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AC Drain Pan Is Full of Water – How To Fix?

An air conditioner’s drain pan collects water when there is a clogged drainpipe. This drainpipe will collect the condensation from your A/C and avoid any potential water damage. When you notice that your AC’s drain pan is full of water, this could mean the AC unit has a leak or a clog.

Air Conditioner Drain Pan Is Full of WaterAC Drain Pan Is Full of Water

An AC drain pan filled with water is a sign of an air conditioner problem. This is most likely from a clogged drainpipe that can be fixed yourself.

AC drainpipe is clogged

When the drain pan of an air conditioner is full of water, the most likely cause is a clogged drainpipe. The water in an air conditioner’s drain pan can harbor mold and other organisms. If you notice standing water in the drain pan of your AC, this could be an indication of mold clogging up the pipe. If your air conditioner’s drain pan is full of water, you’ll need to fix the clog quickly so it doesn’t cause any other water/AC problems.

Unclog the AC drainpipe

The AC drainpipe can be unclogged fairly easily.

  1. Turn the power supply to your air conditioner off.
  2. After turning the AC off, inspect it for leaks or other problems with the drainage lines.
  3. If your condensation lines are leaking, repair them or replace the faulty pipes or components as needed.
  4. Put the pieces back together and remove any water that gathers in the drain pan.
  5. Make sure to remove the standing water from your A/C unit with a wet-dry vacuum.
  6. Completely clean out the drain pan, remove all excess water using a wet-dry vac.
  7. Any other debris in the drain pan can be removed with a vacuum or rag.
  8. Take off the PVC cap from the drain pipe and use a wire brush to remove any clogs.
  9. Add bleach into the water lines once the clog is completely cleared as this will kill any mold that may have contributed to clogging the line.
  10. Replace the PVC cap to the drainpipe.
  11. Test your air conditioner and check for water in the drain pan.
  12. If more water collects in the drain pan, reevaluate the issue and follow the steps above in case a pipe is still clogged.

How to UNCLOG your AC DRAIN Condensate line

Consider using an AC technician

After reading the above on how to fix a drainpipe on your AC and it is not fixed, call an AC pro. There are many parts on an AC that can cause issues. If you do not know much about how an AC works or are confused about the drainpipe, please do not put yourself at risk and call a pro.

If your AC drain pan is full of water and you can’t figure out why, someone can help you diagnose the clogged drainpipe or any air conditioning issue you might have. Leave a comment below with the issue you are having including the model number and someone can assist you and get your AC working properly again.

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