AC Not Blowing Cold Air – What Can I Do?

Most common reasons your (AC) Air Conditioner BLOWS WARM AIR… An AC not blowing cold air is the most common air conditioner problem. Could it be so hot outside that the AC cannot get down to the set temperature? YES, so take that into consideration. However, this issue is usually caused by a few different problems within the AC itself. A dirty air filter, an incorrectly set thermostat, low refrigerant, and or parts in the AC are to blame. Read the detailed reasons below to find out what is causing your AC to not blow cold air.

AC blows hot air

AC blows hot air – How to fix?

AIR FILTERS ARE DIRTY – The most common reason for AC blowing warm air is a clogged AC air filter. If the air filter is blocked with dust, the AC cannot receive the needed air flow. The cooled air in your home goes back into the AC through the air filters so keep them clean. Be sure to check your home for more than one air filter. Replace your AC air filters when dirty or every 30 to 90 days. How to clean split system AC?

THERMOSTAT SET INCORRECTLY – Check to be sure the thermostat that controls the AC unit is NOT set to FAN ONLY. If you find the AC is blowing warm air out through the vents, check the settings of the thermostat or thermostats. The controller may have been accidentally set to FAN ONLY. FAN ONLY is exactly what it sounds like. The fan will blow air but the Condenser and Compressor are not in action.

REFRIGERANT IN SYSTEM IS LOW – When the refrigerant in the AC system gets low, the air blowing from the vents will be warm. The refrigerant coolant within the AC system is what takes the heat out of the air. If the refrigerant in the AC gets low or is completely empty, the AC can be working correctly but cannot cool the air. A low or empty level of refrigerant in the AC can ONLY be caused from a leak in the system. Refrigerant in an air conditioning system does not deplete, the refrigerant level can only go empty from a leak. Troubleshoot where the leak is located. Use a professional AC tech to pinpoint the refrigerant leak and to recharge the AC with coolant.

COIL IS CLOGGED WITH DIRT – A dirty coil can reduce the air conditioners ability to cool. If the air feels slightly less cool than normal, the coil may be dirty. This issue does not truly cause warm air to blow, but should be checked. A dirty coil can cause the AC to run 30% longer to cool your home. Cleaning the coil can help the AC blow colder air. AC has bad smell

PARTS IN AC NOT WORKING – When the AC blows warm air, a part within the AC may be at fault. The 2 parts that can cause this are the Compressor and or the Condenser. The Compressors job is to push the cold air from Condenser to the vents. If the Compressor is faulty, the air that blows from the air vent is warm. This could be a fault or the Compressor may be aligned incorrectly. The Condensers job is to take the heat out of the air. If the Condenser is faulty, it will fail to remove the heat from the air. Warm or hot air will come from the air vents when the Condenser is at fault. AC leaks water

PROBLEMS WITH ELECTRICAL – Problems with electrical in the AC system may cause faults. Electrical problems/issues can cause faulty breakers, malfunctioning sensors, and or failed thermostats. Troubleshooting any type of electrical issue with your AC should be done with extreme caution. If you suspect that your AC has electrical faults, call an AC technician.

#1 Problem & Quick Fix with Central Air Conditioning Not Cooling

If your window ac or split ac is blowing warm air, always check the controls for proper operation and see if the air filter is dirty.

The above components to check for AC blowing warm air will work with home central air conditioners, split ac’s, window ac’s, and portable ac’s.

AC still blowing warm air and need help? Let us know what the issue is with your AC. Use the form at the bottom to let us know your particular issue. We can research your problem and assist. We will recommend a fix or advise you to call an AC technician to solve your AC issue.

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  1. On two two different occasions, our AC quit working, and the solution was to replace the capacitor. The first time it was a $150 repairman call. The second time, it was a $11 visit to a parts supply store! Very easy repair.

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