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How To Clear The Error Code OE On Your LG Front Load Washer

Do you see the ‘OE’ error code on your LG washing machine? This code signals a “No Drain” issue telling you it is a potential drainage problem. The cause usually falls into one of three categories: a bent drain hose, a clogged drain pump filter, or an obstructed drain pump. Kinks in the drain hose can restrict water flow, while accumulated debris can block the drain pump filter. Foreign objects like coins or hairpins may lodge in the drain pump and cause this issue.

LG Washer Error Code OELG Washer Error Code OE

Use this table to quickly clear the error code:

Part to check Why check it How to clear the error
Drain Pump Filter Catches stuff so it doesn’t go down the drain. Could be full of lint or gunk. Unplug the washer. Open the bottom front door. Take off the hose and plug. Clean the filter and housing. Put everything back.
Drain Hose Tube where water goes out. Could be bent or twisted. Find the hose at the back of the washer. Check for bends or kinks. Straighten the hose. Make sure nothing is blocking it.
Drain Pump Pumps out the water. Could be blocked by objects. Unplug the washer. Open the panel to find the pump. Check for blockages. Watch the video for step-by-step guidance.

LG Front Load Washer Says ‘OE’

If your LG washing machine shows an ‘OE’ on the screen, that means it’s having trouble draining the water out. Here are the 3 places you should check:

  1. Drain Pump Filter: This is like a little basket that catches stuff so it doesn’t go down the drain. If it’s full of lint or other gunk, you’ll need to clean out the pump filter.
  2. Drain Hose: This is the tube where the water goes out. If it’s twisted or bent, the water can’t get through. Make sure it’s straight.
  3. Drain Pump: Sometimes things like coins or hairpins get stuck here and stop the water from going out. Check to make sure nothing’s blocking it.

So, if you see ‘OE,’ it’s time to look at these 3 parts. Fixing them will help your washing machine get back to work and clear the LG washer error code.

Fix The ‘OE’ Error: Clean The Drain Pump Filter

  1. Turn Off the Washer: First, make sure to unplug the washing machine so it’s safe to work on.
  2. Find the Filter: Look at the bottom front part of your washing machine. You’ll see a little door—that’s where the filter is.
  3. Open the Door: Take off the cover of that little door to see the filter.
  4. Unhook the Hose: There’s a hose near the filter. Take it off carefully.
  5. Remove the Plug: There’s a small plug on the hose. Take it off.
  6. Drain the Water: Some water will still be inside the washer. Use a small bowl to catch this water as it comes out.
  7. Take Out the Filter: Turn the filter counter-clockwise (like turning back time on a clock) to take it out.
  8. Clean the Filter: Put the filter under warm tap water to clean it.
  9. Clean the Housing: Use a brush or a cloth to clean inside the place where the filter goes.
  10. Put Everything Back: Put the plug back on the hose and hook the hose back up. Slide the clean filter back in its place and make sure it’s secure.
  11. Close the Door: Put the cover back on by turning it clockwise (like moving time forward on a clock).
  12. Test it Out: Plug the washer back in and wash a small load to make sure the ‘OE’ message is gone.

And that’s it. If you did everything right, your washing machine should work like new again. We even have a video below to show you how it’s done.

LG front load washer drain pump filter locationLG front load washer drain pump filter location

LG Washer – Cleaning the Drain Pump Filter

Check The Drain Hose On Your Washer

  1. Find the Hose: Go to the back of your washing machine and look for a tube or hose that’s attached to it. This is the drain hose.
  2. Check for Bends: See if the hose is bent like a twisty straw or squished. If your washer was pushed against the wall, the hose might get bent and stop the water from going out.
  3. Straighten the Hose: If you see any bends or kinks, make the hose straight so water can flow through it easily.
  4. Look for Blockages: Make sure nothing is stuck inside the hose, blocking the water.
  5. Test the Washer: Now, plug your washer back in and wash a small load of clothes. If you did everything right, the ‘OE’ message should be gone and your washer should be working great.

And that’s it. You’ve checked the hose, and your washing machine should be back to draining water like it’s supposed to.

