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The Ice Maker On My LG Refrigerator Does Not Make Ice – How To Fix?

I have an LG refrigerator with a bottom freezer. We recently replaced the water filter as it was more than 6 months old. Once the water filter was replaced we noticed the ice maker did not make ice. I replaced the ice maker, water valve, and a water line and still no ice from the ice maker. I am beginning to think it is a wiring problem or a control board issue.

Quick Answer: Check your water filter. Make sure the water filter is IN completely. If the water filter in your refrigerator is not installed properly water cannot flow through it. Remove the water filter and inspect it. Slide the water filter back in and be sure you PUSH AND TWIST to lock it in. LG Refrigerator Manuals Here.

LG refrigerator ice maker no ice

The water filter on newer refrigerators need to be “Twist Locked” into place. If the water filter is not installed correctly the water will not flow and therefore no ice or water will come from the dispenser.

This is a very common issue with newer refrigerators. Many times when the water filter is changed, the ice maker stops working. This is often misdiagnosed and people think the ice maker is bad. We have seen people ordering ice makers, send them back, and reorder a new one, only to find out the ice maker still does not make ice. The ice maker will never work if the water filter is not installed correctly.

LG Refrigerator Water Filters – How Often To Replace Filter?

If you have recently changed your refrigerator water filter and the water dispenser/ice dispenser stops working, the filter was not installed properly. When this happens follow the steps below…

1. Turn off the water to the refrigerator if needed.
(most refrigerators have a water shut off behind the water filter and manually shutting off the water is not needed)
2. Remove the water filter and other pieces of plastic.
3. Check the water filter and filter housing for anything that may prevent it from connecting.
4. Replace the water filter by pushing in and twisting it until it locks into place.
5. Turn the water back on if you turned it off.
6. Check to see if water or ice dispense.

If the ice and water dispense, the water filter was not installed properly.
If you continue to have issues with the ice maker or water dispenser you will need to check the following…

Reasons why your ice maker stopped working

1. Water filter installed incorrectly – MOST LIKELY
2. Water inlet valve is faulty
3. Water line is bent, kinked or frozen
4. Ice maker/dispenser motor faulty
5. Wiring issue
6. Board issue

Check water inlet valve at back of fridge to be sure it is opening to let water in.
Use a meter and be sure it is working.
Replace it if you find an issue.

Check water lines to be sure they are not bent or kinked.
Bent water lines will let some water though but not enough to work correctly.
Replace any water lines that you find damaged or extremely kinked.

Check that the ice maker is working properly.
Be sure the ice maker cycles and the ice tray is turning.
Use the button on bottom of ice maker to test/reset.
Make sure water is getting to the ice maker.
Use a multimeter to be sure the ice maker gets power.
If ice maker tray does not turn it may be jammed.
Unjam the ice maker by removing all ice and resetting it.

Check and secure all wiring to ice maker, dispenser, and boards.
If the wiring harnesses is not connected properly a component may not work.
If you find any lose wire harnesses, reconnect.
If you find any damaged wiring, replace or repair the wiring.

This DIY page is meant for newer LG refrigerators but can be used as a general guide for all newer refrigerators. The “I installed a new water filter on my refrigerator and the ice maker stopped working” is very common and this article will help you to fix your refrigerator and get water to flow to the ice maker and water dispenser.

If after reading this complete page you still cannot get the ice maker to work, please leave your question below with your refrigerator model number and we will be happy to assist.

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14 thoughts on “The Ice Maker On My LG Refrigerator Does Not Make Ice – How To Fix?”

  1. LG lmxc23746s/01 Ice Maker not filling with water. I have:
    1. replaced water filter
    2. reset ice maker
    3. replaced ice maker
    4. replaced main water valve
    5. replaced water/ice valves
    6. replaced sub PCB
    7. replaced fan motor that serves ice maker compartment
    Now, the ice type button is no longer working
    I have inspected wire connections, including connectors at top of door. Only part that I have not replaced is the main PCB control board. Used LG phone app and it states nothing is wrong. Any suggestions???

