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Fix Noisy Faucet – Water Hammering Troubleshooting

Water faucet hammering and makes noise when running water. A noisy faucet can be caused by a few different parts. Water supply components may be faulty or worn out. Checking all of the water supply parts can help you determine and fix the noise. A noisy water faucet can mean a part in the water supply system is vibrating. If a part is vibrating a sound will be heard. A worn or faulty washer, cartridge, seal, spindle, gasket, or check valve in the water supply system or in the faucet can cause the noise. These issues can cause a humming, hammering, banging, knocking, or vibration noises. To determine which part is causing this you will need to troubleshoot the water supply system and faucet.

noisy faucet makes hammering sound

Water hammer can be loud noises that start out as a banging or hitting noise. This can also produce a noise that echoes loudly. When you hear these noises when you quickly open a kitchen or bathroom faucet, it means there is most likely air trapped in the water pipes.

A common issue that causes the “faucet vibrating noise” is when the water supply valves to the faucet are not completely open. When this happens, the water that flows through the valve is constricted and vibrates the inside of the valve. This reaction then vibrates the faucet and makes the common hammering noise. When high pressure water enters the water valve, a worn out washer or seal can be moved back and forth rapidly and cause the vibration noise. Fully open the water valves to rule the valves out when troubleshooting a noisy faucet. See video below for help…

To fix any hammering noise coming from your kitchen or bathroom faucet: Turn the faucet on. Listen for the hammering sound. Go under the sink and listen for what part is making the sound (plumbing under sinks vary). Isolate the part making the sound. Find the part that is creating the loud hammering noise. This part is the one that needs to be replaced or possibly repaired. If you do try and repair a plumbing part, always use a silicone type of grease when lubing the seals or gaskets. Do not use normal petroleum jelly.


The hot or cold water valves are NOT FULLY OPEN.
Partially closed water valves will cause the knocking or vibrating noise issue.
Locate valves under sink and physically check to be sure hot and cold valves are fully open.
Make sure the hot and cold water valves are FULLY OPEN.

water valve to faucetWater Plumbing Valve

Water pressure regulator may be set too high.
Excessively high water pressure can cause the hammering vibrating sound.
Check water pressure gauge or regulator to ensure water pressure is set correctly.
If water pressure is set too high, turn down to the appropriate pressure.

Water going through water pipe vibrates.
The water piping may be vibrating against the wall.
This vibrating can cause the sound.
Isolate the water pipe that is vibrating.
Use a water pipe clamp and attach it securely to the wall to stop it from vibrating.

Water valve is worn out and causing the noise.
Worn out or deformed washer in the water valve can cause the vibrating noise.
Troubleshoot if the cold or hot water valve is the issue.
Remove and replace the water valve causing the issue.

Faulty spindle on a hot and cold faucet can cause the noise.
The spindle becomes worn and will cause hammering.
Remove and replace the faulty spindle.

Faulty cartridge on a mixer tap faucet can cause the noise.
The cartridge becomes worn and will cause hammering.
Remove and replace the faulty cartridge.

Water lines have air trapped inside.
Occurs when water has been turned off or not in use over time.
Turn the faucet on and run the water to flush the air out.
After a few minutes of flushing air, turn the faucet off for 5 minutes.
May need to install air chamber silencers or water hammer arrestor if problem is not a temporary one.

plumbing valves

The following parts of a water supply system can cause noise:

  1. Water cartridge in mixer tap faucet
  2. Spindle on a hot and cold faucet
  3. Rubber seals in water valves
  4. Washers in water valves
  5. Teflon tape hanging into water supply
  6. Loose water pipe hitting wall
  7. Home water pressure regulator issues

NOTE: May need to install water hammer arrestors or a pressure reducing valve if problem cannot be solved.

If you need further help with a noisy faucet please leave the problem you are having with a full description in the question box below.

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8 thoughts on “Fix Noisy Faucet – Water Hammering Troubleshooting”


    My kitchen tap makes hammering sound which lasts for almost a 30 secs every 4 minutes. It is very annoying in the night. My landlord doesn’t help either. Can you please help me?

  2. Hi For the past 2/3 days at about 4/5 am we hear very loud machine gun type of sounds in the bathroom sink. Once we turn the tap on and let the water run for a few minutes then the sound disappears. Please advise

  3. Brand new moen 150$ faucet will start flow slow when opening both hot or cold and if try and turn it up more after it will hammer one time hard but not do it again until the faucet is left off for an hour or so. Also suddenly started getting air in the pipes all the time, every time i turn on any faucet hot or cold it will spurt releasing air every time.. what could cause this on a Constant 60psi regulated city mains, no leaks im almost positive. Pex system, expansion tank, new wh, new fixtures..

  4. THANK YOU! Our laundry hot faucet barely allows any flow before the hammering starts. A quick few turns of the water supply valve and it’s fixed. Four years of that pain … no more!

  5. We have installed new faucets in upper level bathroom. When our washer machine adds water for rinse cycle the cold water line to the new faucet bangs loud enough to hear it on the first floor. The washing machine is a front loader and will start to add water then faucet will bang and washer will stop and then add water again. This happens 3 times per load. The cold water line bounces from the bang but I do not fill the actual shut off valve vibrate. The water line is not a braided line and was already in the home before we changed the faucet. Have a new pressure tank installed on tankless gas water heater and pressure lines on the washing machine. Need suggestions. Thanks

  6. Water Hammering Sound
    When we turn off faucets when water stops running we get a hammering sound.
    The sound is always in the same bathroom.
    We did have a new walk in shower installed.
    Do not get noise all the time.

  7. I had a new Vulcan Freeloader gas hot water 135L installed one week ago, now all the hot water taps have banging noises for about 10 to 15 seconds when it turns on, even I have set the hot water to about 45 degree Celsius. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. My stepfather accidentally left the hot water running full blast in the bathroom for several hours. This morning the kitchen faucet is making a loud knocking noise. Please help!

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