Washer Only Fills With Cold Water

My washer only fills with cold water NO HOT WATER! I set it to hot water and all I get is cold. I have tried all heating settings including warm wash and hot wash and the water is always cold. Is there a part on my washer that needs to be turned on for hot water? We recently moved the washing machine into the garage and ever since it is only filling with cold water. As far as I can tell everything is exactly the same, so I am thinking something in the washer is broken or needs cleaned. Can you please assist me and tell me what is the most likely problem? I cannot afford an appliance repair right now.

Washer Not Filling With Hot Water - Cold Water Filling Washing Machine When Set To HOT WaterWasher Not Filling With Hot Water
Cold Water Filling Washing Machine When Set To HOT Water

In your case… If you recently moved the washing machine further away from the hot water heater (moved from in home to inside garage) it may take 1 minute or 2 minutes longer for the hot water to get to the washer. If the washer is in the garage and the hot water heater is near the back of the house, it will take a little longer for the hot water to reach the washer.

This is obviously because the hot water from the water heater has to travel further to get to where you need it. Try running the hot water in the garage sink or faucet for one minute or until you feel hot water before you run the washer (if applicable). If you have no garage sink faucet where you can run the hot water, try running the hot water on any sink faucet closest to the washer. If that is not the issue see below…

Washing Machine Not Filling With Hot Water
Washer Repair & Diagnostics

SAFETY NOTE: Remove power to washer before working to troubleshoot washing machine and do not detach any water hoses without turning off water valves first.

Fix Washer With Water Fill Problems

Be sure the hot water heater in your home is operating and other faucets are getting hot water – If no hot water, check water heater.
Make sure you have the hot water valve OPEN that supplies HOT water to the washer – Located behind the washer.
Check to be sure the hot water inlet hose is not clogged – If it is, no hot water can enter washer.
Examine the hose mesh filters that go in between the hoses and the washer – Mesh filters can clog and restrict water flow.
Take rear panel off washer and examine wiring to and from the water inlet valve – Connect any loose wires wire harnesses – Replace any damaged wiring.
Check to be sure the water inlet valve is in working order – Check for blockages
Check for a possible fault where the hot water solenoid IS AT FAULT therefore no hot water enters the washer and the water inlet valve needs replaced.
Check the timer/heater mechanism (that sets the hot water for the washer) and be sure no loose or damaged wires are found.

Washing machine - Hot and Cold water inlets - Back image of washing machineBack image of Washing Machine
Location of Hot and Cold Water Inlets


Washing Machine Water Inlet ValvesWashing Machine Water Inlet Valves – ALL WASHERS

How to Test the Water Valve on your Washer – Not Filling or Overfilling


Washing Machine – Diagnostic & Repair
No hot water coming through the water inlet valve

If all the troubleshooting methods above did not fix the problem with your washing machine that is ONLY filling with COLD water…
Let us know what you have done to try and solve the issue and leave your info below including the model number of your washer and we will be happy to help you to fix your washer.

10 thoughts on “Washer Only Fills With Cold Water”

  1. Hi.
    WT1501CW LG top load washing machine NO HOT WATER. Hot water working elsewhere in home. Replaced inlet valve and water hoses, to no avail. No error code at any point. It was suggested that it might be a control board issue? Another mentioned solenoid(?) and changing out the inlet hoses(black rubber hoses connected to inlet valve)

    Any thoughts, etc. are greatly appreciated!

  2. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Are the Samsung washer water hoses connected properly?
    Is the valve behind the washer for the hot water turned ON?
    Possibly an issue with the valve, it may turn but not be opening the hot water valve. Possibly replace hot water outlet valve?
    Remove hose to hot water and turn on valve slowly with a bucket to be sure hot water is coming out. Use caution to not be burned.
    Do you have hot water in the rest of your house?

  3. I have a Samsung washer model# WA50R5200 AW/us 02.
    Got cold water, but no hot water.
    Put on new hoses, still no hot.

  4. Paul Schleicher

    Here’s another point to check. I have a Bosch front loader model WFMC5301UC/16 with the same issue. Could not get hot water solenoid to activate except when bench testing with an external 120V source (works fine; coil measures ~1K ohms). Traced back to the source component on the board, making sure wiring had no opens. 120V on input of component but never on the output to the solenoid. Only cold water valve activates during any wash cycle, even when set to Hot water cycle. No error codes ever displayed.
    This model has a small, internal water heater used primarily during the “sanitary” wash cycle. It is mounted in the tub casing and connections are accessible from rear of tub(remove back panel of washer). I found a loose power connection to this heating element and simply re-seated. These two a.c. wires lead back up to the main control board under the front panel. Once I confirmed both connections were established again, my hot water inlet solenoid circuit began to function normally. Verify this circuit if your model has such a heating element and verify the heater itself measures a few ohms of resistance and isn’t an open circuit. Remove and inspect all connections then ensure they are seated again properly. Good luck!

  5. Ben,

    Did you ever find the solution to your issue? I have the same model with the same issue. If I move the cold water wires to the hot solenoid it fills with hot water. So that rules out the solenoid. I never see 120V on the hot solenoid. Before I start ordering expensive parts, I wanted to see what you have found out. Thanks.

  6. Great video!
    Here’s a twist, head scratch. Tried everything suggested. In troubleshooting I turned on the bath tub faucet to hot, just to make sure I was getting hot water to that side of the house – water heater is on the opposite side, and then turned on the washer….lo and behold hot water. Turn off bath tub, no hot water in washer. Leave water on for a few minutes in bath tub then shut off, hot water continues in washer.
    House is a slab with the pvc pipes running through it. all of the other [6] hot water works fine. Only clothes washer has issue.
    My thoughts, it’s the hot water heater.
    Your thoughts?
    And, thanks.

  7. I have a whirlpool washing machine model # WTW4616FW1. The machine doesn’t let hot water in, only get cold water. I replaced the hoses and the water inlet valve. In your instructions to fix this problem; you said to check the timer/heater mechanism. Could you tell me what’s the part number of the timer/heater mechanism.Can you help me please? Thanks.

  8. Hello, I have a Samsung washer, model WA40J3000AW/AA, it it always fills with cold water. I checked the solenoids and they are all good, around 1k ohms. I checked voltages and only the middle valve gets energized, 120V, when filling, regardless of temperature selected. The hot water valve never gets energized. I will note that all 3 valves seem to get 50V until the valve gets actuated and goes up to 120v. I don’t know if it has always been like this, or not. I’m not sure where to go with this. Any ideas? I appreciate the help!

  9. I have a Whirlpool CAE2743BQ0. It’s about two years old, but for the last couple months I only get cold water. I definitely have hot water going to the machine. There are no clogged hoses or screens. I tested the water inlet valve with a multimeter. I kept getting fluctuating readings, anything from 10 to 80. Maybe I wasn’t using it correctly. I went ahead and replaced the water inlet valve, and it started filling with hot water for a few seconds and so I thought it was fixed. But after a few seconds it switched back to cold, and now it only does cold again. Next I replaced the water temperature switch, but no improvement. Your instructions say that I can next check the timer/heater mechanism. I’m more than willing to replace the mechanism, but I don’t know what it looks like or what the part number is. Can you please help?

  10. I have a whirlpool washing machine model number WTW4815EW1
    The machine never lets hot water in. So when it is set on any temperature including hot only the cold water runs into the machine. I can turn off the cold water and then no water goes into the machine. I replaced the switch that controls the temperature and I have replaced the inlet valve that lets the water into the machine. It still only lets cold water in. What could be the problem?

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