years old. Its like the background (it is a snow day in the movie) the snow would be purple. or the trees blue, etc. Any ideas on witch board it could be?

  215. Philips 47″ LCD…comes on works fine occasionally, but usually when turning it on, a horizontal gray bar with vertical lines inside it blinks and the screen will slowly fade to white. I can see about an inch of video at the top sometimes. So I turn it off for a few minutes and try again. After an hour or so of repeatedly turning off and on, it will eventually come on and work perfectly…until I turn it off, then I have to try turning it off and on for an hour or two until it decides to work. I’ve opened the back and noticed no bad capacitors and wiggled all connectors.. Any idea?

  216. Had an incident where my 60″ Vizio Smart TV got hit on the left side of screen. Came home to turn on TV and the TV had back glow but no picture (still has sound) and a nice size point of impact. Cracked out internally (exterior panel is fine). Looking for best advice in fixing the TV, really hate to just get rid of it. The p.o.i maybe lit up kinda rainbowish and the rest of the screen is blacked out but still has glow. I realize that the internal glass panel needs replaced at the very least, based on further symptoms is there anyone that may know what needs to be done?

  217. I have a 60″ RCA that was shot with an airsoft gun. The outer screen was not damaged but I assume the inner screen was because you can see the hit but can not feel it. At first you could only see a small white dot at the point of impact. It then progressed to horizontal dark lines and vertical rainbow colored lines centered around the impact zone. Unplugged the TV and moved it to another room and the TV now has a single yellow line and the white dot but the rest of the TV is black. No menu shows up or anything when pressed. (Tv still worked before it was moved) is this something that sounds even remotely fixable?

  218. cassaundra comeaux

    I have a 50 inch Samsung smart TV only 2 months old, screen got hit and has a scratch on it. The TV will come on and you can see the picture but it has rainbow colors and lines on it just like the TV at the top of this page. The model number is un50ju6500f, please help me.

  219. I have a rca smart led lcd 65 inch I purchase the tv about a month ago from Aaron’s furniture the tv fell over now it’s cracked on the bottom right corner is this fixable and how much will it cost or will my warranty cover the tv still turn on & you can still see the picture on the tv but it’s just crack

  220. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jimmy Scott,
    Your Panasonic TV P4232c has parts available online. If the screen is cracked, and it still works, are you able to see the full image on the TV or is there any vertical or horizontal lines that show up? Parts for your Panasonic TV are here.

  221. DIY Project Help Tips

    It would involve ordering the correct parts after troubleshooting what the actual issue is, then taking the TV apart…. so more than it is probably worth. Samsung may have an easy solution. If they cannot assist you, let us know.

  222. Thanks, I’ll give that a try first. If it’s the LED that’s going out, is that a very involved replacement procedure?

  223. DIY Project Help Tips

    May just have a defective led or may be heat related issue. You should call Samsung and ask them if there has been an issue with this on your exact model TV. It may not be under warranty but it won’t hurt to call them and see if there are known issues. Sometimes they recall TVs and if you did not register it, you will never know.

  224. No, it’s not a complete 50/50. I can see the entire screen, it’s just that the right side goes slightly darker, likely only receiving it’s light from the edge lit LED’s from the other side of the screen. It’ll come an go sometimes in several minutes, and sometimes hours. The TV is used a normal amount of time I suppose. It’s our family room TV so it likely gets used the most. The screen is not cracked, it’s only the brightness issue on one side of the screen. No line, vertical or horizontal, but I will say that I did have a horizontal line issue several months ago but I think that may have been a component cable issue since I replaced the cables and it went away. There’s no correlation that I’ve noticed between how long the TV has been on and when the problem occurs.

  225. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is it a complete 50/50 (a complete half screen 50%) when you say your Samsung UN55’s right side of the screen is darker? This is an on and off issue? Is the TV turned on for long long periods of time? The screen is not cracked, correct? It is just a brightness/color/shading issue? Does it tend to happen when the TV is turned on right away, or after some time of the TV being turned on?

