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Range Hood Not Working Properly – How To Repair Help & Tips

A range hood/stove vent hood above your stove needs to be cleaned and maintained to work properly. Constant heavy smoke and heavy usage can cause “venting” problems or other faults. Here are the common problems that can arise if the range hood is having issues. The tips and methods below will help you to fix your Range Hood to get it working like new without faults or problems.

Range Hood Not Working Properly - Repair Help & TipsRange Hood Not Working Properly – How To Fix

Range Hood Troubleshooting: Common problems with a faulty range hood
1. No power to the range hood (No fan or lights).
2. Appliance light bulbs do not come on when switched to ON position.
3. Fan does not come on with ON switch.
4. Range hood fan does NOT clear smoke from area.
5. Range vent hood makes strange loud or humming noises.

CAUTION: Remember to remove power to the Range Hood when troubleshooting the components below. Flip the circuit breaker OFF or unplug the hood from the power outlet.

Range Hood Parts Illustration 1Range Hood Parts Illustration

1. Range Hood Has No Power:
If the range hood has no power check for a breaker that might have tripped or a fuse that may be blown. The range hood may be plugged into an outlet, if so check to be sure it is plugged in and the outlet is working. If the hood is electrically hard wired, check with a multimeter to find the power fault.

2. Lights On Range Hood Do Not Illuminate:
If the lights on the range hood do not come on, check that the light bulbs are not burnt out. If the light bulbs are working, check the switch to be sure it is in working order. If the switch is faulty, replace the range hood light switch. Check the switch with a multimeter to be sure it is at fault before replacing. The control board (on some range hoods) may be the issue of “no lights” so test the board if applicable.

3. Fan Does Not Turn ON In Range Hood:
If the fan on the range hood does not come on, check that the fan switch is in working order. Use a meter to check the fan switch. If the fan switch is in working order, check the fan motor. Use a meter to find out if the range hood fan motor is faulty. If faulty, replace the motor with an OEM part to be sure of proper operation.

4. Range Hood Fan Does Not Clear Smoke (Air) From Area:
If you have turned the fan setting to HIGH and the air is not being cleared away up and into the vent, first check the filter that the air enters into to be sure it is not extremely clogged with grease. If this is the case, remove the filter and clean the range hood filter in hot soapy water with grease removing soap. If the filter is clean the other issue might be a grease blockage may be restricting the airflow. Check the duct with a flashlight to be sure the inside is not blocked. Another issue might be the fan motor and or fan blades may be thick with grease making it hard for it to suck the air outward. Clean and or replace the fan motor if found to be faulty after testing it with a meter.

5. Fan On Range Hood Makes Loud Or Humming Noises:
When a strange sound comes from the range hood fan, most of the time the fan is simply covered in grease and thus causing the noise. Clean the fan motor and fan blades. If the sound continues, be sure the fan is centered and not rubbing or chafing against the side of the duct thus causing the noises. The fan may have come loose and simply needs to be tightened to be centered and stop the noise. Bent fan blades may also cause the rubbing noise, bend the fan blades to recenter the fan blades and stop the noise. If the noise continues, the fan motor may be faulty and needs to be tested and replaced.

ALL range hood parts can be found here. Find the part you need to fix your vent hood yourself. Repairing a vent hood is an easy DIY task. Check the video below if you need help with testing the electrical components of your Vent Hood.

Range Vent Hood Not Working?
Switch Testing and Troubleshooting

If there are any other issues with a range hood that we have not covered, please let us know your exact issue and include your model number in the comment form below and we will get back to you with a repair solution.

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10 thoughts on “Range Hood Not Working Properly – How To Repair Help & Tips”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    The Blanco range hood that you have, model number BRU53X, says that it does have one filter. The blocked filter could be causing the power to not be sucking air no matter how high you turn the fan on. We will give you the link to a page of an Australian retailer that does offer this rangehood and it will show you some things you can do or try to get it working again. But it sounds like there’s a blockage which means the filter needs to be replaced or possibly above where the air flow is there is grease and other things that are built up and it is causing the light to flash. Look inside where the fan is with the flashlight and see if there is any buildup of gunk grease or other things that may have accumulated overtime. Here is the link to the Blanco BRU53X page, and here is a link to the manual for your BRU53X rangehood.

  2. I have a Blanco Range hood BRU53X and it is ducted, but when I turn the power on, there is not air flow or suction power even on the maximum power.
    The fan is working I can hear the sound.
    And light is flashing indicate to replace carbon filter.
    But mine does not need carbon filter not sure how to fix the problem.

  3. The fan of my NuTone Allure WS15 Series range hood goes off and back on when the switch is on. Both of the switches for fan and light work fine, but after a few minutes the fan will stop and then come back on after a few minutes. It is repeating like this as long as the fan switch is on. Is it because the motor is overheated and it needs to cool down before next run? I planned to replace a fan motor, but wanted to make sure this is motor problem. Motor part number is R99080535. Thank you.

  4. I have a Artusi AGC 900x Range Hood and to replace the globes is hard work that I can’t resolve. The globe is hidden behind a silver half dome with a Phillips head screw in middle of the dome , however although I can unscrew the screw it won’t completely come out to allow me to remove the dome and replace the globe.

  5. We have a touch pad control range hood. The light were on , fan button turned to on, but the fan speed did not turn on the fan, nor could we shut off the lights.
    With no customer service for this unit,we were stuck. While waiting to get around to a new purchase . The power went out during a storm. When it came back on . So did all the functions of the touch pad. Like a frozen computer ,Try resetting by turning off your circuit breaker, if you experience, the same.

  6. I have a Braon range hood that just started making a humming/whirring sound when the switch is off. The fan blades are off and not turning. I turn the switch on and the fan works fine. Constant sound. Can you help? Thanks

  7. We had a small grease fire, the hood over the stove got most of the damage. The hood worked after the fire but will not work now. One of the outlets right next to the stove also doesn’t work, but the fridge and stove which is right next to them work. We have turned off power and reset it, replaced the hood and the other light plug with no success. We still have no power going to the hood or light socket. What would you suggest we try?

  8. Our rangehood globes started flickering and going off and on intermittently.
    I replaced the globes which made no difference and finally they went off for good.
    The light switch is one of 5 switches (the others are 1 off and 3 fan) that are all incorporated on a single circuit board.
    As stated in the article that switch has failed thus no lights.
    As the switchboard assembly is over $100 I am still weighing up if it is worth fixing.

  9. We have a GErange hood. Fan works fine, we replace bolts (which aren’t really burned out), when the lights stop working. The new bulbs work for a while — then stop working (they’re not burned out either). 15 W halogen. What in the world?

  10. I have a Zephyr Siena range hood where the fan multiple speed option has stopped working. It stays only on the low speed. Lights and everything work fine. The model number is ZSI-E30AS. Thank you for your help.

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