LG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F or Er IF

LG REFRIGERATOR SHOWS 1F or IF on Display = ICE MAKER BLOWER FAN or ICE MAKER MOTOR ERROR. What does it mean and how do I fix it? When your LG refrigerator shows the ERROR CODE 1F or IF, this indicates a possible issue with either the ice blower fan, wire harness problem, main control board, other wiring issue, or the ice maker motor. The refrigerator should continue to work properly such as cooling the fridge section and freezing in the freezer but the ice maker will not work and you may have water leaking. Here is how to fix it and what parts to repair or replace…

LG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F or Er IF - What To Check - How To FixLG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F or Er IF – What To Check – How To Fix

LG Refrigerator Error Code Er IF & LG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F

The Er IF Error Indicates The Ice Maker Blower Fan has a Loose Wiring Connection or may be Frozen or the Ice Maker Motor is Faulty.
NOTE: Also check these other parts to be sure there are no other issues causing the error code:
– The Ice Maker Blower Fan May Be Blocked or Frozen and unable to function properly.
– Ice Fan Motor May Be Defective and needs to be Removed and Replaced.
– Wiring on the Fan to or from the Control Board is Damaged, Not Connected, or Loose.
– The Main Control Board has Failed Or the Wiring is Damaged, Not Connected, or Loose.

The LG error code Er 1F may mean the ice maker blower fan motor is not functioning and could be faulty or there may be a wiring issue with the ice maker blower fan motor. The ice maker blower fan is located in the freezer. This fan blows air into the door so the ice cubes stay frozen. Depending on which LG refrigerator model you have, the ICE PLUS button on the display panel makes the Ice Maker Blower Fan run at a higher speed. This function moves more air so the fan will not frost up and become stuck thus showing the error code.

LG Refrigerator Er IF Error Code On Display
LG Refrigerator Er IF Error Code On Display

You may see water dripping out of the dispenser or the bottom of the freezer door. This may indicate the ice maker blower fan has become frozen with frost or the fan is faulty and needs to be replaced. If you find the fan to be frozen, all you need to do is defrost the fridge and this will fix the problem and will clear the Er 1F error code.

LG Refrigerator Error Code IF or 1F Fix/Repair

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Blower Fan – How To Remove and Replace?

Here are the 2 MAIN parts that may be causing the error code Er 1F in your LG refrigerator:

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Blower Fan AssemblyLG Refrigerator Ice Maker Blower Fan
(Part that is most likely causing the Er 1F error code in your LG refrigerator)

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker MotorLG Refrigerator Ice Maker Motor

Check the air vents in the freezer section to be sure they are not blocked, see image below…

Air Vents In LG Refrigerator Freezer Section That Blow The Air From The ICE MAKER BLOWER FAN To The ICE MAKERAir Vents In LG Refrigerator Freezer Section That Blow The Air
Check to be sure these vents are not BLOCKED

NOTE 1: The code showing on the LG refrigerator may show Er 1f, Er IF, Er 1F, or just 1F, IF, or F1. These error codes are all indicating the same thing (ICE MAKER FAN). The true error code for a faulty Ice maker motor or Ice blower fan is “1F” as per the LG refrigerator error code database.

NOTE 2: The 1F error code and the IF error code can be confused for the same error code but each mean different but similar issues. For an LG refrigerator showing the If error code, this indicates that the LG refrigerator is detecting a problem with the LG refrigerator’s ice maker fan which is part of the 1F error code. This may occur when frost or ice buildup occurs around the ice maker fan. You may be able to simply remove the ice buildup around the ice maker fan and this will solve the issue. Defrosting the complete refrigerator may be another possible solution to the IF error code on LG refrigerators.

Need assistance with your LG fridge showing the Er 1F error code? Please leave your question below and we will assist.

22 thoughts on “LG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F or Er IF”

  1. Our LG Refrigerator does this ER 1F code everyday, the ice makers have been turned off every time. It goes away for couple hrs. Every time we open the door it shows the same code. Anyone out there that can fix this appliance please help me if I can fix this problem.

  2. I had the Er 1f error code in my LG. I opened the back panel in the freezer, and there was ice all over inside. I defrosted it, and put everything back in. It removed the error code, and my ice maker and water dispenser worked beautifully. 3 months later the code is back. What do I do if it continues to freeze up? What is the most likely problem at this point? Thank you.

  3. I have an LFX31925ST refrigerator. I am getting the IF error code. I can unplug the frig and the code will clear for days or hours, but it always comes back. I thought it was the blower fan as indicated here, but when I spoke to someone at a parts store online they said this refrigerator did not have that blower fan part on it at all and recommended calling a repair guy. I would like to order the part and my husband can easily change it out, but I need to know what part I need to order. Do we need to replace the icemaker or is there a blower fan associated with this particular refrigerator/freezer? Please help me locate the right part to fix the issue! Thank you.

  4. I’m getting the same code as everyone else. LG Error Er 1F. I see all the questions but I don’t see any answers on how to fix it. I did have ice build up and I did defrost, so what’s next?? change fan? motherboard? part numbers?

  5. I have LG fridge model LSXS26366S. First symptom was slight water drip from water dispenser. NO alarm code. Few hours later I got an alarm but NO CODE. The ice maker had quit working.

    I removed the ice container, thawed it out completely. Saw nothing really that even appeared like the freezer needs defrosting. Fan works fine, blower works, etc.

