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How To Fix A Washing Machine Making Noise During The Spin Cycle

If your old or new washing machine makes noise during the spin cycle we have some useful DIY repair tips here to fix your machine. A washing machine making a loud noise when spinning means a part has become worn out or loose.

The issue that is causing the loud noise could be a number of different parts inside your washer. If the loud noise only happens when the washer is in spin mode, this can be a sign that the main tub bearing is worn out. To fix your washer yourself, you may need to find your Washing Machine Service Repair manual.

Washing Machine Making Noise During The Spin CycleWashing Machine Making Noise During The Spin Cycle

Reasons a washer will make noise during spin mode:
1. Main tub bearing faulty
2. Main drive pulley
3. Motor coupling worn
4. Bad clutch
5. Worn out drive belt
6. Clogged or damaged drain pump
7. Transmission is worn out
8. Shock absorber (front loader washers)
9. Springs or dampening straps (top load washers)
10. Agitator directional cogs aka “agitator dogs” (top load washers)

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When the washer spins, it rides on a bearing that allows the tub to move freely with zero resistance. If this bearing is worn out, a loud noise will be heard when the washer spins. A good way to tell if your washer problem is the main tub bearing will be that the washer noise will get worse or louder as time goes on. This means the bearing is becoming more worn out and close to complete failure.

The bearing in your washing machine is a circular metal object that has many small little metal balls inside. These small metal balls inside the bearing sit in a track and move when the washer is spinning. If the tub bearing begins to wear out, usually the small metal balls inside can fall out one by one causing the noise you hear.

(If your washing machine is a front load washer, open the door and turn the drum by hand. If you hear a rubbing sound or the drum spins uneven, then the main tub bearing is most likely bad and needs replaced.)

washing machine tub bearingWashing machine tub bearing

Washer has noise during spin cycle

The bearing may also be without lubrication. If the sound you hear is more of a squeaking noise than a grinding noise, it may mean the bearing needs to be lubricated with a mechanical grease. If the sound is more of a grinding noise, then this usually means the bearing is falling apart and will need to be replaced ASAP.

If you suspect your washers main tub bearing is worn out, the repair process is one of the most difficult to perform yourself. A worn bearing can also damage the tub of the washer. This means the tub (inner or outer) may need to be replaced also.

A washer making a loud noise during spin cycle can also be caused by a faulty drive pulley. The pulley is what the belt (if applicable to your washer) rides on to spin your washers tub.

The pulley can be made of plastic or metal. It could be simply worn out or just loose. To find out if the drive pulley is causing the noise, you will need to take the washer apart and inspect the pulley for signs of damage.


The motor coupling could also be the cause of the loud noise. The motor coupling in your washer connects the washers transmission to the motor.

It is made of plastic and built to break if the washer gets overloaded. This is so the motor and the transmission do not become damaged. The motor coupling is an easier repair and can be done by most people.

Washer Washing Machine Motor Drive Coupling CouplerWasher Washing Machine Motor Drive Coupling Coupler

The clutch in a washing machine connects the inner wash tub to the transmission. The clutch lets the washer get to the proper spin RPM in a gradual way.

If the clutch is worn it can make noise when the washer is spinning. A bad clutch needs to be removed and replaced to stop the noise.

Washing Machine ClutchWashing Machine Clutch

The belt in your washer can become worn and cause noise while spinning. If worn out, replace the belt. Replacing the drive belt on a washing machine is an easy task and can be ordered online for less.

washing machine beltWashing machine belt

The drain pump in your washer that drains the water out could be clogged or damaged. While in spin mode, your washer may drain out the water by using the drain pump.

If the loud noise only happens at certain intervals during the spin cycle, it may be the drain pump. Usually this can be fixed by simply removing the drain pump and removing any debris that may be clogging it up causing the noise.

Drain Pump for Washing MachineDrain Pump for Washing Machine

The next part of your washer that can be causing a loud noise is the transmission. If the transmission is bad, usually the cost to fix this outweighs the cost of a new washer.

If you have a front loading washing machine, they all have shock absorbers. The shock absorbers are used to center the tub movement while in the spin cycle.

These shock absorbers are connected from the washer frame to the outer tub. If the shock absorbers in your front loader become weak the washer will make a loud banging sound during the spinning cycle.

Shock Absorber for washing machineShock Absorber for washing machine

Top load washers usually have springs or dampening straps holding the tub centered. If a spring or strap falls off or becomes weak, a loud noise will be heard in spin mode. Simply replace the strap, spring, or springs to remedy this issue.

washing machine suspension springsWashing machine suspension springs

Agitator directional cogs are used to operate the upper part of dual action agitators (Top load washers). They engage the cogs on the inner area of the agitator as it turns in one direction. They release when the agitator reverses its direction. This lets the top part of the agitator to ratchet in only one direction.