Washing machine drain hose locationWashing machine drain hose location

How To Check The Drain Pump In Your Washer

  1. Unplug the Washer: First, make sure the washer is unplugged so it’s safe to check.
  2. Open the Panel: You’ll need to open up a part of your washing machine to find the drain pump. It’s inside the washer.
  3. Be Sure You Can Do It: This step is a bit tricky. Only try this if you’re really sure you know how to safely take apart the washing machine.
  4. Watch the Video: We have a video below that shows you how to get to the drain pump. Watching it will help you understand what to do.
  5. Check for Blockages: Once you get to the drain pump, look to see if anything is stuck in it, like lint or small toys. That could be causing the ‘OE’ message to show up.

Remember, only try this if you’re sure you can do it safely. And after you’ve checked, your washer should be back to working perfectly.

LG front load washer drain pump locationLG front load washer drain pump location

How To Access The Drain Pump On LG Washer

Parts You May Need To Fix Your LG Washer

Part Name / Part Number Description Part Sources
LG Washer Drain Pump

Part# 4681EA2001T
Helps expel water from the washing machine, activated post spin cycle. Part Select / Appliance Parts Pros
LG Washing Machine Drain Hose

Part# AEM73732901 (Primary)
5215ER2002G, AEM69493808, 5215EA4001G (Alternative)
Conveys used water from the washer to the drain. LG / Amazon Parts
LG Washer Drain Pump Filter

Part# AP4440367 (Primary)
383EER2001A (Alternative)
Traps lint and debris from drain water during wash cycle. Appliance Parts Pros / Amazon Part

Tips To Keep Your Washer Running Smooth

  • Regular Checks: Examine the drain pump filter, hose, and pump on a monthly basis. This allows you to catch and resolve minor issues before they develop into larger problems.
  • Lint Bag Strategy: Consider utilizing a lint bag or net in your washing machine. This simple addition is effective in trapping lint, hair, and small debris. This prevents these items from clogging your drain pump.
  • Load Management: Avoid overloading your washer. This places unnecessary strain on the motor and can also lead to drainage issues. To maintain peak performance, adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s recommended load sizes.
  • Choice of Detergent: The type of detergent you use can impact the cleanliness and lifespan of your drain pump filter. Use a detergent specifically formulated for front-loading washers.
  • Drain Hose Alignment: Ensure that your drain hose is positioned according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Incorrect placement can mess up the proper drainage and may even trigger the OE error code.

Need More Help?

Still having issues or questions about your LG front load washer and the ‘OE’ error code? Feel free to leave a comment below with your LG washer model number and we can assist.

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  1. Kimberly DelaCruz

    I cleaned my hose and filter. When I checked for kinks in the hose there was none I could see… but it goes into a pvc piping and has some slack… when I pulled the hose up it seems to be connected to something cause I can’t get it all the way out but the part that did was wet. So I’m the problem is in the hose that is in the pvc… how to I get to it and fix it

  2. Watching in Oct. 2020 – Thanks for the perfect video. Followed your instructions and replaced by pump for $25. Works fine. Incidentally the local parts guy told me that was probably his number 1 selling part.

  3. This video is straightforward, however I see no visible blockage or kink. When the drain cycle starts there is a hum of what I would say is the drain pump, but no water ever seems to drain. Is there a way to test the pump while disassembled?
    If I replace the pump, but have the same issues, what else should I look for?

  4. My LG front loading washer machine was not draining. It displayed the error message OE. The video on your website was perfect! I followed it to the letter and my problem was fixed! There was a small plastic bag logged in the filter. Kids not checking their pockets…..

    Thank You for the easy instructions.

  5. Mine was solid clogged with gunk. I can only describe it as I massaged it out. Pull pull squeeze the hose. And it eventually cleared

  6. I have lg front load washer that is a stackable with dryer attached above it. It is displaying the OE error and when I remove the plug to drain the little drain filter hose located on the bottom right next to filter, no water comes out. How can I clear the blockage in that hose? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

  7. Thank you for the fine video.
    The LG Washer in the video matched mine. The washing machine did not drain, but hummed and than I got the OE error code.
    The drain pump was indeed the culprit. My rubber drain line was clogged with a black sooty substance, probably from the drain pump. The impeller on the pump was very wobbly, and due to your video, replacement was a snap.
    Cannot thank you enough.

  8. The OE error after I had replaced the motor, cleaned out the hoses n filter, twice. There are no kinks or debri in any of the hoses…..assembly n disassembly, double checked.