  2. Michael L Hoots

    LG LMXC23746 icemaker will not fill with water. I have pressurized the RO tank and the water dispenser works. I have activated the reset button and the tray dutifully rotates and twists. But with the icemaker turned to ON, the ice tray will not fill with water.

  3. Barrie Boutall

    This is a fix we discovered for our LG French Door Refrigerator with the ice dispenser in the bottom freezer area. There is no reset button on this model: LFRD25850SW. The ice maker quit running and we realized the ice was frozen solid in the ice maker; we could not feel any of the blades, etc.. We emptied the bin, and poured hot water into the filling area until all of the ice floated up and into pieces. The ejector blades were positioned in the down position near the front of the ice maker and easy to move so we let it fill, dumped the extra water into the bin and it works!
    This will help owners who have models without ice maker door dispensing as a possible first step rather than replacing ice maker parts or buying a new refrigerator.

  4. I have a newly installed LG LFXS28968S refrigerator. The water dispenser is working but the icemaker is not. The ice tray has not filled with water after eight hours since installation. I checked online advice and it said to push and hold the test/fill button. I have taken out the storage unit and looked under the icemaker and don’t see any such test/fill. I have turned the on/off switch on and off several times. The ice tray rotates slightly but water does not come into the tray. I’d appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks.

  5. I changed my water filter last night and came home at 5pm with no ice and the freezer leaking water, plus everything in the freezer melted. Even the refrigerator seems to be not cold and water not coming out cold. I took out the filter and readjusted it to make sure it was in properly.
    I have a LG side by side model number LSXS26326s

  6. Water goes in and makes ice, but it only dispense ice when I push the reset button, otherwise ice tray doesn’t move. Could it be that the sensor is broken? I also made sure the freezer temperature is between 0 and 5.

  7. LG Model LMX25964ST
    Icemaker is not working
    changed the filter and the icemaker was working before. Have made sure that the filter is properly installed. there is an off/on button but no ability to test the machine is working I dont see a reset button. the metal handle in front of the icemaker you can lift up and down and the machine appears to be rotating or the teeth seem to be moving. there is no ice in the machine stuck.
    Now when I remove the new filter to make sure it is secure there seems to be pressure and water drips but you can push up and twist to secure. water is dispensing fine though a little cloudy and is getting clearer. this was purchased at least 5 +years ago

  8. greg armstrong

    I have a LG French door model # GC-L197HFS
    it is leaking from the bottom of the door.how can I fix it

  9. I have an LG fridge model lfcs25663s.
    I have water leaking at the top of the water line where it is attached to fridge every time it comes on.
    I replaced the waterline valve unit same problem.
    Put a rod down in the water tunnel it hits something it pushes it just a little it is not ice.
    The water is being pushed back to the wall of the fridge where the waterline is attached and seeps out.
    I clean the line and blew air down the water tunnel, it does not pass into the icemaker which is a bottom freezer ice maker.

  10. The icemaker compartment of my LG Refrigerator UFX25975ST is warm and therefore not producing ice. I just replaced the ice fan & motor in the bottom freezer compartment and that didn’t solve the problem – what next?

    Ted Melcher

  11. The ice maker leaking (water inside door) was told by repair person this is a common issue with LG refrigerator and that it would cost $300 to repair.Was told that after 1to 2 years this would have to be fix again he advised me to just turn off water to ice maker is this normal.

  12. lg lsxs26326s not making ice. I replaced ice maker. No ice. I pushed the ice maker reset button on ice maker. No ice. I leave the freezer door open for about 10 mins. I push the ice maker reset button again and water fills the ice maker and makes ice. I close the freezer door and it makes 2 batches of ice and then it stops making ice again. Refrigerator about two years old. Door water dispensor always works

  13. I have an lg French door ref. I believe the ice maker dc motor is bad. Model # of ref is LMXS30746S. THE Moter is behind the lower freezer door. Can i get a part # for the BLDC motor. I have no airflow into the ice maker vents from the ref section.

  14. Whirlpool WRS571CIDM01 ice maker not calling for water.
    Have replaced water filter, ice maker and control board.
    Have power to ice maker and water dispenser works fine.

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