The bottom part will agitate in both directions. The cogs are made of plastic and wear out with regular use. They will start slipping and make a grinding noise. Another way to be sure that this part is bad is if you notice the top portion of the agitator does not move in a smooth motion. Removing the top half of the agitator to see if the cogs are worn out.

Washer Agitator DogsWasher Agitator Cogs or Dogs

Here are error codes for Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Frigidaire, GE,
Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool washers.
Here is a web page with ALL ERROR CODES for all washing machines.

Do you know of other common or uncommon reasons a washing machine will make noise during the spinning cycle? please help out all of our other readers and leave a comment below.

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34 thoughts on “How To Fix A Washing Machine Making Noise During The Spin Cycle”

  1. If the laundry itself smells fine if check for a damp moldy rag that may have fallen behind the washing machine or a dead mouse. I’ve unfortunately had both.

  2. A coin or other small hard thin something has passed the front tub seal and is now in the pump. When the pump spins the coin or washer or whatever will not be carried out the drain pipe but continues to interfere with the pump vanes. Sometimes opening the front drain will allow the coin to be flushed out of the pump. To accomplish this:
    1. Open the front drain – this makes a mess unless on a concrete floor with floor drain.
    2. add additional 4 or 5 gallons of water to tub by pouring in the detergent dispenser
    3. run the washer on drain cycle
    Only other way to solve problem is to remove front panel of washing machine and remove pump to clear the debris.

  3. I have recently purchased a Samsung front load washer w/steam
    I have 2 concerns
    1) When in spin / drain cycle ONLY, the drain hose, in the rear sound like there are marbles, rocks or bolts clanking around. What causes this?
    2) I haven’t washed the 40 loads to signal time to “self-clean” the machine but, I have cleaned it several times. IT SMELLS!!! Not always but, upon opening my laundry room door the stink is horrible! Why does this happen? I’ve drained and cleaned the machine. I leave the door open after EVERY wash.

  4. Hi,

    What would cause a washer to make a noise? Noise is something between squealing car brake or rubber shoe on floor, like basketball players make. Certainly not grinding. Noise lasts less than a second and only happens drum begins to spin, happens all parts of cycle.

    I thought something rubber stuck between inner and outer tubs, but squeaks only beginning to start.

    Bearing? Lack of lubrication? Noise indiscernible between metal and rubber makes this hard for me to diagnose.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. I have a leak in the right back corner of my Whirlpool Duet washer, 4 years old, and it only happens during the sustained spin. The water covers about a square foot that I can see and probably more underneath both washer and dryer.

    I checked all the hoses and they are okay, and it’s level, too.

    This may or may not be related: While watching an entire load yesterday I would hear a sound like a small metal object rolling outside the drum. I’ve been hearing this on and off for quite awhile but assumed it was just a dime as it was once before when a technician came out. Only this time nothing seems to happening as everything worked just fine. It was going long before the leak which is about 2-3 months old (took awhile to see the water which was only at the back).

  6. On my Kenmore Elite HE3 I took the lower front panel off and taped down the safety switch on the right. When I ran the machine and got the knocking sound during the spin cycle, I pushed (with a stick of wood) on the outer tub (which does not spin), and the knock went away completely. I didn’t have to push hard. So I put a small spring from the top of the left front damper to an existing hole in the cabinet front, and that solved the problem. I presume that there is backlash (looseness) in one of the tub support somewhere, and the spring keeps the backlash from banging. Been working fine now for a month.

  7. My washing machine is becoming very loud when on spin cycle so much so that I have to turn it off befpre finished. Who can i ask to repair my washing machine?

  8. My washer makes loud grinding noise when spinning I dont know if it’s the drum has dropped or it might need new brushes. It’s a hot point

  9. Bearings are bad. Just fixed mine and would advise against trying this. Should have bought a new machine.

  10. Sebastian Kenny

    Ge top load washer.
    Making loud noise during spin cycle.
    Stone is not broken or worn.

  11. If it sounds like loud squealing or grinding during high speed, and if the tub has a lot of up/down movement when you try to move it manually then it is likely the bearings have worn out. If that’s the case, you can buy bearing and seal repair kit that fit your washer model to repair.

  12. I had the same issue with my front load Whirlpool. At first I thought I had to buy and replace the whole rear tub which was about $400. Then someone said I could just buy a repair kit for my model to replace the bad bearings and seal. I got a good quality kit on ebay about $75 and put into work, following the videos found on youtube that really helped. It took me a few hours of hard work, but I am glad I did it. Was thinking i had to buy a new washer. But mine runs really nice and quiet now.