  226. I have a Samsung Model number UN55D8000YFXZA. It comes and goes, but the right side of screen goes darker, but not completely dark, probably because it’s getting light from the other side of the screen. I assume that the LED strip on that right side of the screen is going out or the connection isn’t always making contact. I don’t see anything that addresses this in your tutorials. Can you offer any advice?

  227. DIY Project Help Tips

    Be sure the ribbon connectors are not damaged. The other t-con may work, you just have a connection issue. However the new board you have may NOT be the exact one the TV needs. Recheck connections before anything else.

  228. With the old T-Con board I was having issues with the vertical lines most likely on the right side of the scene. With the new T-Con board installed those vertical lines were gone but now there are two wide lines in the middle of the screen.

    I also compared the old T-Con board with the new one and I notice there are two numbers on the board. The old one has number S240LABMB3V0.7 and the new one has S240LBMB3V0.6.

    So I am assuming because that last number, the new T-Con board may not work

  229. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would recommend to ALWAYS use the exact model number part for the TV you are replacing. Sometimes a t-con board that is made by the same company, and is said to work on many different same TV models is not always the case. Is the issue you are having the EXACT same as when the old t-con board was installed?

  230. I have recently replaced T-Con board in my Samsung UN55D7000. I was unable to find a new same part so I had to order a substitute part. I was told the part is substitute and would work for D7000 and D8000 model.
    When I connected it to the main board I got a picture and the sound, no more vertical lines on the screen like it was before with the old T-Con board but now I could see two wide lines in the middle of the screen, from top to the bottom like 3-4 inches wide. One is totally black and other one is like blurry. I first thought it could be the ribbon cable which connect T-Con board with the screen but after switching left with the right I had the same issue.
    Also when I had TV on with that new T-Con board I tried to go to the TV menu (Picture, Advance Settings) to see can I adjust anything like Motion lightning or other options but I was unable to select anything.
    My question would be, is it possible that new T-Con board doesn’t work because is only the substitute part. It says the part is good for D7000 and D8000 model. As you answered on my question before, I may be able to use a T-Con board made by the same TV maker if it is one model number difference, but it may not work.

  231. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you replaced the t-con and the picture reappeared, then yes a ribbon cable is most likely causing your issue. Try using a new or other cable for the connection and see if that fixes your problem.

  232. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gilbert Shea,
    If the TV had the vertical lines when you first got it at a second hand store, then it was an issue before you bought it. If the lines are not bothering you and not affecting the screen enough to affect viewing the TV, then you could ignore it but if you bought it damaged, take it back. It is your choice. Was the TV sold “AS IS”?

  233. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it is fixable but depending on the screen size of your TV it may cost more than a new TV costs. Can you tell us the make and model of your TV?

  234. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may be able to fix the TV but it will involve taking the TV apart. If there are not cracks on the screen, none at all, then most likely a board was damaged inside the TV when it fell over. You could try repairing it yourself or call a local TV repair company as boards are inexpensive but having someone doing it for you may cost more than the TV is worth when you include the labor charges.

  235. My TV is a HiSense but contains Samsung parts which is 42 inches. I need one let me know the price thank you.

  236. My 32″ Emerson fell over backward and hit some stuff on the floor. It has no cracks or even any damage to the out side but it just doesn’t work. It turns on but it’s only a greenish tint to it and there’s no sound or image. Is this worth trying to repair or is it done? thanks

  237. My son threw the remote and it hit the flat screen. Can see top half of screen and hear TV shows. Bottom left corner has a black area. Side left above black area can see picture. Multi colored lines right above black area then from middle of screen down large non see through area with few thin lines running through were picture is visible? Is this fixable and how?

