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How To Fix A Freezer Door That Doesn’t Seal Shut

Freezer door does not seal. When closing the freezer door gaps can be seen. The freezer door does not seal tight against the refrigerator/freezer frame. What causes this and what are some solutions? Freezer door not sealing can cause a fridge or freezer to leak water.

How To Fix A Freezer Door That Doesn't Seal ShutHow To Fix A Freezer Door That Doesn’t Seal/Close

Your freezer requires a sealed environment for food and other items to stay frozen. If the door is not sealing or shutting properly the freezer works overtime to keep the fridge freezer temperature set. Food in the freezer can defrost and cause it to spoil. This can also cause excess noise from the fans and compressor and raise your monthly electric bill. Here are some tips to fix a freezer door that does not seal tight.

Note: The same process can be used on a refrigerator door that does not seal

Troubleshooting A Freezer Gasket Door Not Sealing

  • Check that no food products in the freezer are protruding and blocking the door from closing.
  • Remove heavy food items in the freezer doors which may cause the door to become heavy and not align properly. (After removing some items from the door to lessen the weight, test the freezer door to see if it shuts and seals)
  • Be sure the freezer is perfectly level and sitting square, if not adjust the feet at the bottom of the freezer.
  • Check the gasket around the door for rips, seal coming loose, damage, or food particles that may interfere with the seal.
  • Repair, clean, or replace the freezer door gasket/seal if the seal is damaged. (Freezer and Refrigerator door seal gaskets can be found here)
  • If the door seal is not damaged and clean, shut the freezer door and be sure it aligns with the frame.
  • If the door does not align, align it correctly and tighten up the hardware that holds the door to the freezer. (The door may have simply been misaligned and causing it not to close properly)
  • Check that the door seal gasket has not been demagnetized, use a metal object to be sure it “sticks” to the seal.
  • If the door is not magnetized, you can re-magnetize it or replace the complete door seal.
  • Inspect the freezer door hinges and plastic spacers for anything that may be obstructing them and remove any items if found.

In some cases the freezer door may be warped or bent and not possible to close, contact your manufacturer for info on replacement.

Freezer Door Gasket DamageFreezer Door Gasket Damage

Tips To Fix Freezer Door Gasket To Close/Seal

  1. If the door seal is demagnetized, try rubbing a strong magnet along the freezer door gasket a few times to re-magnetize.
  2. If the freezer door seal is torn, try using a gasket repair kit to fix the gasket so the door will seal.
  3. Clean the complete door gasket with hot soapy water and the frame where the door gasket makes contact.
  4. If the freezer door is not aligned properly, get another person to hold the door aligned while another person tightens the hinge bolts/hardware.
  5. Try rubbing a small amount of vaseline on the hinge side freezer door gasket to keep it from folding inwards and help it to keep a seal.
  6. If the gasket is deformed in one area, you can attempt to use a hair dryer to reshape it and make it more pliable so it can seal properly but use caution.
  7. If the doors on your refrigerator freezer do not shut automatically, simply level the fridge freezer using the small legs at the bottom of the fridge.

NOTE: Some freezer gaskets use magnets to hold the door with negative pressure. When the door is closed, negative suction and pressure holds the door shut.

Here are a few videos to help explain the process of fixing your freezer door to seal properly…

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Freezer Door Seal PartsFreezer Door Seal Parts

Have questions? Please leave your comment below with your refrigerator freezer model number so we can assist you to fix your freezer door problems. We can assist by suggesting parts or other methods to fix your freezer door seal.

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1 thought on “How To Fix A Freezer Door That Doesn’t Seal Shut”

  1. I used the tips above and it helped me fix my freezer door to stay closed!

    However I would summarize this in a different order as stated below…

    Help and methods to keep your refrigerator or freezer door shut:

    Do you have heavy food products in the door?
    Have you inspected the rubber freezer door gasket?
    Is a box or food product pushing the door open?
    If the door seal is not damaged but won’t stay shut then re-magnetize the gasket!

    Hope this helps the people reading this. I once called an appliance repair service and they quoted me $450 dollars to come out and replace the seal on my Samsung Fridge/Freezer.

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