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Is My Smoke Detector Working? – LED Light Indications

How do I know if my smoke detector will go off if there is a fire? I have 5 smoke alarms in my house. I have not changed the batteries but all the detectors have a steady LED green light on. Does this mean the smoke detectors are working?

Green light showing on smoke detectorSmoke detector – Green Light – How To Test

Does your smoke detector have a blinking or steady light but no alarm sound? This indicates the smoke detector is getting power and working. Smoke alarms have an LED power light to let you know that the alarm is getting power. Some smoke alarms have a red light and some have a green light.

Smoke detectors may blink every 60 seconds and some smoke models blink constantly or show a steady light. This light indicates to you the unit is getting power unless the alarm is beeping.

How To Test Your Smoke Alarm?

To test your smoke detector to be sure it is working, press the button on the bottom of the detector. Use a broom handle if the ceiling is too high. After pressing the test button, the alarm should go off temporarily to let you know the smoke detector is working properly. How to reset your smoke detector

There are 2 types of smoke detectors – Battery VS Electrical
1. Smoke alarm with battery operated only. (9 volt or AA batteries)
2. Smoke alarm with battery and AC electrical power. (Internal battery or 9 volt/AA batteries and wired into electrical power)

Why Does My Smoke Detector Blink?

Smoke detector shows blinking light – no alarm
Battery only smoke detectors usually flash a red or green light every 60 seconds to let you know they are working. Most battery operated only detectors do not have a steady light.

Smoke Detector Has Solid Green Light?

Smoke detector shows steady green light – no alarm
Battery and electrical power smoke detectors will usually have a steady green light to let you know the detector has electrical power and is in working order.

Smoke Detector Is Chirping?

Smoke detectors low battery – chirping noise
A low battery will cause the alarm to produce a single chirp every 60 seconds and blink the red LED light every 30 seconds for a minimum of seven days if the battery becomes low. (Replace the 9 volt or AA batteries)

My smoke alarm is going off. This chart shows the visual indications in different smoke detector operational modes…

Smoke Detector - Operational Mode and Audio Visual IndicatorsSmoke Detector – Operational Mode and Audio Visual Indicators


Smoke Detector - Alarm Visual and Audible IndicatorsSmoke Detector – Alarm Visual and Audible Indicators

Smoke Detector Red LED Light
The red LED will flash when the alarm is going off.
The red LED will also blink if it detects a low battery.
Change the smoke detector battery to stop the red blinking light and chirping noise.

Smoke Alarm Hush
Light blinks or flashes once every 10 seconds and no audible alarms.

Smoke Detector Fault Mode
If the alarm produces a single chirp every 30 seconds and blinks the red light 2-12 times this signifies a fault in the detector.

Smoke Detector End of Unit Life
The smoke alarm will chirp twice every 30 seconds to indicate that it is time to replace the alarm.
This does not mean low battery, it indicates the alarm needs to be replaced after 10 years.
How to fix a smoke detector

Smoke Detector Needs To Be Cleaned Every Year
Clean the alarm with a vacuum cleaner hose or vacuum through the openings around of the alarm.
This cleans dust or dirt off of the sensor to keep it in working order.
The outside of the alarm can be wiped with a damp cloth.

NOTE: There are many types of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Smoke alarms work very similar no matter the brand. These visual and audible explanations relate to all smoke and CM alarms but may vary slightly. Refer to your owners manual to have clear information regarding your exact smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. See below for Kiddie and First Alert brands…

Kiddie Smoke Alarm Manual

First Alert Green Red Flashing

First Alert Green Red Alarm

Need help with your alarm? Please tell us the issue you are having and we can assist.

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