  238. I have a Sony Bravia 1080 Unit, I just got at a Second Hand Store, it was sold as Working which it does however, it has 2 Vertical Lines running up the screen, on the Left Side, one is straight up the other is forked.
    The Lines are Constant, but they change color with the scene showing. The Picture Over all is unaffected. Is it a damaged Screen and Can it be fixed reasonably or should I just ignore it.

  239. I have recently replaced an old T-Con board with the new one. I have a picture and the sound on TV screen but now there is like two wide lines (one sort of blurry and one black, each line about 3 or 4 inches wide from top to the bottom) almost in the middle of screen but a little more on the right side of the screen. Do you know what’s causing that? I know sometimes ribbon cables might cause poor signal to the screen if they are not connected well. I don’t know was that a good idea but I tried to switch ribbon cables left with the right one to see if that helped but it didn’t. Would you suggest me to buy a new set of ribbon cables or something else?

  240. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did your Emerson TV fall over? How did the crack happen? Was it hit or is it a heat crack? How big is the TV? What model number is your Emerson TV?

  241. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked to find pricing on a replacement screen? If you can find the correct screen, you can install it yourself. If you find that the screen replacement is too expensive, you may want to see what a comparable TV will cost brand new.

  242. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the screen cracked anywhere on the TV? Have you tried different inputs to be sure it is not the input board? Tried different cables? How old is the TV and which half of the screen is showing the black or white bands?

  243. My TV is a Samsung LED TV Series 5 5000 32 inches. One half of the screen is not working properly – sometimes there is a picture, other times it’s black or white or other bands. Please suggest what may be the problem.

  244. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes if everything is working properly but the screen is cracked and the picture is distorted, the screen needs replaced. You can find used or new screen replacements on Craigslist, eBay, and searching online.

  245. DIY Project Help Tips

    If there is a spiderweb cracking pattern on the screen, it is cracked. The screen will need to be replaced. You can find used or new screen replacements on Craigslist, eBay, and searching online.

  246. I am trying to figure out how to fix my TV. I have geek squad coming but they said if it has a spiderweb look to it its probably not covered due to physical damage. I know it’s not physical damage but it does have the spiderweb look to it. Please tell me what I can do if they won’t fix it.

  247. I have a Phillips 9,000 Series Flat HDTV, 119 cm LCD. Most of the screen is blocked by a white screen, with some rainbow vertical lines within it. To the right of the main crack (which is a little to the right of the center of the screen), the white is darker and there are more rainbow lines there. Only at the very top of the screen in the middle can you see the actual channel. The TV does work overall in terms of turning on, the cable, etc. and you can still hear the sound, its just the crack. I am assuming that I would only need to change the screen in this situation. Do you have any cheap suggestions?

  248. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen has NO CRACKS, then the t-con board is the most likely internal circuit board that is causing the vertical lines on your TV. When replacing boards in your TV, always use your exact model number to replace parts. You may be able to use a t-con board made by your same TV maker if it is one model number difference, but it may not work. We recommend always buying a new board when fixing your TV yourself unless you have access to a used board for free. You may want to try testing different inputs and cables to be sure the t-con is bad but it sounds like the t-con is the issue.

  249. I have a question regarding my TV. I have started seeing vertical lines on the TV screen a couple of months ago on a right side of the screen. It didn’t bother me too much because it wasn’t that bad. I was on a vacation for a month and TV was unplugged. When I got back I turned TV on and vertical lines were gone but after a few days they were back but this time they are more lines. When I turned TV on this morning I only got sound with no picture.

    My question would be is there a T-Con that needs to be replaced or something else. I asked someone and he said it could be a video cable or power board defective but my opinion is T-Con board needs replace. I found some T-Con boards online but there are for models UN55D8000 and my tv is UN55D7000. Is there any difference between those series and what is your opinion to buy used or new one? What would you suggest?

  250. DIY Project Help Tips

    You will have to check around online. It could cost more than a new TV. eBay has many at different prices. If you do find one cheap enough, yes a local TV repair shop should be willing to install it for you with labor charges tacked on. Call a few local TV repair shops and see what they are willing to do. If you find the TV replacement screen but the local shops will not replace it for you, you can do it yourself as it is not a difficult repair.