  9. Hi my name is Joe thank you for video have lg front loader saying drain not draining hose not kinked ..it’s a direct drive wm3001hpa..no codes but now says see manual,when it stop I pushed pause and start and it would finish the load but no more .I do see water not draining with full strength,I took hose and was draining a bucket.could it be drain mother or could it plug up were mother is I blow back in hose and sometimes that makes it work.yes cleaned the traps couple of times did find dirt a Rusty nail.thanks also now cloths are staying a little wet when done spinning.hope you have any info thank you joe

  10. Hi we have replaced the pump motor. All hoses are clear and not kinked and there is no foreign debris in anything. Suggestions?

  11. Yes, you are right.
    Everytime I got an “OE” error I had to replace the drain pump. Amazon sells the pumps for about $25.

  12. I started getting the OE error message yesterday. Followed the video and found nothing obvious in the pump or lines. Put the machine back together and tried it again. As soon as it starts up, I can hear the drain pump run but the cycle never starts. I dumped a couple gallons of water into the tub and restarted the machine. It pumped that water out quickly but never started the cycle. So the pump works and lines are clear. What else could it be? Pressure switch?

  13. I am getting the dreaded “OE” error as well. I replaced the motor on the right and the error returned. My rear seal was leaking and the two shaft bearing were shot so I disassembled the whole washer to replace these parts. I also replaced the drain hose from the bottom of the tub to the pump motor. I am still getting the “OE” error. I can reset and run 2 or 3 more times before it will finally run a complete cycle so I don’t have a clogged hose. I am going to check the pressure switch, float valve and water level switch and the detergent my wife is using. My question is there are two motors connected to the drain system. One is connected to the tub and the other to the drain hose. I replaced the right one connected to the tub. Could the left motor be the problem? Do these motors work in tandem? What is the purpose of the left motor? Thanks

  14. My LG washer was not identical to the one in the video, but I was able to work around the differences, and with a new $20 pump my 10 year old washer is running great again!

    Thanks for the help.

    Jim Laird

  15. I started getting OE errors. I checked the hoses and pump filter and they are fine. I ran several clean cycles and even had OE errors while running the clean cycle. The pump motor is running but much time is not pumping water, and often when it does it is just a trickle. Sometimes the water flows strong. I think I need to replace the drain pump motor, is that right?

  16. Sometime the OE error is due to the pressure switch not being able to determine if the water has been pumped. Usually this is caused by a blocked hose between the bottom rear of the drum and the pressure switch (Located at the top of the washer).
    Remove the back panel (4 screws in a WM2501HWA). You will see the small black hose connecting the pressure switch to the bottom back of the drum. Remove this small hose and clear the hole in the nipple where it was attached. You also should remove the top of the washer and remove the hose to the pressure switch and ensure it is clear also.

  17. Great video- purchased the replacement drain pump- installed it- That’s all it was. I’ve had the LG front loaded washer for 12 years- using this video, a $30 part got it up and running again. Thanks!

  18. You guys, pry the impeller out of the housing and clean it! That’s all it is. I can’t believe all the parts and money people throwing things without checking it out first. Pull the impeller out!

  19. I have LG WM4270HVA front loading washer. Water is not draining and hence spin cycle doesnt start. If I manually drain, then it works fine.

    I replaced , drain pump, drain hose and main board, but still its showing same OE error and does not drain.

    Should I try replacing lid switch assembly, or preassure switch ?

  20. This is a fantastic video. The only trouble I had was to put back the round rubber inside that was very very hard. But I did it and thank you very much.

  21. Hi,
    I’m moving to Europe and would like to take my LG washer with me (WM3180CW).
    Can anyone tell it it will handle the 50Hz with a step down transformer or will it error?
    Any experience with such a machine or a similar one??

  22. Hi,
    I’m moving to Europe and would like to take my LG washer with me (WM3180CW).
    Can anyone tell it it will handle the 50Hz with a step down transformer or will it error?
    Any experience with such a machine or a similar one??

  23. Thanks for the info!All it that needed to be done was to clean the drain filter.It took less than 5 minutes!!

  24. In July 2017, My front loader LG washer wouldn’t drain the water.
    I bought a box of AFFRESH washer cleaner from Walmart. (5 pills $10)
    My washer is located in my basement beside a laundry sink.
    I attached the washer drain hose to the laundry sink faucet.
    I turned on the faucet to hot water and forced water through the pump into the tub.
    I used a shop vac to suck the water from the tub.
    I did this four times and each time I drained the pump and filter.
    I then dropped an AFFRESH pill into the washer and let it go through the cleaning cycle.
    I placed the drain hose into the laundry sink to catch the water after it came through the cycle.
    When it was finished I could see sediment that came from the washer pump.
    I put it through four cleaning cycles and each time the machine worked normal.
    We have been using the washer regularly for three months and no more problems.
    The first day of the month we use the AFFRESH cleaning pill and clean out the screen.

