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Samsung Refrigerator Randomly Beeping – What Causes Alarm Beeps?

Samsung Refrigerator Beeps? Alarm constantly beeps on Samsung refrigerator. The refrigerator beeps at all times when no one is near the refrigerator. The beeping/chiming occurs randomly and coming from the dispenser area. Refrigerator has an audible alarm when setting the Flex Zone Drawer. What can cause the alarm to go off on a Samsung refrigerator? Samsung Support Here…

Samsung Refrigerator Randomly Beeping

The Samsung refrigerator alarms are the “Door Alarm” and the “High Temperature Alert Alarm”. (If the refrigerator will not stop beeping randomly, press the ALARM BUTTON to OFF or NOT ILLUMINATED until you can troubleshoot the issue)

Samsung Fridge Beeps Quick Fix

-The “Door Alarm” beeps when the door is not completely closed or left open for approximately 3 minutes.

-The “High Temperature Alert Alarm” beeps and the temperature display blinks when the refrigerator senses a high temperature rise.

Samsung Refrigerator Dispenser Display PanelPress ALARM BUTTON to OFF or NOT ILLUMINATED until you fix the issue…

Samsung Refrigerator Beeps Alarm Check

The temperature display is blinking?
It is too warm in the refrigerator and the fridge will beep indicating high temperature.

The alarm button is illuminated?
The refrigerator doors are detected to be open.

Samsung Refrigerator Beeps Troubleshooting

1. Open the fridge doors to inspect inside and confirm nothing is blocking them from completely closing.

2. If the temperature display blinks but the fridge doors were not left open there could be a cooling problem.

MORE INFO: How To Troubleshoot Refrigerator Not Cooling

3. Check that the wiring was installed properly on the top of the refrigerator door if this issue has occurred since install.

4. Make sure the alarm sound is coming from the refrigerator and not another item in your kitchen.

To Be Sure Beeping Comes From Samsung Refrigerator And Not Another Appliance

1. Press the buttons on the display panel to see if the beeping sounds different to be sure beep is not coming from elsewhere.

2. Leave the refrigerator door open for 3 minutes to hear if the alarm you hear is the same as the fridge alarm.

3. Remove power to the refrigerator to see if the beeping continues when the refrigerator is powered off.

What To Check If Samsung Refrigerator Continually Beeps

1. Beeping occurs at random times without even touching the refrigerator.
Unplug or remove power to the Samsung refrigerator to attempt to reset the beeping problem.

2. Was the door removed when you received the fridge? The wire harness on top of the door is partially connected and this can cause the random beeping.
Find the wire harness on top of the door and check to be sure it is fully connected and no damage is found.

3. The ice maker display switches from water to crushed ice to cubed ice and therefore beeps.
Try resetting the ice maker to reset this issue.

4. The display panel indicates temperature and cycles thru the ice settings.
Check this by inspecting the wire harness for partial connection on the display control board.

5. The REED SWITCH (on some models) can become faulty and cause an OPEN DOOR ERROR and might BEEP, replace REED SWITCH if found faulty.

6. The flex drawer causes the beeps as it changes temperatures.
-Reset drawer by flipping the switch from OFF to ON. You should now be able to change the temperature and stop the beeping.
-Remove the plastic film from the temperature control panel on the drawer, as this has shown to fix the issue.
-Try resetting the connector that connects the wires to the flex door face. (SEE IMAGES BELOW)

Samsung Flexzone Control Panel

Samsung Flex zone Drawer Control Panel


Samsung Flexzone Back Panel ViewSamsung Flex zone Drawer Back Panel View


 Parts for Samsung RefrigeratorsParts for Samsung Refrigerators


Other Issues With Samsung Refrigerators


1. The flex zone drawer changes temperatures on its own and then beeps.
2. Flex zone control panel is unresponsive and randomly beeps.
3. The control panel illuminates and changes from water to crushed ice to cubed ice on its own.
4. When dispensing water the refrigerator switches to ice by itself.
5. Once the compressor spins down, it beeps and then switches from cubed to crushed ice.