  251. DIY Project Help Tips

    That means the screen is damaged in that particular area or it pushed in so far the screen made contact with a board or component in the TV. Usually in this case the complete screen will need replaced.

  252. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a bad board. If there are no cracks on the screen, a board could have shorted or become damaged. You will have to take the TV apart and check each individual board to see what may be causing the issue. Plan on trying to find a T-con board for your Samsung TV model. That is the board that controls the LCD’s lines and pixels.

  253. DIY Project Help Tips

    Most likely the screen needs replaced. Does the TV turn on and display a picture?

  254. My TV fell to the ground and the screen cracked. What do you think needs to be fixed. I have a 32 inch LG TV.

  255. My Samsung LED TV 32′ series 4 fell over but there is no visible crack on the screen. It just shows colored lines and no picture on the screen but it has sound. What part might be damaged and how will it cost to repair?

  256. I have a 60″ LG Flat Screen TV I tapped it accidentally with my cellphone. It has one little spot with white lines going down. Will I be able to get that fixed?

  257. I have a Vizio 42 inch TV screen is cracked and has rainbow colored lines going on the cracked side of the screen. Getting picture and everything but the screen is cracked.

  258. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jennifer Torres,
    Yes it is fixable, but may cost more than the TV is worth. Do you have a model number of your Emerson TV? What is the screen size? LED or LCD?

  259. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the screen cracked? Have you tried using different input methods to be sure it is the screen and not the input board? You should be able to find the model number and manufacturer of the TV on the back of the TV on a small sticker decal or on the inside of the TV. Can you find the model number so we can suggest replacement options?

  260. bwembya makonko k

    I am repairing a 37″ LED TV with no model number, the problem is that sound is there but no good picture (shadow like picture) and two black lines horizontally. Where do I start from?

  261. jennifer torres

    My Emerson TV has a little crack on it and now I got all color lines running threw it up down and sideways. Can I get it fixed? Its not the front screen its the one after it.

  262. DIY Project Help Tips

    The inner screen has been damaged. It will need to be replaced or a new TV is in your future. Recommend calling local screen repair shop and asking questions on cost and labor. A 42″ replacement screen can be found online on sites like eBay but the cost is high and MAY cost more than a brand new TV.

  263. I have 42″ Panasonic Viera TX39A400B, a ps3 controller hit my TV! The outside screen is not cracked and looks perfect when off but when it’s on you can see were the impact was and top right is a white square and there is a few thin lines going horizontal. Is this fixable or do i need a new TV?

  264. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the TV has an actual visible crack in the middle of the screen, and it is showing the half screen black and white, then you can purchase a replacement screen for around $120 US dollars or GBP 79.00. eBay has them and you can buy and replace yourself. Look and see what a new 42 LG costs and compare it with the new LG 42 replacement screen cost plus your labor. Remember to check that the replacement screen fits your current TV.

  265. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung TV model J5100 shows many different sizes of TV screens such as 32″, 48″, 55″, 101.6cm, 81cm, and more. Can you tell us your screen size please? We can then direct you to where to possibly purchase a screen replacement. Also, how did the screen crack or how did it receive the internal damage?

  266. Can you please tell me how much it cost to repair an LED screen as it is internally damaged. I purchased a TV online, How much will it cost? The brand is Samsung TV model J5100.

  267. I have a 42 Inch LG TV that has a cracked screen. I installed a wall bracket on it last night. And, I did not drop the TV or do any physical damage to it. When I turned it it on, the half of the TV is white / black. It seems to have a crack in the middle. Is this fixable? Or am I better of buying a new one?

  268. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please tell us what is happening with your TV. Also model number. Is the screen cracked or do you have vertical or horizontal lines on the screen?

  269. DIY Project Help Tips

    Does the tuning in a small box issue only show up on your Sony TV when the DVD is being used?

