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Washer Fills With Water – How To Fix It?

I have a washing machine that fills with water. I was out of town and came home to water filling up in the washer. The water is leaking slowly, so I caught it in time. The washer is off and not in use and it still leaks water into the tub. I turned off the main water supply. Can you tell me what can cause water to leak from a washing machine?

Washer fills with waterFix a washer that fills with water

A washing machine filling up with water usually indicates a faulty water inlet valve. This valve is on the back of the washer. The water from the Cold and Hot water lines go to the inlet valve. This inlet valve is controlled by two solenoids, one for Hot water and one for Cold water. If the inlet valve is faulty it will leak water into the washer.

Before replacing the washer water inlet valve, check the valve visually while the washer is filling with water. Confirm that the inlet valve is causing the leak. You may find a water hose loose, clogged, or damaged behind the washer. Replace the hoses or screens if needed. Check the water valve for any clogs or blockages before replacing it.

As a general note, if the water leaks into the washer tub, then the water inlet valve is the cause. The valve needs to be replaced to avoid water leaking into the washer. If you cannot tell if the valve is faulty, use a meter. See below for how to use a multimeter…

Replace a washer water inlet valve

How to replace the water inlet valve on your washer?

  1. Slowly slide the washer out from the wall.
  2. Remove power to the washer.
  3. Turn off the hot/cold water supply valves.
  4. Remove the water supply hoses from washer.
  5. Remove the screws that hold the top panel on the washer.
  6. Remove the top panel from the washer.
  7. Find the water inlet valve assembly.
  8. Label or take a photo of the wires going to the inlet valve.
  9. Remove the wires from the inlet valve.
  10. Disconnect the water hoses from the inlet valve.
  11. Remove the inlet valve by removing screws.
  12. Replace the faulty valve with the new one.
  13. Screw the new inlet valve securely into place.
  14. Connect the water hoses to the inlet valve.
  15. Reconnect the wires to the valve.
  16. Reattach the washer top panel.
  17. Insert the screws to secure the top of the washer.
  18. Attach the hot/cold water hoses to the washer inlet valve.
  19. Turn on water valves to let water flow to the washer.
  20. Connect washer to the power outlet.
  21. Slide washer back into place.
  22. Run a test wash to be sure no leaks.

How to test a washer water inlet valve?

Set the multimeter to ohms. Place the meter’s probes each to one terminal. If the test shows a reading of infinity then your solenoid is faulty and the water inlet valve needs to be replaced.

Is there one or two water inlet valves on my washer?

Depending on your washing machine, there may be one or two water linet valves. One valve for cold and one valve for hot water. Some washers have only one water inlet valve assembly. When replacing the water inlet valve, make sure to troubleshoot and find out if either the cold or hot water inlet valve is leaking. If the washer only has one valve, then you know which one is leaking.

What is recommended water pressure to a washing machine?

The water valve can leak if the water pressure to the valve is less than 20 psi. If the washing machine has low water pressure, water can leak as the valve will not seal properly. Check to be sure the washer is getting adequate water pressure. The recommended water pressure for filling the washer is between 20 psi and 116 psi (Pounds per square inch).

What else can cause water to leak from a washer?

Check the water hoses on the back of the washing machine. If damaged or faulty replace them with new water hoses. Low water pressure can make a water inlet valve leak, check that the water pressure is above 20 psi.

What is the price for a washer water inlet valve?

To replace the water inlet valve on your washer will cost you from $30 to $100 US dollars. You can buy an OEM valve or a cheaper part to fix your leaking washer. Check on Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s for the valve that will fit your washing machine. Make sure to type in or write down the model number of your washer to obtain the correct inlet valve. Water inlet valves for washing machine

Water inlet valve for washerCommon water inlet valve for washer

Have questions for a washer that is leaking water into the tub? Please let us know your washer model number and we can help. Leave your comment in the comment section below.

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