  25. This video is great! It really was exactly what I needed in order to get the pump replaced. Can’t thank you enough for posting it. One thing, though. During the reassembly portion of the instructions you leave out one step involving putting back the screw into the base housing below the drain tube. You’ll see it gets removed starting right around 3:00 but it never gets put back anywhere in the video. I had all of my screws lined up in the order I took them out to put them back in reverse order and when I passed that screw I watched over and over to see what I missed and couldn’t see where I went wrong. I ended up going through the take-apart steps to finally find it. I wonder why nobody else has mentioned having a screw left over at the end so far. Is it in the video and I’m still missing it or is everyone else just discarding the screw? Thanks again for your doing this video. Do you have a parts vendor that you’d recommend? I used Amazon this time and repairclinic.com in other situations but I’d be happy to use someone you recommend if you get some benefit from my doing so since your video is so helpful.

  26. It appears that the only way to remove the drain hose to check for clogs is to take the front panel completely off of the pump.
    The clamp to do this appears to only be accessible by removing the front panel entirely.
    Am I correct?
    Asking before I spend all the time pulling out the machine and taking off the back panel if that won’t permit me access to the clamp holding the hose onto the pump which is located on the front per this video.

  27. I gave the oe code on my LG top load I replaced the pump and from what I can see there is no blockage in the tub or hoses anywhere what should I do

  28. You’re supposed to drain it with the black hose next to the filter.
    Just remove the cap, it pulls off.
    I’ve done the same thing.
    To remove clogs, just blow on it and it’s worked both times.

  29. DIY Project Help Tips

    Shelley Parkinson,
    You may have an internal blockage.
    Safely open the service panel on your LG washer with power OFF and check all hoses for blockages.

  30. Shelley Parkinson

    I have had the oe error code come up.
    Followed the procedure for removing the front left panel.
    Went to use the drain hose and a small trickle came out.
    Opened the valve for the filter and a load if water came pouring out.
    Finally drained with many towels absorbing the flowing water!
    Presume there is a block in the drain hose alongside the filter as all the water should have come out of here.
    How do I go about unblocking it pls?

  31. I want to thank you for this video…although I had the upgraded model from the one shown in this video, it was still a breeze to follow along and get the job done.

    Machine is working again…this project cost me $64 + time and my labor…compared to over $300 for someone to come out and do it.

  32. LG front load washer will not rinse or spin with any clothes in it. Does fine if ran with no clothes. Checked drain line , filter, and replaced drain pump. It will not drain under normal load. WM2487HRMA. Did the master reset: power off and cycled the door 6 times as was recommended at one site.

  33. Ours did the exact same thing. It would act like it was draining for a couple of minutes and then we would get the OE code. I did all of the same checking – looked for clogs everywhere – then decided to just try replacing the pump ($22 on Amazon). Sure enough, that was the issue and now our washer works perfectly. If it looks like you will have to pay out of pocket for service and you’re up for a DIY fix, replacing the pump really is pretty easy – just carefully follow the video and set aside an hour of your time.

  34. We have the LG front loading and we are getting the OE error also, we have inspected all the pieces involved and have found nothing wrong. The pump actually will drain then when it is time to start the real spin (fast) it sits there and goofs around for X time then it pops the error out..I am going to call the warranty repair on this and get it looked at…First time in 3 years it has gave us any trouble anyway.

  35. Upon more and more testing, the pump is still bad, even though I just replaced it less then 90 days ago. I took it out and put power to it and the motor was going, but the blades were not spinning.

  36. Just took my pump apart. One side was hot. When applying power to it, nothing moves, just hums. I just replaced it a few months ago too

  37. I doubt it’s a board. Mines just as old and I keep it alive. My pump was missing ALL its fins. I’ve also had the drain hose clog.
    Take a look at the top of the door gasket. It has a black tube at the top, comes from the pump. Mine has an inch of lint clogging it too.

