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Washing Machine In Garage – Where Do I Let It Drain – Utility Sink, Standpipe, Sink Drain?

Question: I bought a new Samsung Front Loading Washing Machine. I have it in my garage. What is the best way to let a washing machine drain the water in my garage when I am washing clothes? I can install the washer next to the utility sink in the garage. If I do this, can I let the washer drain into the sink? If so how? If not, do I need a special part to let it drain in a more permanent way to avoid flooding or leaking?

Washing Machine In Garage - Where To Drain

Answer: If you can install your washing machine in the garage and next to a utility sink, then yes you can let it drain into the sink. You can install a bracket or wire ties on the back of the sink so the washer drain hose is permanently attached to the sink. You may need a special drain hose depending on the distance of the washer to the sink. (If the utility sink overflows with water, use a homemade filter on the end of the drain hose to prevent clogging the sink drain)

Washing Machine Drain Hose To Utility SinkWashing Machine Drain Hose To Utility Sink

Once you have the drain hose installed on the utility sink, add a homemade filter to the end of the drain hose (where the waste water comes out) such as a pair of pantyhose or an old sock. You may need to use a large hose clamp to keep the filter in place. The homemade filter is used so no lint gets into your sink drain. This prevents the sink from being clogged with lint or other items flowing from the washers drain hose. Depending on how often you use your washing machine, be sure to remove the homemade filter every 60 days or so and clean it or replace it. There may also be a drain pump debris filter located on the front of the machine at the bottom of the washer. This needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid it from being clogged and therefore the drain pump cannot pump water out.

NOTE: Depending on the type of washing machine and the pressure of the drain pump pumping the water out through the drain hose… If you mount the washing machine drain hose onto the edge of the sink, the water pressure may be so high that the sink could overflow. This will depend on the size of the sink and the pressure of the drain pump on the washer. Test to see if there is a possibility of the sink overflowing when the washing machine drains. If not, you can leave it as is. If it overflows, you may need to install the drain hose into the sink drain using a Y-fitting for a more permanent solution. (Or another type of drain fitting depending on your specific layout)

Washer Drain Hose To Utility SinkWasher Drain Hose To Utility Sink

Other options for washing machine drainage in garage:

1 – Install the drain hose into an installed 2″ diameter drainage stand pipe. (If possible and applicable)
NOTE: Do not connect it directly to a drain stand pipe unless the pipe is at least 2 inches in diameter. If less than 2 inches, you will get water overflow and flooding can occur.

Washer Drain Hose To StandpipeWasher Drain Hose To Standpipe

2 – You can permanently install the washing machine drain hose into the sink drain using a Y-fitting or other fitting that applies. You can then be sure the drain hose is secure. Also be sure to only connect the washing machine to the sink drain line if the drain pipe is 2 inches in diameter. A smaller drain line will not be acceptable for the volume of water pumped out of the washer. If the pipe is not 2″ in diameter, a P-trap and a stand pipe must be installed to prevent any water from backing up and overflowing.

Washing Machine Drain Hose Installation Tutorial
Instructions on how to install a washer (wash machine) drain hose.
Proper installation, method, and location of drain hose.

Washer Drain Hose - Different Lengths and ShapesWasher Drain Hose – Different Lengths and Shapes

If you know easier ways to connect your washing machine to a utility sink in the garage, please leave a comment below. If you need assistance hooking up your washer drain hose in a difficult area, please leave your question below and we will be happy to assist.

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  1. I am converting attached garage to JADU in Sacramento. Question about where to install washer/dryer combo. What I want to do is install the combo near the existing house washer/dryer and use the house’s drain. Its about 5′ from the house washer/dyer drain, and I would need to penetrate the house wall and cut out some drywall to get to the house drain. Is this permitted to do in Calif?

  2. Henry Wagstaff

    I’m trying to hook up a washer and a whirlpool I connected with the cold water and did not have the drain hose on the back just to test it water came out the bottom drain hose with Allie hose on it was not filling up the washer do I need to have both hot and cold hose is on there and I need to have a drain hose coming up and into a sink or something and not leave it just flowing out the bottom into a garage drain thanks

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