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Error Code E4 F3 On Whirlpool Electric Range

Error Code E4 F3 Whirlpool – Whirlpool electric range showing the E4 F3 error code? This error code indicates that either the oven’s temperature sensor or the wiring harnesses are having issues.

This error could also mean the control board is at fault. Knowing what the error code means will help provide useful information on how to fix this issue.

Fix Error Code E4 F3 On A Whirlpool Electric RangeFix Error Code E4 F3 Whirlpool Electric Range

If this error message appears on your stove, refer to the product warranty information as the range may still be under warranty. Call Whirlpool to speak with a service representative if you purchased your range less than two years ago. Whirlpool Customer Service Phone Number: 1 (866) 698-2538.

How to easily clear the error code?

To see if the E4 F3 error code is an error or fault itself, try removing power to the range for approx. 30 seconds to attempt a reset.

What happens when the E4 F3 error shows?

When this error code appears the oven may work for about half an hour before beeping a couple times and showing the error code E4 F3. The oven heating elements will then shut off and produce no heat.

How many sensors are in the range?

There are 2 sensors on this range, an upper sensor and lower sensor. These sensors are about $90 each and it is recommended to replace BOTH sensors when you see the E4 F3 error code to avoid more issues in the future.

How to fix the E4 F3 error?

First, remove power to the range, check the wiring to and from the sensors. (To find your specific schematic to understand where the sensors and wires are located, please consult your service manual, or check here for Whirlpool range schematics) There have been some problems with the wiring being the actual problem and not the sensors themselves. Hard wiring the sensor wires is best if you find the wires to not be secure.

The other problem could be one or both sensors or even the control board have failed and produced the error code. There may be a connector issue between the sensor and the oven wiring and causing the error. Follow all wires to be sure the electrical wiring is secure, in place, and not damaged.

E4 F3- Error Code Oven Control Board Repair

Error Code F3 E4: Oven Sensor Opened – Bottom Sensor

  • Trace the wires and the connectors to the bottom sensor from the control. Then check from the sensor back to the control. Do the same with the top sensor.
  • To ensure the sensor(s) has not shorted, use a meter and measure from the connector to the casing.
  • If you’ve checked all connections and determined that there’s no wire damage, disconnect power longer than 30 seconds to reset.
  • Plug the range back into power and observe for a few minutes.
  • If the error code persists and you have checked all wiring to and from the sensors it is best to replace both sensors.

What else to try to fix error code?

Remove power to the range. Gain access to the sensors and the control board. Reseat all connectors (Disconnect and reconnect). If wiggling any connectors on or to the main board move too easily, the issue could be bad solder joints on the main board or a loose connection elsewhere.

If you find this problem, you may get the temp sensor bad errors or open errors. The circuit is open but just not at the sensor or connectors but instead on the main control board. You could try to re-solder the problem areas or buy a new control board for your Whirlpool range.

NOTE: The information on this page is for a Whirlpool electric range DUO model number RF388LXKQ. However, this error code appears on multiple Whirlpool range model numbers and can be used to troubleshoot almost any Whirlpool range. If you have issues with following this page, remember you can ask us questions using the comment form below.

How to test the sensors

Using a meter, measure the sensor value between connector pins between 1000 Ω @ 32° F and 2697 Ω @ 900° F (room temperature approx. = 1080 Ω). If measurement does not correlate to real temp disconnect power and replace sensor(s).

Need help with an older Whirlpool range with the E4 F3 error code? Let us know what you have tried and your model number below and we will assist.

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  1. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Peter Siemens,
    A stuck key error on a Whirlpool range usually means the electronic keypad needs to be adjusted or replaced.
    If all other features of the range work fine, replace the complete keypad and the issue should be resolved.
    You may have to replace the complete assembly to get the error code to clear.
    Let us know what you find.
    If you have issues, give us the model number and we can assist further.

  2. Peter Siemens

    I have a Whirlpool range that seems to be working but I’m getting an error code that says F2E0 stuck key and it is an electronic keypad. What could be wrong? The burners and oven still work even when this message is showing. But the night light button doesn’t turn the night light on. I can get the message to disappear for about a minute if hit cancel but the message comes back after a while. Thank you

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