  38. Two additional things:
    – if you take the back panel off, in order to remove the drain hose to see if it’s clogged, you just have to find where it connects to the drain pump and loosen up a little metal clamp to get it off of the drain pump. Once the metal clamp is loose, you can just pull the drain hose out and check it for clogs.
    – I checked all of the hoses for clogs and checked the drain pump for clogs and found none, but I was still getting the error code. I honestly wasn’t sure if the issue was the drain pump itself or not, but it seem like the last resort and because it was only $20, I figured it was worth replacing it to see that was the issue because it was still much cheaper than a new washer. Sure enough, that was the problem and my washer now works great with the new drain pump. So if you get to the point where you’re just not sure what’s wrong, I feel like it’s probably the drain pump.

  39. How can I check to make sure my drain hose isn’t clogged? I had a rooter service come out last week, and now my oe code happens. I Cleaned out the filter, but it keeps happening. Could it be related to the rooter service. I have water around my washer and dryer.

  40. I’ve checked everything here that I have read. I’m thinking it must be the board going bad. It will finish the wash cycle, not drain, then sit there flashing rinse. Seems to eventually time out and through the oe error code. Here’s where it gets interesting, if I drain the water manually, through the bottom drain, it will suddenly start drawing on its own. Then it will allow me to run the rinse and spin cycle, where the machine will drain on its own, spin and complete the cycle.
    Do I spend $300 for a board on a nearly 10 year old washer?
    Anyone have any other suggestions?

  41. Doni J. Jackson

    So I watched the video here on how to check hoses/pump after the error message came up (washer won’t drain).
    Listened for the pump first, it’s working.
    The small black drain hose coming off the pump and out the door of the filter door was clogged with sand and small pebbles.
    I cleared this and am now attaching the pump back onto the washer frame.
    The three bolts do not want to get tight.
    Seems like way too much play in the pump body.
    Was wondering if they are loose to let the pump vibrate around without damage or what?

  42. We have a brand new LG and it’s giving us the OE code. Home Depot delivered and installed the washer last week. I’ll check the first two steps and see if it fixes it. Can’t imagine motor is out on a brand new washer.

  43. You an me both MBohio! I did the exact same thing, and washing machine spins like a top. Only thing I wish was taking note when he said “take note of which wires go where”. I didn’t do that and ended up with some additional headache.

    I read somewhere else that if you try to listen to the drain pump, and hear a hum, then you would know it is working.

  44. As an update, when I put it back together, it still wouldn’t drain. It wasn’t obvious to me that the pump motor was bad, but that seemed like the only option left. I found a replacement pump motor on Amazon for $22, got it in 2 days, installed it with the above video (so helpful) and now the washer works perfect. It took a little time but only cost me $22 to fix my washer!

  45. Amy – Actually, I think you can first start with a simpler approach. The little hose is only about 8″ long and comes out of the pump motor and is just threaded through that little hole on the front of the washer to allow drainage. If you’re not seeing the hose, I would bet it just came out of the hole. Before you take the whole washer apart, first take the back cover off. You should be able to get it off by just removing the 4 screws and then shimmying the metal back cover off. That will allow you to easily see inside the washer to see where the little hose is. I would bet you’ll quickly see it and find that it just came out of the hole. You can grab it and stick it right back through and voila. This should save you the hassle of taking the whole front of the washer off. Of course, before you take the back off, unplug the maschine and turn off the water valves. Hope this helps!

  46. I have a used LG Tromm and when I pulled the cover off, I discovered that the little hose is missing. I’m thinking this means we need to take the whole thing apart and find where it went?

  47. Mine was clogged as well with what looked like black sediment – I could actually feel the hard clog in the middle of the tube and it was about 4″ long so a lot. It took a solid 10-15 minutes, but I just keep smashing the tube with my fingers and then rinsing and little by little the black goo came out until it was unclogged.

  48. I have checked the filter, the drain hose and then just disassembled everything. Through all 3 of these steps, I never found anything that looked off – no foreign objects or clogs. I’m about to put back together and see if it works, but how do I know if the pump motor is working? Is there a way to test it?

  49. Our LG WM3885HCCA washing machine stopped with an OE Error, not the first time it has happened. In the past I put it on the rinse & spin setting and fired it back up and away it went. Well this time no such luck and as luck would have it on a Friday morning before a long weekend. Of course the drain hose and filter were checked and fine so the only other problem would be the pump motor. I watched the video associated with this site and figured it would not be that challenging to replace. After calling around I found a motor at Sears Canada and they actually had one in stock. Using the video and following the steps I replaced the motor ($70) in about 2 hours! Sure beats a service call from a technician. For the $70 and a couple of hours I would not mess around, Steve’s video is so easy to follow and right on point!