  270. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the screen is not physically damaged you may have a board issue. The only way to check is to open the TV and check the boards for obvious signs of damage.

  271. I have a 50″ Panasonic which has the multi-colored vertical lines on the right hand side (when looking at front of tv) approx 1/8 of the screen. Then, there are a few more much, much smaller lines scattered throughout screen. Screen does not appear to be damaged at all, though. Model TC-P50C2

  272. meseret afewerky

    My TV is a 32 inch flat screen Sony with a problem of tuning and showing in small box while using DVD.

  273. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may want to open the TV up and see if you can find a bad board affecting the screen. However… If pixels are affected then your screen is most likely bad. You can try finding a replacement board or screen (once you are done troubleshooting to find out what actually is needed) and order it online. If you open the TV, have a look at the circuit boards to make sure there is no obvious signs of burns or popped capacitors. If all boards look good visually, have a look at the inner screen for damage. Look on LCD PARTS as they have many parts you may need to fix your TV.

  274. The vertical grey strip is about 4 inches wide, extending from the left edge of the screen from top to bottom. It is not completely opaque, as you can see the picture a little behind the strip. The color doesn’t change or flicker, and it’s a definite strip of pixels affected. We haven’t used a cleaner and I don’t know that it’s been hit or touched etc, it just seemed to appear suddenly one day. Let me know if you need more info, thanks for your help.

  275. DIY Project Help Tips

    Where on the screen is this 4″ vert strip located, top left, bottom right? Was the TV screen recently sprayed with a glass cleaner? Sometimes a cleaner on the screen can penetrate behind the screen and create a temporary opaque strip as you are describing. If this is the case leave the TV on for as long as possible and the TVs heat will eventually evaporate the issue. If this is not caused by a cleaner, was the screen recently hit, touched, or pushed? We are trying to figure out if this just started happening or something recently came into contact with the screen? Please describe further.

  276. My 47″ LG TV model LX6900 has a 4 inch vertical almost opaque but not quite grey strip on the screen – we can still see the picture behind the screen. Is there a way we could fix this?

  277. DIY Project Help Tips

    It is most likely a damaged screen and not a component. Replacement screens are available for a 50″ LED Magnavox. Have you taken the TV apart to check to see if the screen is cracked outside, internally, from the inside, or if possibly a board or component in the TV is making contact with the screen since it was hit?

  278. I have a 50″ Magnavox flat screen 1080p led. My son threw his hat at the TV and a black spot with colored lines going across both up and down, and side to side became the picture. I have had it turned off, but I think it went full black before I put it away. Is there any way to fix this?

  279. DIY Project Help Tips

    Les Roediger,
    You need to first find the generic panel and be sure the size is the exact same, obviously. Then, make sure the panel you are looking at says COMPATIBLE with your model and size TV. Not all generic screens are made the same. Be sure the different cable connections match yours and the areas where it slides into your TV match up. The word COMPATIBLE is what you need to read. If you have a Vizio 55″ 4k M series TV, then make sure the generic replacement screen says COMPATIBLE with Vizio 55″ 4k M series TV.

  280. DIY Project Help Tips

    Les Roediger,
    A screen will cost more than your TV is worth unless you get a generic from China on a site like Alibaba. The best way for you to find a screen is find one on Craigslist that has a bad board and use that TV for the replacement screen.

  281. Can you get tell me where to get a replacement TV screen for my two week old 28″ Vizio E28h C1? I have fixed many, but can’t seem to source a part for this.

  282. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a bad board in the TV causing the blue red horizontal line on the TV screen. If the TV was not hit or is not cracked, then a board may be causing the issue. This will involve unplugging the TV, removing the screws on the back, and visually examining the boards to see if you see one that is visually damaged. Look for popped or swelling little capacitors on the boards. If all boards are okay, you may have a screen issue. Is the screen cracked where the line is showing? Even a tiny crack can make that happen.

