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Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine Error Codes Fix

If you have a Kenmore Elite HE3 washer and you are getting error codes, this page will help you to diagnose the problem. The most common error codes for this Kenmore washer is fault code F02, F11, F dl, F06, SUD, etc. We will show you below what these error codes mean and the solutions to fix them yourself.

Kenmore Elite HE Washing Machine Error Codes

Error code F02 – This means that the washer has a DRAIN issue. To fix this error code it is recommended to check the drain hose for kinks, and check the drain pump for anything that may be clogging it. Check to be sure the pump filter is not jammed or clogged. Check drain pump electrical connections. Replace drain pump if all else fails.

Error code F11 – Means that the machine has a communication issue. Most likely the washer has vibrated enough to vibrate wires loose. You will need to remove the top of the washer and inspect the wiring harnesses that go to and from the control board. One of the wires will probably be loose therefore causing this error code. Make sure all wire connections are secure.

Error code F dl – This fault code means that the washer door has a locking issue. Your washer will attempt to unlock the door 6 times before it displays the error. This error indicates a problem with the door lock mechanism and or door lock switch assembly. This error could also mean there is no communication between the control board and door lock. This could indicate a loose wire between the door lock assembly and the control board.

Error code F06 – Indicates a problem with the drive motor. The control panel is not able to detect the motors speed and therefore the machine will shut down. When the washer is in a spin mode and this error occurs, the washer door will be locked for 3 minutes. Check wire harnesses on drive motor, motor control unit, and control board.

Error code SUD – This indicates that the washer has either the wrong detergent or an overload of detergent. SUD means excessive soap suds have been detected. To fix this issue run the washer on a rinse cycle and then on a normal wash cycle and DO NOT add any detergent or clothing. This procedure will reset the washer and remove the excess detergent. If this does not fix the issue, check the drain hose for kinks or bends. Check the drain pump filter. If the above does not resolve the issue, check the drain pump for clogs.

Kenmore HE3 Front-Load Washer Disassembly – Washing Machine Repair Help

This video will assist you if you need to take your washer apart

Kenmore Elite washer owners manuals and troubleshooting guides are available here – Kenmore Washer Manuals 1Kenmore Washer Manual 2. These pages list all different model numbers of Kenmore Elite washers. Make sure to write down which model number you have before checking for your owners manual. You can type your model number into the search box after the words “Kenmore Elite washer” on the manual search page.

Kenmore Washer HE3 Not Draining – How to fix F2 error on Kenmore Washer

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Do you have other suggestions for repairing and troubleshooting a Kenmore Elite washing machine? Please leave a comment below to assist our other readers.

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11 thoughts on “Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine Error Codes Fix”

  1. Elite HE3 Washer is having issues in the final spin cycle for normal wash. Error code SUD or F6 will pop up. Must unplug washer for 3 minutes to get the light to flash on spin drain. Tryed to run washer with no cloths in on spin drain and unit stops after a few minutes and code error F6. Drain hose is fine, water pump is fine, water pump filter is fine. I was a service tech for 14 years with Sears Roebuck Service Center and I have researched the codes and tryed running washer with no cloths.
    Thank you

  2. I checked the drain filter, and it was clear. Then I removed the drain hose that goes from the pump up to the right rear of the machine, as well as the hose that goes from the back of the machine into my washer drain line. You wouldn’t believe how gunked up those were after 15 years of use! Note: they are both clear, see-through hoses. If they look like grey or tan plastic, they are full of gunk! It’s a wonder water was able to flow through them! The inner hose is not easy to clean, but you can get most of the gunk out. Recommended cleaning schedule: 3-5 years.

  3. Thank you for the video CBDZOBY! Showed it to my husband and we were finally able to fix the washer just 2 days before Sears would have come out and took $150 for diagnostics – you are my hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. My Kenmore Elite washer was displaying error F33. Also the water was gushing in like in the beginning of the cycle but the machine wouldn’t move on so the water was still flowing in for about 8 minutes. It seems to be coming from the cold water. Any idea?

  5. My Kenmore he3t is giving error code F20. I have replaced the inlet valve and the flowmeter, but still getting the same error code. I have sufficient water pressure and new connection hoses, so I know the water is getting to the inlet valve. What else could be causing the error code?

  6. Error code Fdl
    Looked at the tongue on the door that engages the latch.
    Is it broken?
    Is it hitting the opening squarely?
    I believe sagging door hinge bushings may have caused my problem.

  7. We fixed the Kenmore washer F02 error code by taking off the black drain hose at the very bottom of the washer – the wide accordion one. It was clogged with pen lids and golf tees and the like. Works like new again. 0$. Tip: Use vice grips to hold the clamps open to replace the hoses.

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