  50. Tanya Fields

    We dont see ours clogged anywhere but oe comes on at 9 min left could i just need a new pump?


    How do you test the drain pump to see if it is good?
    I drained the tub and tried the rinse cycle but when it came time to drain the tub nothing happened.
    Is there a way to check the drain pump without taking it apart?
    Is there a reset anywhere that would need to be reset before the drain pump starts to work?
    I didn’t find anything plugged.

  52. I have a WM2500CW front load washing machine that recently quit working and displayed the OE error code.
    I immediately checked the filter and it was not clogged (or that dirty at all) so I went ahead and broke things down.
    I removed the pump and all lines to and from it and cleaned them all out.
    After reassembling the unit all worked well but now, about 2 months later, the ugly OE error has reared its ugly head again.
    I began the troubleshooting steps again starting with running a rinse and spin cycle and it again threw the OE code again.
    I let it sit overnight (too late to fool with it at the time) and when I attempted the rinse and spin again the next morning it worked!
    No error code and a completed cycle.
    I imagine that this is a temporary reprieve and that I will soon be reunited with this frustrating error code so I was hoping someone might be able to provide so diagnostics that will allow me to determine if the pump may be going bad or if it could possibly be the control panel acting up.
    I do not like to play the “part swap” game and would rather be able to determine the exact problem before spending any $$$. (It is too hard to come by to waste).
    I have a multimeter and some basic electronic skills if someone can provide advice on checking the voltage or resistance of the components to help determine what the failure might be.

  53. Small plastic disc was stuck in drain hose!
    Video was a great help; it saved my machine from getting scrapped.
    There was a coin shaped plastic disc that got stuck in the drain hose.
    Removing and fixing the ring clamps was the most difficult part.
    Thanks for the help.

  54. We have the LG True steam model Wm2501h front load washer. Sometimes it will not drain, other times it does. We have cleaned the easy to access filter on the front lower left of the washer so it is clean but it keeps doing it. Any idea why sometimes it will drain fine and other times not. Also, how do we reset the washer in case this might resolve the issue.

  55. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this video on how to replace the drain pump, excellent instruction it worked just as you demonstrated.

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    Roslynn Riley,
    Can you please describe further so we can assist with your LG washer?
    The wires you detached – was it from the pump or a part near the pump?
    Let us know and we can search our database for the proper wiring.
    You may want to look for a wiring schematic for your LG washer?
    This page here may assist you… Sears website with schematic for LG WM2487HWM washing machine.

  57. LG WM2487HWM washing machine
    All was going well, until I mistakenly detached the blue and white wire assembly, on the piece opposite of the pump assembly instead of the brown and black on the pump assembly.
    I’m not certain which side (left or right) the blue wire or white wire reconnects to.
    Can you help?

  58. Melania Dieterick

    I have an LG front loader washer, WM3470HVA that continues to give me the OE error.
    I have cleaned the filter, checked the hoses for clogs/ kinks, and even changed the drain pumps.
    I have also tried resetting the washer by pressing the on then start buttons for 5 sec each.
    It turned on and pumps about 2 cups out initially then continues to try to pump more out never progressing further into the cycle ending with the OE error.
    Any suggestions of what the real issue is?

  59. This worked like a charm!!! Pretty easy too. Thank you so much for this, saved me about $250 to do it myself.

  60. Had this OE code on my LG Washer and just wanted to add a few things.
    The little pump drain hose may need to be pulled in and out a couple times.
    It fills with sediment and may take a while to get flowing full force.
    With the filter removed, stick your finger to the left side and try to feel the pump impeller and rotate it.
    This will verify nothing is stuck in it.
    Again, the pump is on the left side.

  61. Our LG WM2501 washer stopped with an OE error. I did not know what it was, so I looked it up and I decided then to go for it and replace the drain pump, which was making louder than expected grinding noise when I restarted the machine on a Speed Wash/rinse, spin cycle. The trickiest part is the removal of the wire band that holds in place the washer boot. I was able to do it by carefully using a flathead screwdriver. It is even harder to put back. I used a spring expander tool that I had purchased for this purpose. I bought the cheap kind, the tension spring expander, a foot long screw thread with two prongs that stick out and a thumb screw that allows you to spread the two prongs apart. It worked out!

