TV Not Recognizing HDMI Connection – No Image Appears On Television

Having trouble getting your TV to recognize an HDMI cable? This is a common problem that can be easily resolved. This information will address issues when connecting a video device to your TV with an HDMI cable that does not recognize it.

TV Not Recognizing HDMI ConnectionTV Not Recognizing HDMI Connection

The No Signal or TV not recognizing an HDMI connection indicates that the TV is not receiving any input from the current source. There are seven proven fixes for this problem. You may not have to try them all. Simply go down the list until you find the one that works for you.

Problem: No picture or signal from my TV when using an HDMI connection

Try this first: Always check for the most recent firmware if you have a smart TV. A firmware update can fix issues with a TV not recognizing or no signal from an HDMI cable.

Make sure the HDMI connection to your TV and component is done correctly, see the infographic below to see how to connect an HDMI cable to your TV…

How to connect HDMI cable to TVHow To Connect HDMI Cable To TV

Why does my TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

Check the HDMI input you are using with your TV remote control. The input button on your TV remote control will cycle between the various input ports. Every device connected to your TV is linked to an input port on the rear or side of your television. If the wrong input is selected, the image will not appear on the TV screen and it will say NO SIGNAL. If your video equipment is connected to the HDMI 1 input, use the TV remote control to switch to that input. Also double check that the connected device is switched on.

Why does my TV say no input detected?

Check the back of the TV or where the HDMI cables are connected. Look at the various ports on the rear or the side of your television to see which one is connected to the device. You may need to simply move the HDMI cable into a different input port as the TV HDMI port may not be working. Make sure the HDMI cable is connected into the correct port. Make sure the TV and source device are both switched on, and you can also try unplugging the HDMI cable from both the TV and connected device and reconnect them. Don’t forget to select the new source or HDMI port if applicable.

How do I reset my HDMI port on my TV?

Troubleshoot the issue with the following steps by performing a reset:

The HDMI cable may have a faulty or loose connection this reset will tell you if you have a problem…

  1. Remove power to the TV and all components.
  2. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV’s HDMI Input connection and the HDMI cable from the linked device’s HDMI Output connection.
  3. Reconnect the HDMI cable to the same port on the TV and connected device.
  4. Plug the power to the TV and the component back into power.
  5. Turn on the television and your connected device and give it some time to “see” each other. This should fix the issue and act as a basic reset.
  6. If you still have issues with the TV not seeing or recognizing the HDMI, try using a different HDMI input on your TV to see if the problem persists. This means using the same HDMI cable but plugging it into a different HDMI port on the TV.
  7. How do I know if the HDMI cable is broken or faulty?
  8. It’s possible the HDMI cable is broken and unable to work as needed. Use a new HDMI cable or one that you know works to see if this is the issue. Some cheaper or older HDMI cables can get twisted or pinched and stop working.
  9. Connect a different component using HDMI and see if that works.
  10. Connect a new device such as a Blu-Ray or Xbox with an HDMI cable to your TV, if it works then the issue is with the original device. The TV is not the issue and the problem is with the component.

Is the connected video device working properly with HDMI?

The connected device may not be outputting through the HDMI connection. Check your device’s documentation or settings menu to see whether the output is set to HDMI or possibly another output. Change the settings on the connected device to HDMI if you find it is set to anything besides HDMI.

Is it the TV or connected device causing issues with HDMI?

Certain connected components can have different output types of video signals that the TV is unable to “see”. Try to change the video output of the connected device as this can fix the issue. Check the documentation for more information on how to change the video output format.


Still having issues with your TV not working properly with an HDMI cable? Leave us a comment below and we can assist!

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