MORE INFO: Samsung Refrigerator Flashing – Blinking – Faults – Reset

If you have observed any of the problems above and found a resolution for the control panel chiming once or twice then changes from water to ice, the flex zone drawer changing the temperature on its own, flex zone drawer temperature panel not responsive, or the display panel switches to ice after dispensing water. If a Samsung refrigerator owner or an appliance technician has resolved any of these specific issues, please leave a comment below and let us know how this was resolved.

Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel Features Explained

Do you have questions or comments related to a Samsung Refrigerator Randomly Beeping? Please leave your issue and model number below and we can assist with troubleshooting.

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21 thoughts on “Samsung Refrigerator Randomly Beeping – What Causes Alarm Beeps?”

  1. Joyce Richardson

    I have a Samsung 3 door refrigerator. It has 2 refrigerator doors and a bottom large freezer drawer. It does not have a water or ice dispenser in the top door. There is an ice maker in freezer. Not able to attach a water line to it so we do not use it. Ice off alarm is constantly beeping. Since it is not used would removing it stop the constant beeping?

  2. Samsung Model # RF2566AEWP beeps at random times.
    I cannot seem to find out where it’s coming from or how to stop it.
    It’s not the same as the ‘door open” beep.
    AND when it’s beeping I can turn on and off the E. Saver light.
    When it, finally, quits beeping the E. Saver light button has NO effect.
    This seems to happen during the night and is waking us up.

  3. Wagner Lipnharski

    Samsung RS2545SH/XAA (side by side refrigerator), started to beep during the night, the POWER FREEZE led turns on and off by itself and beeps each time, as if someone was pressing the key.
    At the same time temperature starts to rise, the freezer -40C went up to -27C. Unplugged power for a minute, replugged, came back beeping, after few hours temp went back to -40C and beeping stopped. This refrigerator already wet the floor few times, and there is no water line connected to it (this is the second fridge and we don’t use it for water or ice), what seems to be the de-icer malfunction. I was thinking maybe the POWER FREEZE key is shorting itself, or the control board (DA41-00104Y) is going crazy and malfunction. Suggestions?

  4. Judith Williams

    My Samsung French Door SRF680CDLS model will not stop changing everything & the beeping is very quick & constant at times as well as stops altogether for minutes & then starts again. The fridge is working fine, the temperature is fine. I have followed every suggestion, yet can not fix the problem. It is driving me insane & I really need some help finding out what to do to stop it please

  5. Samsung RS277ACWP/XAA Ice maker. Ice cubes stick in plastic tray and don’t drop out when tray twists and when tray returns into position water pours onto full tray and overflows and freezes elsewhere.
    Is there anything you can spray on the ice cube tray to prevent the ic cubes from sticking?

  6. Samsung RS277ACWP/XAA side by side refrigerator.
    Temperature set at -2 and 38.
    Every few hours Power cool beeps on and off frequently but randomly gradually cooling to 27 then stops beeping until temperature is at 38 for a while.
    Tried unplugging and hard reset several times but no change.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.

  7. Have you found a solution? I have the same problem. We disconnected the ice make to see if it was a sensor issue but the beeping continues. Constantly cycling from ice maker in and off. HELP!

  8. Model: Samsung Rf4287hars

    Flex zone drawer temperature keeps changing and beeping on its own after I close the fridge. It’ll stop after a while but then start again. Any information would be a great help for my family and I

  9. Replace the display panel. Either humidity has caused the contacts to constantly be made therefore keeps switching modes energy saver on. – energy saver off. (essentially making contact for the energy saver button.) I fixed mine with cellophane tape over carbon contact on back of display plate (disassembly of display panel required.). Other possible cause could be broken circuit board post in area of switch causing board to vibrate and cause contact to be made. Crazy glue or super glue the broken post back in place if found broken when removing display panel board screws. (my refrigerator is a RF28HMEDBSR)

  10. My refrigerator keeps beeping/alarming all day long. The Energy Saver icon comes on and off all day long – and the beeping is driving us crazy. Model RF267AZPNXXA. Any advice?