  283. I have a 32″ Westinghouse flat screen LCD TV. A small horizontal bluish red line appeared on my television about a year ago and I chose to ignore it since it was small. Well a year later, the line has spread and there are more throughout the screen. It wasn’t dropped or hit so I don’t know what happened. The warranty is out so I cant call the manufacturer. I was looking at screen repair shops but if there’s and easier/cheaper fix, I would rather go that route.

  284. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like you have a bad power supply board in your TV as to why it does not turn off and makes noise. You can either take the TV apart and check the board(s) for damage or junk it and buy a new one. 32″ TV’s are ultra cheap nowadays and it is going to be cheaper to buy a new TV then replace boards in a 32″ TV (if you factor in labor and time). You may find a new board for around $30 to $50 dollars online but there is no guarantee a new board will fix your TV without knowing which board is causing the problem. (You can usually spot a bad board in your TV if a single capacitor on a board has popped, split, or swelled up.)

  285. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jazmine James,
    If the TV screen is cracked and you have large black spots on your TV, that means obviously the screen needs replaced. Most likely an internal component may be making contact with the screen and/or a board was damaged when the TV was hit. So, you may have 2 things to replace to fix your cracked TV. You could take it to a TV repair shop and have them quote you on fixing it, then compare that quote to how much a new TV would cost you and go with whatever you think is the best decision.

  286. My 32 Insignia TV makes this horrible white noise sound after being on for an hour or more. Can’t mute, can’t turn it off with remote or manually. I have to unplug the TV to make it stop. The sound is horrible and really loud. I have never seen or heard a TV do this. Help me please. Or should I just buy a new TV. Approximately 8-9 years old. Thanks.

  287. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it can be fixed but the screen replacement is over $125.00 for Sceptre TV. A new TV is around $160.00 on Amazon and Wal-Mart. Would be best to replace to complete TV.

  288. Our TV is a Sceptre 32″ led 720p, we were playing the Wii and the remote hit the screen. We still get picture on the left side but the right top corner does not get picture and has those pixel lines. Can this be fixed?

  289. I have a TV that looks broke just like the one you are displaying on your site. Isn’t any possible way that I can fix it without having to buy another one? Can you let me know the best way how to do it? I would love to go on this venture and fix it myself.

  290. My sister hit the TV and it’s an internal cracked and a huge black spot. It’s white at the bottom. No stripes. It’s a Sony TV Model KDL-52W3000 SER# 8045881.

  291. DIY Project Help Tips

    John Beeson,
    Your Tv is locked into the service mode test patterns. You can try: With power off (tv unplugged), hold Ch UP and Ch Down together for 10 seconds. While still holding Ch up and down together, push power (plug in Tv), then let go. Select OSD button, there should be a letter in the lower right hand corner of the menu. Then hold OSD and Mute/Exit buttons together until factory menu comes up. Make adjustments with remote, select exit, then turn off power to save the adjustments.

  292. I have a Vizio E470I-A0 and it was hit by lightning. I have replaced the power supply board and the unit now powers up with audio but I get what looks like Vertical color bars across the entire screen. Looks like a test pattern. I have two main boards and I get the same result from both of them.

  293. My flat screen TV has had these weird vertical lines for the past week, so knowing how to get rid of them will make my TV watching experience more enjoyable. Determining whether the glass panel on my screen or the LCD or LED part of it is broken seems like something I should do right now. Both of those things seems really easy to fix.

  294. DIY Project Help Tips

    It might be a convergence issue. Go into the main TV menu under video settings and look for convergence. If it has an auto convergnce select that and wait a minute the TV will adjust itself and give you a clear picture. If the TV does not have an auto convergence and just regular convergence than select this. It will give you a grid pattern on your TV and you have to move the curser using TV remote and adjust each “point” so that each line is perfectly white. If you notice red or blue anywhere on that “line” then you have to adjust using the up, down, left and right arrow keys to “line up the red and blue lines with the nearest white line.