    I am still getting an alarm but without a code display. What could be the issue? I changed the water filter. No help. I noticed, however, when I put the original filter back on that there was pressure buildup when I removed the water filter. The pressure released when I removed the filter, and it has never done this before.

    Right now, I have unplugged the fridge, will wait half an hour and then try again.

    Questions: What could be the reason I get an alarm but no code? Secondly, can there be an issue with the freezer needing to be defrosted if there appears to be no visible ice formation?

  6. The error code rE only comes up. There is no ice build up in freezer or refrigerator. We have been able to make the code go away by unplugging refrigerator and then plugging back in. That only last about 4 hours, and then we have to unplug again. What else can we do to solve the problem. Thank you.

  7. LFX23961ST water and ice stopped functioning at same time. new filter. no power per LED lights at ice maker. this model is said to not have a code system. i assume its the ice maker blower motor. only way i know to test without opening it up is to set to ice plus and depress door button and I’m not getting any air or sound from fridge vents. any ideas?? thanks

  8. Hello,

    For my LG french door fridge with the same front ice maker and back fan, my solution to the “Er 1f” error is to unplug it, put a hair dryer on full blast from the freezer door facing the rear vents (supposedly where the cooling element is). This melts the ice that gets the fan stuck. Works for me all the time, cheap too, but really annoying as I have to do this every few months.

  9. My refrigerator door was left open for a week when I was away. It now shows anEr 1F on the screen, but my ice cube maker is turned off, so I don’t think there is a problem with the ice maker. Is it because the refrigerator was left open? Should I be concerned about the refrigerator getting cool again? We unplugged the refrigerator and replugged it. The Er 1F went away but then came back.

  10. Robert F Griner

    our LG Model LFX25975ST showed ER IF. I replaced the blower fan and it still says the ER. Online help suggests resetting the ice maker, problem is mine doesn’t have a reset button anywhere, I checked everywhere. They suggest replacing the blower motor or control board. Anyone else have this IF not 1F problem (similar but not the same). How did you solve it?

  11. Robert Blameuser

    I have er iF (or 1f) and there is a problem with the fan. But it runs intermittently. I took the fan out and tested it by applying appropriate voltage to the black and red wires and it ran 100% of the time at constant speed with over 20 tests. But when installed in the fridge it speeds up, slows down and stops, and even pulsates like it’s trying to turn but isn’t getting enough juice. I’m thinking the fan is OK, but maybe the control board? I have no way to test that. Or is there circuitry in the fan itself that can cause it to misbehave when installed? I thin the “motor” part of the fan assembly is working fine.

  12. CONTROL BOARD WATCH OUT!!! If you choose to replace the Control Board, be sure to check the part number on the existing control board and make sure you order the correct part. (should be something like EBR349171### ) I looked up the part using the LG Model number on SearsPartsDirect. When I installed the new control panel and fan, the IF code was gone, but error ER-CO showed up. I returned the board assuming it was defective and SearsPartsDirect sent me a new one. Same problem. Finally I called a service technician to look at it. The board SearsPartsDirect sent me was not the same board that my fridge needed. The boards looked exactly alike except it had a different part number. I now contacted SearsPartsDirect to send me the correct board which happens to cost $70 more than the other one. I had to pay $97 for a Sears technician to tell me that SearsPartsDirect sent me the wrong part.

  13. Our error code is: Er 1F, although I guess it could be iF – it is hard to tell…….

    Ice maker is not working. Every once in a while somewhere in the refrigerator/freezer I hear a bit of a gurgling noise for about 6 or 7 seconds then it stops for a few seconds and then it does it again for another 6 or 7 seconds and then it stops for several minutes before it starts up again. I am a bit of a hand guy and can fix things if I know what is wrong with them…. Any idea?


  14. I have the ER/1F code on my fridge. There are not obstructions to the fan. Can anyone direct me how to fix this step by step?

  15. Robert L McGrady Sr

    We had the same problem in the same error codes we unplug the fridgerator for one full day a thawed out completely and we haven’t had a problem since…

  16. Kimberly G Wallace

    I have an LG Model number LFXS307265/02 Inverter Linear that has the error code E on the Refrigeration display.
    The freezer display shows error code rF.

  17. I also have the E 1F error on my LG model LMXS27626S fridge. I have replaced the ice maker assembly part # AEQ73110210 and that did not fix my problem. Do you know what part I need to replace to fix this?
    If so could you provide the part number?

  18. John dickerson

    Er if code comes on every 3-4 hrs. Unplug and resolved plug makes it go away for another 3-4 hrs. Changed fans and board but did not fix problem. This is a 5 yr old French door LG.

  19. John Maruszak

    I have same issue with ER IF error. After breaker box cycle, error goes away, then reappears shortly after.
    Is that likely the Ice Maker Blower motor?
    The only other information I have is that since we bought this unit, the Ice-making system has been troublesome.
    When temps in house change, ice maker has habit of badly clogging with partly melted ice and eventually grinds it into ice-dust and actually forces the ice-cube storage container to rise and jam itself in the ice maker.
    We have to pull it out and dump it and clear the jam.
    This is an LG LFX31945ST / 00 unit.

  20. DIY Project Help Tips

    You are getting the error code UT on your LG refrigerator?
    Or are you getting the Er 1F common error code?
    Please explain and we will assist

  21. My error shows up. Ut disappears after I unplug and replug the refrigerator within minutes.
    After i plugged it back in, everything is working fine.
    However, after some time, like an hour, the error shows up again.
    Does this indicate anything on what is broken?

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