  11. My Samsung rf28hmedbsr fridge is beeping constantly.
    Everything is working, used a thermometer to check temp, ice is being made, water is cold.
    I checked everything, but found nothing.
    I then turned of the ice maker and the beeping stopped, so as long as that is off the beeping does not return, but we drink a lot of water and that is also off, if ice maker is off.

  12. Samsung RB37J542VSA
    Changed the doors so it opens on the right side. Door is beeping like it was always opened. When I connect it to the power, it takes 2 min to the beep. The 50seconds to beep.
    I am not sure what can be causing this.
    1. I’ve follow the instructions on manual.
    2. Leveled the fridge
    3. Disconnected on purpose the wires on the top door. The beep here ins continue, without the intervals I mentioned above.
    Any other hint?
    I think I hear the beep all the time already, even if I am not at home :(

  13. Troy van dinter

    Ours is doing same thing did you get it fixed or at least get it to stop beeping?

  14. Our Samsung rf268abrs beeps as it tries to go to power cool mode by itself. Not sure what the issue is and would love some ideas.

  15. Figured our problem out on our RF28HMEDBSR/AA – which is a side-by-side with ice/maker and dispenser in the left door. The unit was beeping randomly. No apparent change to the main display board when the beeps occurred. Went on for several days. I was putting groceries away and i discovered that the middle drawer temp was higher than it should be. When I pushed the button to change it nothing happened. So I pulled the front off the drawer and started to investigate. Upon turning it upside down water started to drain out of the temp display area. Long story short – the ice maker interface with the door was allowing water to drain onto the top of the drawer… just a bit here and there, but it compromised the adhesive on the membrane display and filled the switch up with water. Which was causing intermittent and random shorts… next step is to try a fix or spend $96 on a new temp assembly… we’ll see how good I am at resurrecting this circuit board :)

  16. We have a Samsung RF266 refrigerator with an inside water dispenser and ice maker in freezer. The Ice maker off/on indicators will cycle continuously. It is annoying since we can’t shut off the sound and it isn’t affecting the production of ice. We reset the ice maker and that didn’t work. The only way to stop the sound, when it happens is to unplug the refrigerator. The cycling will stop for a few days and then start again. I am thinking it’s a motherboard problem but can’t find this issue anywhere.

  17. Thanks Allen,
    Waiting for switch to arrive, checked door alignment in meantime & can’t raise it much if we want to keep the seal aligned for cold air retainment, but will give it a shot and return here if it doesn’t work. Appreciate the help.
    We get power outages a lot here due to old wiring infrastructure in town. Do I need to buy a pack of these switches then? Or have an electrician install a surge protector in the breaker box?

  18. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    2 Solutions:
    Either replace the switch
    Check if the door hinges or fittings are loose, if so reposition and tighten up the hinges or fittings to stop the Samsung refrigerator from beeping.

  19. Rs25J500Dsr/AA Samsung model
    Beeps constantly, associated with dispenser that will only work if pulling & holding the freezer door up while dispensing water or ice.
    No off button and beep scares kids at night.
    Checked wiring at top of door, no evident problems.
    Have not replaced reed switch yet.
    Wondering if water line could have gotten crimped somehow with use since door up seems to solve problem, with or without wiring housing at top of door in place.
    No permanent solution found so far other than to prop the door up.
    Not really an option if we want to use it.

  20. Mrs Lintie J MOULDING

    We have a Samsung American fridge freezer model number rsg5uumh which randomly keeps beeping on the freezer side. We have checked everything we can think off and doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. We tried turning it off and back on again. Looking round the seal checking the temperature and it all seems fine. There is also no ice build up and not over packed.
    Any suggestions on what it could be.

  21. samsung showcase refrigerator is making soft beeping sound at random times, but has been doing this for days now

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