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Washing Machine Stops Before Rinse Cycle

Washer gets stuck or stops before it goes into the rinse cycle. My top load washer is full of water at this point. I have tried moving the knob around to make it go into the rinse cycle but nothing works. What can cause my washer to stop right before the rinse cycle?

Washing Machine Stops Before Rinse CycleWashing Machine Stops Before Rinse Cycle

Your washer rinse cycle happens after the wash cycle. The rinse cycles purpose is to basically pull the soapy detergent out from the clothing, bedding, or towels. The washer rinse cycle is controlled by the washer timer. If the washing machine finishes the wash cycle, when a fault arises, the wash cycle does not advance to the rinse cycle. This issue usually is from a timer fault, a water flow issue, a drain problem, or faulty electrical problems.

Safety Note: Always unplug the washing machine when troubleshooting a problem.

Faulty parts that can cause washer to stop at rinse cycle
Washer Timer Switch
Washer Draining Issues
Lid Switch Issues
Electrical Issues
Cold Water Supply Faucet
Broken Pressure Sensor
Faulty Water Inlet Valve
Broken Door Lock

Reasons why a washer gets stuck or stops before the rinse cycle

1. Washer Timer Switch

The washer timer switch may be worn out and can cause the washer to not automatically go into the rinse mode. The timer switch might be worn or simply dirty, gear teeth may be worn out in that area, dirty contacts cause the timer to not work properly.
To Fix: Unplug the washer and remove the timer switch assembly and check gear teeth, contacts. If issues are found replace the timer assembly.

2. Washer Draining Issues

The draining system in the washer lets water flow out of the washer when draining. This could be a sign of the drain pump not working properly, the drain hose may be positioned incorrectly, or there may be a clog somewhere in the drain line.
To Fix: Check all the draining parts on the washer. Check that the drain hose is not clogged or kinked. Reposition the drain hose so the washer does not have issues draining out the water. Check the drain pump to be sure it operates correctly and is not jammed with foreign objects.

3. Lid Switch Issues

A faulty lid switch or bent washer lid or plunger can cause the washer to not advance to the rinse cycle. If the lid plunger does not press down on the lid switch, the washer shuts down as it thinks the door is open.
To Fix: Check that the lid switch is getting pressed down from the lid plunger. The lid switch may be faulty or the wiring is faulty. If the washer lid is bent or not closing properly the lid switch will not get pressed, bend the washer door so the plunger makes contact with the lid switch. Also check for a lid switch that may have cracked or broken and replace if needed.

4. Electrical Issues

Faulty wiring within the washer may be the cause of the “stuck on rinse cycle”. The washer timer may be in working order, however if the wiring to the timer is loose, burned, or faulty in any way, the timer will not work properly. Faulty wiring to the drain pump may cause similar issues. The main wiring coming in from the washer power cord may have become damaged from pulling the washer out from the wall.
To Fix: Check all areas of the washer for electrical issues. Check wiring to and from the timer or control board. Repair any wire that is burnt, loose, or corroded. Inspect the wiring to and from the drain pump for any problems.

5. Cold Water Supply Faucet

If the washer works before or up to the rinse cycle, there could be an issue with the cold water supply valve. There could be a valve issue or the filters in the water line may be clogged with hard water.
To Fix: Turn off the water and check hoses and water filters in the hose end that connects to the washer. Clean or replace the faulty part.

Other issues that can cause the washer to stop at the rinse cycle
Broken pressure sensor
Faulty water inlet valve
Broken door lock

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  1. Maytag washer was stopping at rinse cycle so we decided to replace it. Now on 3rd new washer that is stopping at rinse cycle.. Water flow has been checked and it’s fine, what is going on?? I’m at a loss as to what is happening.

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