  295. My TV Is RCA just got it a year ago and it shows green lines, and double image, and it turns blue when there is nothing connected to the TV.

  296. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the complete screen showing the grey like flashing or just partial screen? Has something made hard contact with the screen or did this just start happening on its own?

  297. I have a Toshiba LCD TV 32CV500E and have had it for around 4 yrs. Suddenly its showing light grey like flashing light.. still I can hear sound. What the issue and can someone advise ?

  298. DIY Project Help Tips

    The only way to fix this is to replace the complete screen since there are spider cracks in the corner. You can try finding a new 65″ LED screen here and SEARCH FOR YOUR RCA TV MODEL NUMBER or it may be more financially viable to replace the complete TV.

  299. DIY Project Help Tips

    Diana S,
    Can you see any actual cracks on the TV screen or is it purely color lines going vertical? If you see cracks the screen needs replaced. If you see vert lines only, it may be a component in your TV that was damaged. You could unplug, and open up the TV and check to be sure all boards look okay inside the TV. A component such as a capacitor may have been damaged when the toy hit the screen. You most likely have a bad screen but in some rare cases simply changing out a board or a cap on a board can fix this issue.

  300. Less than 2 months after I purchased a new Sony Bravia 48″ 48R470 B LED HDTV a toy was thrown and bounced off the carpet and hit the TV screen. To the right side of the screen, there are vertical lines. It’s about 6″ wide. I can see a great picture on the rest of the screen. Is this repairable? Or worth repairing? It’s been sitting in my garage ever since. I purchased the TV in Sept 2015.

  301. I have a 65″ RCA LCD LED backlight. While moving I must have put to much stress on it because it is now cracked in the top right corner with some spider Web action. Is this fixable and if so how would I go about it.

  302. DIY Project Help Tips

    How old is your Samsung TV? Are the lines vertical or horizontal? Has anything made hard contact with the screen that you know of? Did this just start to happen or was it a slow process? Meaning, did it happen overnight or did you start to notice the white lines gradually appearing? Does the white line issue happen on all inputs?

  303. I have a Samsung unh46h5203afxzc with three big white lines that take up almost half the screen and the other half works perfectly?

  304. DIY Project Help Tips

    The only way to get your LG TV covered by either a warranty or elsewhere, is to have proof that it was damaged in shipping. If you bought the LG TV from a friend and they never opened it, then it could have been cracked while it was in transit. Where did your friend buy the TV? How old is the TV? What is the manufacturer date on the back of the TV? If the friend never opened it, sold it to you, and when you opened it, it was cracked, then the box should be damaged. If there is no box damage then the “damaged in shipping” can be ruled out. You could also take it up with your friend or have them help you track where the TV was bought originally.

    We have heard of people buying a TV at a retail shop and upon opening the TV found the screen was cracked. Obviously this was caused in shipping. The retailer and manufacturer did not believe this and refused to return the TV. This was usually because of a 3 to 4 day time period from the day they bought the TV. The retailer said “If the TV was cracked, you would have brought it back the same day”. The only thing the person could do was to go to another store, buy the same exact TV, go home, put the cracked TV in the new box, and returned it the same day. They had the amount of money gone that was originally invested in the first TV, but doing this got them a new TV, and got their money back from the secondary purchase. This was only done when the person knew they were right and the companies did not want to cooperate.

    (We are not giving advise on what to do here, just an example of the lengths people go to not get cheated out of the cost of a large flat screen TV when it was cracked on arrival)

  305. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the TV was hit by the remote control, meaning someone threw the remote control at the screen, then most likely this is NOT fixable. You can try to find a replacement screen but anything over 46″ is going to be somewhat expensive. You may get lucky and can find the exact TV you have on Craigslist that has a burned out control board and then swap out parts and make one good TV. Honestly your best bet is buying a new TV.