  62. The drain filter gets clogged and we can’t get down on the floor to drain it and clear it out, how do we bypass the filter?
    We really hate this feature and may have to sell the LG washer and dryer if this can’t be fixed.

  63. I have an LG front load washing with display code OE. I am missing the drainage hose on the front of the washer next to the filter… with that missing hose cause the water leakage I’m experiencing? Also, when I opened the tilting A LOT of water came out.

  64. I got the OE error and already cleaned the drain pump filter, however I found small nail scissor inside that I can’t get off through.
    What would you recommend me to do?
    Should I dismount the pump as indicated in the video?
    Is there any other way to remove the object blocking the drain pump?

  65. Thank you so much for the detailed directions on replacing the drain pump. We tried all the other fixes first, and finally decided to try and replace the pump. $25 later, the new pump is installed and no more error messages! Your site and video saved us hundreds of dollars!

  66. My little black drain tube in the front of my washer next to the filter is clogged with what feels like sand. I got it out as much as I can but it still isn’t draining so when I unscrew the filter water comes out there instead of the little black drain tube. How do I unclog that?!

  67. Thanks for the reply.
    The hoses are clear and not kinked. In fact, when pump runs, it pushes out water very fast. It just doesn’t seem to want empty the entire drum. I have pulled the washer apart and unhooked every hose from the pump. All is clear. I have run a tub clean as well. This happens whether i use detergent or not. It will even happen on a Rinse and Spin cycle with or without detergent and minimal clothes.
    I have not checked the wiring harness specifically, but i didn’t see anything obvious when i had it apart.
    I have also checked to ensure i have 120 volts at the outlet. It is good.

  68. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is it possible the drain hose on the back of the LG washer is kinked, bent, or clogged?
    Is the wall drain where the washer drains the water out free of blockages?
    If the washing machine drain pump and hoses are free of blockages and work properly as you have tested, the drain hose may be causing the problem.
    Have you checking the drain pump internally?
    Is it possible there is a loose wire harness and when the washer runs and slightly vibrates, the drain pump or connection on main board cause the issue?
    Let us know what you find.

    If it drains but not all the way, you may be using too much detergent as the extra sudsing can cause the clothing to retain more water and also make it more difficult for the washer to remove the extra sudsing water.

  69. I have an OE error on my LG front load washer.
    I have cleaned the drain filter and checked for block hoses. All seem clear. I know the pump works and the pump hoses are clear because i can get it to drain if using a Rinse and Spin Cycle. I have placed the drain hoses in a nearby sink and it fills the sink very quickly. It seems to drain, but not all the way. What have i missed. Thanks in advance.

  70. Hi thanks for the advice. But I already tried them. After having a professional have a look at it the problem became clear. There was nothing wrong. The problem rather was that in spite of having the machine connected to 220V the problem was in the amount of Hz! The machine was build for 50Hz and it needed 60Hz rotation to work. So the mechanical replaced the module. And now it is working as it should be.

  71. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG Washer OE error code is a draining error.
    Check and clean the FRONT LOWER DEBRIS FILTER.
    If you still get the OE error, check that the drain pump and the drain hose are not CLOGGED or BLOCKED.
    Remove all hoses connected to the pump and check them for blockage.
    When you have the hose between the pump and tub removed, check up inside the tub where the hose was removed and see if anything clogging it in that area.
    Clothing stuck between the tubs can also cause the OE error.

  72. I have issues with my LG front loader washer as well. It is a model I bought in Europe. I shipped it to south America. It is connected on 220V as the machine is for use on 220V and not the 110. So it is new and still I get the error. I cleaned the filter drained any water. What can be the problem then?

  73. Hello, we have an LG Top Load Washer, Model WT1201CV and I believe our pump is faulty. I have removed the old pump and will be ordering a new one. Can you tell me if the installation of the new pump is basically the reverse of the removal process? Just wondering if there is anything I need to be aware of. Thanks much for your help! :-)

  74. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you are getting the OE error code check that the drain pump is getting power on your LG washing machine.
    If so, check drain pump to be sure it is operational.
    If the pump checks bad, replace the pump.
    If it checks good, check all drain lines and hoses for blockages.

  75. Washer has OE code. Cleaned the drain hose and drain filter. Still doesn drain even if the power is off. At the spin cycle can’t hear any sound then few minutes later OE code shows up. Do you think I need to replace a drain pump?

