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TV Has Different Color Vertical Lines On Screen – How To Fix?

TV has vertical colored lines on the screen. This is a common issue with many TVs. Vertical colored lines usually show on a TV screen when the T-Con board is not working properly. Many times this can simply be caused from wiring that is not securely fastened. Other times the T-Con Board itself may be faulty and need to be replaced.

TV Vertical Colored Lines On Screen

A TV screen that shows vertical colors may be caused from a loose cable wiring, loose board, a control board “grounding” issue, a damaged screen, or a faulty T-Con board. A loose wire or bad T-Con board is explained below.

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What causes vertical colored lines on a TV screen?

When a TV is showing vertical colored lines, a loose wire cable in the TV might be the cause. If you knock on the back of the TV, the vertical colored lines MAY disappear temporarily. This is a sign that a cable is loose or the T-Con board is faulty.

What to do when your TV has colored vertical lines showing?

If you experience a TV showing colored vertical lines, try gently tapping in different areas on the back of the TV, you may see the vertical colored lines go away completely or they might decrease in intensity. If so, you may simply have a loose wiring cable. This is not a permanent solution, but may prevent the vertical colored lines from showing temporarily. To fix this permanently, you need to troubleshoot the issue and find out which wiring harness may be loose, faulty or damaged.

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What can be done to fix vertical colored lines on a TV?

If you suspect a loose cable within your TV, you will need to open up the TV and secure the cable and check the T-Con board. To do this safely and without damaging your TV, please see the video below for how to open a tv panel…

How To Remove Back Panel On TV?

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE – Before disassembling your TV, turn it off, unplug the TV, and wait a few hours so the power the TV holds inside discharges to avoid SHOCK.

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What is causing my TV to show vertical lines in color?

If you find no loose wiring cables in your TV, then the T-Con board is most likely at fault. Here is how to remove and replace your Television T-Con board…

How do I replace the T-Con board in my TV? (Timing Control Board)
1. Write down the brand of the television
2. Write down the model number of the television
3. Write down the serial number of the television
4. Unscrew the back cover of the TV
5. Locate the screws on back or side of tv panel (usually 8 to 10 screws)
6. Locate the T-Con board – Board may be hidden under cover (T-Con usually located at the top middle position of the TV)
7. The T-Con board is connected to the main board (LVDS Cable) and the LCD panel (flat ribbon cables)
8. Unplug the cables and ribbon cables that connect to the T-Con board
(Use caution when removing cables as they are delicate and can be damaged easily – Do not use tools to pry cable connections)
9. Remove the screws or nuts from the T-Con board to remove it from the TV
10. Find the barcode located on the T-Con board
11. The first long alphanumeric code is the part number for the T-Con board
12. Write down the part number of the T-Con board
13. Go to Google and type in “T-Con board for _____ TV, Model Number ___________”
(Or go to Amazon to get faster shipping (Yes, Amazon sells TV parts)
14. Be sure the T-Con board part number from your TV matches up with the one you find online
15. Purchase the T-Con board for your television

T-Con Board - Television Replacement PartsT-Con Boards for all Televisions – TIMING CONTROL BOARDS

How to install a T-Con board in a TV? (Timing Control Board)
1. Put the new T-Con board into place where it was connected before
2. Secure it using the screws or nuts provided or from the old T-Con screws or nuts
3. Attach the T-Con board cables (LVDS and Ribbon Cables)
(Use caution when attaching cables as they are delicate and can be damaged easily – Do not use tools to pry cable connections)
4. Attach the cover over the T-Con Board – If applicable
5. Put the rear panel of the TV back into place
6. Secure it using the screws
7. Turn on the TV and the colored vertical lines are gone – TV Fixed

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NOTE: Be sure you do some troubleshooting before you order any new parts. This article is meant for the most common issues concerning vertical colored lines on a TV screen. If you are having similar issues, you may have to troubleshoot a bit more to find the true issue.

All the methods to troubleshoot why your LED LCD TV has vertical colored lines applies to all brands of TVs – The T-Con board functions the same in all Televisions and all the above info can be used on any and all TVs with a malfunctioning T-Con Board.

Bad T-Con board? IS your TV still under warranty? Check here by using these TV brand links for warranty claims listed by popularity: Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Insignia, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Magnavox, Sanyo, and Emerson.

Having issues with your TV showing vertical colored lines? We can help! Please describe the issue below and include the model number of your television.

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15 thoughts on “TV Has Different Color Vertical Lines On Screen – How To Fix?”

  1. I have a Sony XBR-65X900C 4k TV and it has vertical line on the of the screen and I am wondering how to go about it by fixing it?

  2. I have an element tv model number ELEFT436. My TV has yellow, orange, and red bar like vertical lines that appear to be in front of the picture (which I can still see). I’m wondering if it is possible to be the tcon board.

  3. I have a jvc lt-43c790 and my child threw a toy of it and there is now a spider crack and coloured lines up and down and across is there any where I can buy parts thanks

  4. My Vizio has vertical lines. We checked wiring. Found corrosion on one of the ribbon cables going from t con board to bottom of TV. Cleaned cables but vertical lines still there. Should I try to replace t con board or is it unfixable.

  5. I have a Sony XBR-65X900C which shows thick magenta and black stripes and occasionally other colors too. The problem started intermittently but is now constant. Audio still works and occasionally the picture will revert to normal but only for a minute or two. I have replaced the T-CON board with no success. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  6. Hello, I have a samsung UN55KS8000FXZA. A couple of days ago my wife and daughter were viewing a show when the tv suddenly darkened and filled the screen with colorful vertical lines, you can still hear the sound but no screen. Any idea what I can do? It’s about 2 years old.

  7. Richard Williams

    I have a Vizio 65” 3D smart tv model #M3D650SV. I bought the tv from a friend knowing that it had three vertical pixel lines on the right side of the screen and towards the middle of the tv it has these two lite black half moon shapes on the top and bottom of the screen. Will this be a easy fix for a diy like myself and could you tell me if it is the t-con that needs replaced.

  8. I have a TCL Roku tv, model number 55S401, that has no picture but has sound. When unplugging one side of the t con board, the side plugged in shows vertical bars of varying purple colors over to the side the was unplugged, which is white, but that side also has purple in it. Faulty t con or panel?

  9. I have LG TV 42LE4500 after i changed the back light LED, i found vertical lines in center on screen
    i checked all cable, the cable is very tied.
    before change the back light the screen it was working well.

  10. Hi,

    I have vertical lines on my Sony Bravia KDL-42w705b. I first changed the t-con and secondly the main board but the issue remained the same on both occasions. Any suggestions on what I should try next?

  11. I have a Samsung ue46d8000 led tv with vertical colored lines. Already replaced the T con board. The lines were gone for a few hours, but now slowly come back.
    What could be wrong?

  12. Model: un46b6000vfxza
    The panel’s 3rd line of pixels lights up, but every 3rd line of pixels after that is dark. Each 3rd row after the original 3rd row slowly picks up the strongest led value for each color moving from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. The problem persists on all inputs except on pc. On pc if I move the screen position above the 3rd line of pixels each subsequent 3rd line stays dark but does not begin to pickup color values. Also i checked the defect log in the service menu and there are multiple errors that say IIC Error!! 0x4a FRCQ_PCA9546.

  13. Ramon C Martinez

    Switched out all 3 components of the tv. Once turning back on half the screen was normal, and the other half had vertical lines. Powered down the system re-checked connections, once turning back on the whole screen had vertical lines. Vizio 60″

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