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How To Fix Dishwasher Grit After a Wash Cycle

Why is your dishwasher leaving grit after a wash cycle? It’s possible that your dishwasher is leaving dirty dishes because the filter at the bottom is clogged and not draining properly. If any food or hard water minerals have build up on the bottom of your dishwasher, sometimes pieces of food or grit will get on your dishes the next time you wash.

Dishwasher Leaves Grit After a Wash CycleFix Dishwasher Grit After a Wash Cycle

This issue can cause grit or grime on your dishes. Having grit or food particles (info to fix dishwasher leaving food particles on dishes) on the floor of your dishwasher can lead to plumbing problems which can lead to the water not draining out of the dishwasher properly. If gritty water remains at the bottom of the dishwasher, the dishes, cups, and utensils will not be clean the next time you wash. Clean out the filter at the bottom of your dishwasher at least once a month to fix and avoid this issue.

Fix a Dishwasher That Does Not Clean & Leaves Grit

How to fix a dishwasher leaving grit?

– Make sure you’re using the correct amount and type of detergent as described in your dishwasher manual. If you use too little detergent, the contents of the dishwasher may not get clean and leave grit behind.

– Use a rinsing agent. If grit or gritty particles are on the dishes after a wash cycle, you may not be using a rinse aid agent. Try using some rinse aid to help remove the grit or particles left on dishes or plates.

– It is best not to use the fast wash setting if you have multiple dishes that need to be washed. Use the longer hot water wash cycle if your dishwasher is fully loaded.

– To avoid grit in your dishwasher, clean out the filter of any food residue or debris. Remove the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher and clean it out.

Clean the filter to avoid grit in your dishwasherClean the filter to avoid grit in your dishwasher

– Load the dishwasher correctly, placing items at different levels. Use a symmetrical pattern when loading your dishwasher. The dishwasher cleans best when items are placed in the racks in an organized pattern.

– Make sure nothing is obstructing the dishwasher spray arms. If a plate or cup is in the wrong place in the dishwasher, it can come into contact with a spray arm which causes the spray arm to stop moving and cause the contents of the dishwasher to not get clean and leave grit behind.

– The dishwasher may be leaving grit behind if the spray arms are clogged with bits of debris. To fix this, unplug the dishwasher and wipe away any debris from the arm. The spray arms have small holes in them that can get clogged with hard water. Use a small object such as a paperclip to clean the holes on the spray arms. This will let the water flow from the spray arms and wash away the left over grit on your plates and cups.

– Do not connect the dishwasher to a hot water supply unless it is clearly marked as suitable for use. Many dishwashers have a heating element built in that turn the cold water into hot water when washing. If you connect the hot water line to the dishwasher that requires only cold water, then problems can arise. Running the dishwasher with incoming hot water will shorten the duration of each wash cycle and cause detergent’s active ingredients to decompose too early, which can result in poor wash quality and leave grit and particles on plates and dishes.

– Most dishwashers intake the cold water and heat up the cold water. The dishwasher uses the heated water to wash when hot water is required for a wash cycle. A faulty dishwasher heating element will cause the dishes to not be as clean during a wash cycle since the hot water is what helps to activate the detergent and clean away grit and food particles on your dishes.

– If your dishwasher is leaving grit at the end of a wash then it means there may be a problem with the main recirculation pump. How to check the recirculation pump.

If you still need help as to why your dishwasher is leaving grit and food particles on your plates, cups, glasses, and utensils, please leave a comment below with your dishwasher model number and someone can assist you.

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