  76. Thank you! I cannot thank you enough! I was having a problem with my LG front load washer/dryer combo. You help me figure out the error code OE. I watched your video. I drained the water….then cleaned out the filter. I did not realize that I needed to clean it out once a month. I found earrings, a stylus, disposable gloves, paper, and lint. Thank you for showing me how to do it myself and saving me the time and money I would have had to spend finding someone to do what took me a half hour to do. Now I know!

  77. I have IE error code on LG direct drive 14 washing machine. The machine run for about 10 min then the error IE comes out. What is the problem?

  78. DIY Project Help Tips

    We have seen moisture on boards, sometimes when they fully dry out they are operational, other times not.
    Probably a 1 in 10 chance.

    Try this to attempt to save money….
    Remove the PCB board and let is dry in the sun for a day.
    If that does not work, replace board.

  79. I have the same problem getting LG WASHER OE error code.
    Called up for service but problem is not solved.
    He is saying PCB has got moisture on it.
    Please help how do I solve this problem.

  80. After replacing the pump motor, everything works as expected. The shaft seal behind the impeller appears to have failed allowing moisture/water inside the motor.

  81. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a main control board that is on the fritz.
    If you know the drain pump works, but does not activate when it is supposed to, then either the board, or a wiring harness is bad, loose, damaged, etc…

  82. I finally found a Service Manual for my model and it shows a ‘streamlined’ guide for drain issue on p25;

    Is the drain hose twisted or frozen?
    Is the impeller of the drain pump clogged?
    Remove foreign material.
    Is the connector disconnected, disassembled?
    Reconnect or repair the connector
    Is the coil of the drain pump too high or low? (resistance of the coil is 10-20 Ω)
    When checking voltage between connectors during spin, is the voltage 120 V AC as in the figure?
    Replace the MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY.

    I will find out tomorrow if new pump solves the problem. :-)
    [my pump motor resistance appeared to be out of range.]

  83. Yes, I checked ALL of the plumbing, filter, hoses, even inspecting the tub to pump piping/hoses, pump to standpipe, et al.
    While the OE is the finale of the error condition, the pump motor doesn’t activate to drain at the proper times. It would be helpful to have troubleshooting guidance indicating in which order to test, the type test to perform and the test results which can be expected.
    I did find a decision tree for a different model, but it did not give expected test results. e.g. Test with multimeter (what scale, range, UOM [ohms, volts, amps] is expected?).

  84. DIY Project Help Tips

    An LG Washing Machine OE error code indicates that the washer was unable to drain the water. (As you already know)

    The main causes for this error code are: Clogged drain pump filter, Kinked drain hose, Clogged stand pipe

    Have you cleaned out the DRAIN PUMP FILTER?

    If all is good, you will need to test the components you have listed with a meter to find what part is causing your issue.


  85. If I wait long enough, the OE code will display.

    To clarify, the drain will not operate between Wash-Rinse or between Rinse-Spin.

    While awaiting the display of OE, I can manually drain the tub down (almost empty) to where the next function will begin (rinse or spin). However, the drain pump doesn’t appear to activate.

    The impeller on the drain pump turns freely.

    I’m unsure if cause is:
    a) pressure switch
    b) drain motor
    c) drain motor switch/relay
    d) control board
    e) something else?

    It would be helpful to have information on how to test these. I’ve been unable to find on the web site.

  86. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you getting the OE error code on your LG washing machine?
    Or is the washer malfunctioning without an error code being displayed?
    You may have a pressure switch that is faulty, check all wire harnesses to be sure all wiring connections are secure.

  87. I have same issue with my WM2487HRMA.
    The drain motor works fine in test mode, no clogs, bends, etc.
    But it will not drain before spin cycle.
    If I manually drain below the pressure switch threshold, I can use ‘drain and spin” to spin clothes.
    Is it possible that I ‘activated’ some settings mode and perhaps a ‘factory settings reset’ sequence would clear?

  88. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the model number of your LG front load washer dryer and we can assist from there as it may be a pressure switch or door switch. We need the model number to direct you to which part may be causing the NO DRAIN issue.

  89. My LG front load washer dryer combo will not drain. I have no clogs or bent hoses. It will not spin during this cycle. I have disassembled the unit and checked for I knew to check for including removal of and checking that the drain motor is working properly. I also ran it through a drain/spin cycle when it was disassembled and with the front panel off it spun without issue (no water in the tub). Could this be some type of pressure switch?

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