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TV Speakers Are ON But Not The Surround Sound

Are your TV speakers ON but the sound bar has no sound? Sound is coming through the TV but not with the surround speakers? You want the TV speakers OFF and the surround sound turned ON. Here is how.

TV speakers ON but Soundbar not workingTV speakers ON but Soundbar not working

Lets find out the causes of this issue and how to fix it. You can fix the surround sound or sound bar audio problems if you follow this guide.

Note: The most common mistake when setting up your surround sound system or sound bar, is using the wrong input source. Surround sound systems are hooked up to the AUDIO OUT port on your TV. Make sure you are selecting the right input source on your TV.

The cables can be attached to the TV and sound bar correctly, but the TV might not be set to the correct input. So check this by using the TV remote control by going into the TV menu, check the INPUTS and select the one that is connected to your surround sound. If it does not work, try different input and you will find the correct HDMI input.

TV to soundbar - How to connectHow to connect TV to Sound Bar?

What Causes TV Speakers To Be ON But Not The Soundbar?

Here are some possible reasons why the TV speakers are on but the surround sound isn’t working:

Surround Sound Turned OFF

The surround sound is turned off. Surround sound systems have a power switch. If the switch is turned off, the audio won’t work. You’ll need to turn the system on before it will work. You’ll find the switch either on the soundbar or the surround sound receiver.

Volume Turned Down

Check that the audio for the surround sound system or your sound bar is not turned all the way down. If the volume is turned down, there will be no sound coming from the speakers. So check that the volume is set properly.

Audio Is Muted

Check that the surround sound is not muted. Press the mute button on your surround sound remote control to be sure that someone did not accidentally press mute on the remote.

Check Cables From TV To Soundbar

Check to be sure all cables from the Soundbar to the TV are connected. After making sure the audio cables are secure at both ends, turn on your TV and surround sound system.

Depending on the type of audio system you have, whether it be a surround sound system or soundbar, you should hear sound is being received.

If not, double check the cable connections and make sure the power is on to both the sound system and the TV.

You can now adjust settings using both the TV remote and or the Soundbar remote control.

How To Connect A Soundbar HDMI, ARC, Optical

Wrong Audio Port

Have you connected the soundbar or sound receiver to the wrong HDMI or Audio ports? If you’ve connected the speakers to the wrong ports, they won’t work. You’ll need to switch them to the correct ports.

Check that the HDMI cable is connected properly. On some sound bars there is a special HDMI ARC connection port to connect the sound bar to the TV. Be sure this cable is secure and plugged in and not damaged.

Connect TV to Surround sound using HDMI ARC

Turn OFF TV Speakers

When you are hooking up your surround sound system, most people will go into the TV menu and turn off the TV speakers.

Make sure you have done this as sometimes if the surround sound system is turned off, the TV speakers will be ON, and it will seem like the surround sound system is not working.

Tell TV To Use External Audio Source

If the TV speakers are on and you just cannot get the surround sound system to work, try going into the TV menu and turning the TV speakers off.

Then in the TV menu, tell the TV to use an external audio source. This will usually let the TV understand that you are trying to connect surround sound and it should be easier to get the surround sound to work correctly.

Go in to the TV menu and turn the TV speaker off and tell the TV you are using a external sound system. There are different ways to do this so you may need to check your TV manual or go online and see exactly how to do it with your TV make and model number.

Troubleshoot No Sound On a Home Theater Hook Up

Images To Show How To Setup TV To Sound Bar

Below are some images that will show you simple easy setups for connecting your TV to a receiver or a sound bar using an HDMI cable. If your TV and sound bar both have ARC, it will be much easier to hook up. Always use ARC with your HDMI cables when setting up a sound bar or receiver to your TV. ARC makes it much easier as it will work in conjunction with the TV, sound bar, and the remote control.

TV to receiver HDMI ARCTV to receiver HDMI ARC

TV to soundbar HDMI ARCTV to soundbar HDMI ARC


Whether you’re using a surround sound system, an audio receiver, or a sound bar, if you still have issues we can help you. Leave a comment below and give us the model number of your surround sound system and TV, and we can help you to figure out how do you get your surround sound working.

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  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Sound bar going ON and the OFF:
    Not sure which type of soundbar you have but, your soundbar may turn off by itself due to various reasons such as power-saving settings, a low sound level, a bad power cable connection, a loose optical cable, or an outdated firmware.
    Let us know the type of SB you have and we can help you further.

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