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Xbox Running Slow or Lagging? How To Clear The Cache On Your Xbox?

My Xbox runs slow and lags when playing online or single player mode. Is there a correct way to flush or clear the memory on my Xbox to get it running smoother or faster? This has only just started to happen. Had my Xbox for a few months in 2019 and I play many different games for hours a day. I would like to know how to reset or clear the memory to make it faster.

Xbox Running Slow or Lagging How To Clear The Cache On Your XboxClear The Cache On Your Xbox To Fix Lag

Why is my Xbox one running slow? You need to clear the Xbox cache or something has updated and misconfigured your Xbox causing it to slow down.

Delete items that are no longer needed on the Xbox hard drive and clear cache. Doing this clears up space on the drive and speeds up your console.

Cache on your Xbox One saves the data and accesses it when needed. While playing multiple games for long periods of time the cache can become bogged down and clogged from the large amount of data it saves and uses.

When your Xbox runs too slow and games are not playable, you need to clear the cache on your Xbox. Clearing cache on your Xbox makes it run faster and smoother and will stop lag.

Resetting or clearing cache in the Xbox improves speed and responsiveness. Unfortunately no menu exists to clear the cache out fully. Clearing the cache involves physically resetting the console.

Xbox One – How To Clear Cache?:

1) First, stop the game you are playing and SAVE your progress. (if applicable)
2) Using the front power button on the Xbox, press and hold to turn the console completely OFF.
3) Wait for the Xbox to completely power OFF.
4) Next, Unplug the Xbox power cord, but not from the wall, from the back of the console itself. (see the picture below for the correct cord to unplug)

Unplug the Xbox power cord from the back of the console itselfUnplug the Xbox power cord from the back of the console itself

5) Wait a few minutes to give it time to reset/clear.
6) Connect the power cord into the back of the Xbox console. (make sure the other end of the power cord from the Xbox is plugged into a power outlet)

Connect the power cord into the back of the Xbox consoleConnect the power cord into the back of the Xbox console

7) If your Xbox power cord has a power brick, wait until you see the color go from WHITE to ORANGE. (if your Xbox has no power brick, simply wait 10 minutes before pressing the Xbox power button)
8) When the light turns ORANGE on the power brick, press the power button on your Xbox to turn it back on.
9) When the Xbox turns back on, the cache should be cleared and run smoother and faster.

If your Xbox still lags after you clear the cache, you may have an issue with your main internet connection, xbox keeps crashing, your wifi connection, a faulty cable or component, or xbox shuts off by itself. So check out all possibilities if the problem of game play lagging still pertains to your situation.

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Do you have any questions about clearing the cache from your Xbox One? Let us know by using the comment form below. If you have tips or hints about speeding up an Xbox, please use the form below and let us know.

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5 thoughts on “Xbox Running Slow or Lagging? How To Clear The Cache On Your Xbox?”

  1. When I go to download a new game it either says my hard drive isn’t working and it doesn’t register that it is plugged in. When I go to download something my Xbox starts to get very slow when the hard drive is plugged it and it says couldn’t install game.

  2. I started getting the Game took to long to load message 0x8027025a and now no game will load. I was on Borderland 3 when it started now everything I try to load shows the same message. I have looked on the Internet and tried everything suggest on the various web site but nothing seems to correct the problem. What can I do?

  3. Just hold the power button for 10 seconds to ensure you get a proper reboot, or choose “restart console” from the shut down options instead of “turn off”; as mentioned before, turn off simply sleeps the console when you have instant on enabled.

  4. This been happening to me for like 3 days straight now and I’m trying to figure out why it’s happening. I looked on YouTube and I cleared my persistent storage and checked my nat type and delete my saved videos and it’s still lagging. I was thinking maybe it’s fortnite servers , do you think so ?

  5. What if it the Xbox power brick doesn’t go from white to orange after you plug the cord back in and the console is still off

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