  13. I had the same issue with my front load Whirlpool. At first I thought I had to buy and replace the whole rear tub which was about $400. Then someone said I could just buy a repair kit for my model to replace the bad bearings and seal. I got a good quality kit on ebay about $75 and put into work, following the videos found on youtube that really helped. It took me a few hours of hard work, but I am glad I did it. Was thinking i had to buy a new washer. But mine runs really nice and quiet now.

  14. MargaretPulchan

    My Samsung diamond drum makes a sound while in spinning mode like a belt hitting against the wall of the washing machine.

  15. I have the same problem with my whirlpool. Sounds like a jet engine taking off during spin cycle. Where is the bearing located at

  16. I have the same problem with my whirlpool. Sounds like a jet engine taking off during spin cycle

  17. I have a whirlpool washing machine. Wtw4800bq1. When machine goes to spin cycle it sounds like a jet engine taking off. Could anyone help me figure this problem out?

  18. Beko Washing machine spin for 1-2 secs and stop!
    If i put clothes then it start bouncing for 1-2 secs and stop.
    all self test complete perfectly no error. do you know what will be the reason?
    check all the pipes, shock absorber, drainage all ok
    belt, pully everything look fine to me

  19. Luella from Michigan

    Whirlpool Heavy Duty Extra Large Capacity Washing Machine squeals when on spin cycle. Found a broken seal (?) on ground.

  20. Kenmore front load washer 592. (500 series) Works perfectly and quietly until the spin cycle reaches its fastest peak, then it makes a loud vibrating and squealing sound and immediately goes out of spin and continues on in the cycle, therefore not spinning enough water out of my clothes. I have tried lighter loads and have cleaned out the pump filter many many times, once finding a small bit of rubber trim about 1/4 of a cm wide and 5 inches in length and a chunk of curved hard plastic which would have been approx. 1″ in diameter had it not been chunked smaller. What could be the problem with the spin? There has been nothing else come out of the cleanout, I even did it without draining the water first to see if anything would swish out of the line.

  21. DIY Project Help Tips

    Karen Tench,
    Bearing, Transmission, Possible some foreign object is stuck in between tub?
    Take off panel and visually check for obvious signs of wear and noise.

  22. Whirlpool duet washer sounds like it has a tub full of marbles when spinning. What is causing that noise?

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jean Smith,
    Yes make sure your washer is 100% level before you start taking the washer apart and replacing parts.
    An unlevel washer will be noisier than a level washer.
    If the washer is still noisy after it is completely level, let us know and we can assist in troubleshooting your issue.

  24. The level shows it might be off just a tad. Not even 1/4 of an inch. Could that still be a problem? I set the cycle to ‘low spin’ and it isn’t as bad. We are going to try to raise the back slightly so it isn’t uneven all. Thanks for suggestion. Jean

  25. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jean Smith,
    Be sure the Samsung VRU washer is LEVEL on the floor.
    Use a level and put it on top of the washer.
    Then, adjust the washer legs so the washer is level from FRONT to BACK and SIDE TO SIDE.
    Once level, run a spin cycle and it should stop the washer from making loud noises when in spin cycle.
    If the washer is not level, during spin cycle at high RPM’s, the washer tub is not centered in the washer housing and will wobble which makes the loud noise you are hearing.
    Leveling the washing machine will fix the issue.
    Washer Making Noise – Washer Not Level -How To Fix

  26. We have a Samsung VRU front load washing machine that has begun to make a very loud noise when spinning out. It sounds like a 18 wheeler truck gearing down. My husband is pretty handy but there are so many possible problems. Wondered if anyone has had this same noise and what the problem was. Thanks,

  27. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jeannette Logston,
    If the washer is only making a strange noise during the “building up of the spin out”, this may be normal depending on your washer.
    It may also mean a belt, clutch, motor coupler, motor, etc, may be out of position or faulty.
    Is this a new issue or has it been like this since day one?
    What is the model number of your washer?

  28. Jeannette Logston

    What if the noise only happens when the washing machine is building up to spin out the water. While it is spinning it sounds normal.

  29. Could be bolts lose on counter weight cinder block. Just had to tighten mine thought something bad was wrong with the noise it was making

  30. Replaced a door seal, bellows on a friends Electrolux front load washer. It ran fine empty. Noisy when washing clothes on spin cycle. Replace door seal exactly as shown in videos. So called friend now accuses me of causing bearing failure as a result of me not putting washer back together correctly. Also the soap drawer opens units own and drawer under washer full of water. Geek squad says bearings are shot and to buy a new washer.

  31. I replaced a bad clutch on a whirlpool top load washer with a new clutch. I removed the agitator payed the machine on its back removed the pump the transmission 3 bolts & replaced the clutch & break. It was very difficult to remove the shaft but it finally came out with lots of force. After reassembling everything the washer now makes a very loud noise in the spin cycle only. Any ideas of what I should check your help is appreciated.

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