  306. My Toshiba 55″ was hit with the remote on bottom right but the whole right side starts out with lines then top half of right side is white and middle of right had black where remote hit. Bottom right is normal and left side is normal. Is this fixable? Thank you

  307. I have an LG TV 50LB5900 that has a broken/hit screen (it shows two pictures colorful in the middle and left bottom corner is normal and not damaged). The TV is still under warranty, But LG said they can’t cover it because it is a physical damage and not under warranty. I bought the TV from a friend. He said it was never opened. I opened it then I found this problem. I argued with LG they said they are sorry they cant do anything. TV is brand new and I am stuck with it. I don’t know what to do. Can this TV be fixed and if so, how much it will cost me, if you need pictures of it I will send them in. It is an LG 50″ inch model 50LB5900. Please let me know.

  308. I have a JVC LT-32PM748 HDTV. It just fell over one day and cracked. It’s only cracked on the inside though, not the outside which is still smooth and unbroken. It still works as I plugged it in and I can see the menu text on the screen between the cracks. I saw a video that said you can peel back the film that’s cracked and fix this problem, but it wasn’t in depth. Also, when I tried to expose the screen, I took out all the screws and only the back part came off. I think I need a diagram to properly disassemble. Any ideas, sources? If I end up having to buy a used replacement screen, does it have to be the exact model or can it be any 32″ JVC? I checked on eBay and there’s nothing available right now for this model.

  309. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you provide us with the model number of your LCD Samsung TV?
    Is the screen black, gray, lines, dots, cracked, or other?

  310. DIY Project Help Tips

    Where is crack located exactly? Top, bottom, sides?
    How did the crack happen?
    TV fell over, heavy pressure applied?
    Is the crack horizontal or vertical?

  311. Panasonic LED TV C400 VIETA PLAZMIA 50″
    Have a small crack in front screen no picture just black screen on startup still have sound.

  312. DIY Project Help Tips

    Do you have an LED. LCD, or Plasma TV? Is the complete screen gray? Are they gray lines now or is the complete area of the screen gray? Can you still hear sound? What is the make and model of your TV?

  313. When turning on our TV it always shows a gray screen. With vertical lines going through it. Over time it slowly goes down and the lines will go away with it. But now, the gray screen isn’t going down at all. What is going on and how can I fix this? Thank you for your time.

  314. DIY Project Help Tips

    You should call Samsung or the company you purchased the warranty from. If the white line appeared on its own and your Samsung TV did not fall over and crack, you should be covered. Especially since your TV is only 4 months old. Samsung TV warranty info is here.

  315. My Samsung TV did not fall over and crack, but all of a sudden there is a little white line in the left side of the TV. I bought it new 4 months ago and got an extended warranty. Will this be covered by my warranty? Or should i research what part may have gone bad and fix myself?

  316. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is there a certain portion of the screen that has the light lines? Or is it the whole TV screen? If it is in only one area, what part of the screen has the cracks or light lines, top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left? Are the lines going vertical or horizontal? Can you see the TV picture at all or is the color cracks blocking it? What is the model number of your Toshiba TV? Let us know and we can recommend what part to replace.

  317. My TV screen is not cracked. But the screen dropped on the desk. It is a Toshiba TV. When I turn on I see few color and the light line like cracks. What part should I change?

  318. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is your 65″ LG TV watchable? How old is it? Is the TV mounted? Is the TV in your home and not mounted outside on the patio? Did the crack happen as you were watching? Was the TV on when the crack appeared? Is there an “ink spot” and lines at the top right corner? Is the TV watchable? Which LG phone number did you call about the warranty?

  319. My tv is LG, Model # 65UB9300 , Serial # 410RMSPSQ339
    The TV showed an internal crack/spider crack which appeared on it’s own all of a sudden. It has also lines and some sort of ink spot on the upper right corner of the tv.
    The LG manufacturer said it’s not covered on the warranty as it is a physical damage, which I strongly opposed as we did not do anything with the tv, the defects just appear on it’s own and we did not cause any physical damage to it.

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